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“But remember this won’t happen again in the future.”

“Yes, I’ll keep that in mind.”

I bowed before the Emperor as low as possible. 

The Emperor gestured with his chin, pointing towards the entrance to the garden. 

“I don’t want to see you, begone from my sight.”


After Charlize had left. 

The pervading tone of the venue was all but cold and bleak. 

“Because of that young maid, the atmosphere’s transformed into this…”

Just then, Count Bart, a noble, inserted himself into the conversation. 

“Harsher on her, only then will she do what’s she told.”

What is that nobleman going on about

The Empress dowager hardened her face. 

Unfortunately for the nobleman, he didn’t notice the Empress dowager’s fierce gaze and continued speaking carelessly. 

‘Besides, that child is already mature for her age, I see no reason to get so attached to someone.”

“Well, I don’t see any reason why that’s your concern, Count Bart.

Don’t get so attached.”

The Empress dowager said in a scornful voice. 

“Charlize is a maid of the Empress’s palace.”

“Why of course she is, I don’t doubt that.

However, I don’t think having a maid like her will do you any favors.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the nobleman added insult to injury, whispering to the Empress dowager.

“By the way, Your Majesty.

Why don’t you think of searching for a new maid Someone better if you will”

“Stop, are you suggesting that I replace my maid”

“Yes, Your Majesty.

I’ll even help you.

Finding maids with the right talents is so hard these days…luckily, I have someone.

My youngest daughter.” 

Count Bart said so with a grin. 

“I cherish my daughter even spoiled her a bit but for her Majesty’s sake, I am willing to give her to you.”

“Count Bart.” 


That sharp reaction from the Empress dowager took Count Bart by surprise, he shuddered as his shoulders hardened. 

Her Majesty with an intimidating gaze was looking at the Count straight in the eyes. 

“Is the Count giving instructions on what’s best for the Empress dowager” 

“Oh…that’s, it’s not like….”

“I choose my people.

Don’t you dare interfere and presume you know what’s best for me.” 

The Empress dowager told him bluntly. 

Her expression could send shivers down any man’s spine, in that moment she was like a wolf ready to devour Count Bart, a misguided lamb.

Then, the Emperor got up abruptly. 

“Then I’ll be taking my leave now.”

“Are you returning to the Imperial palace, Your Majesty”


I remember I have some urgent matters to attend to.”

When asked by the Empress dowager, his Majesty merely nodded in agreement to move things along. 

Of course, ‘I have urgent matters’ was just an excuse, in reality, he couldn’t accept that things didn’t go as he anticipated.

His irritation was getting the better of him hence his departure. 

“Well, then I’ll do it!” 

At that moment, Count Bart got up from his seat with a relieved expression as if he had survived an attempt on his life. 

The Emperor looked at Count Bart with pitiful eyes before licking his lips and lying. 

“Well then mother, I’ll see you next time.”

Obviously, no one believed that.

The Empress dowager’s expression was calm, she simply smiled brightly and responded gracefully. 

“Yes, I’ll happily await your next visit.”

* * *

And so, the lengthy tea time was concluded. 

The Empress and the Duke walked side by side, having a conversation as sister and brother. 

“……I wanted Charlize to come back with me.”

The Empress pouted and grumbled a little. 

At first, the Empress was going to have Charlize return with her but the Empress dowager made a sincere request. 

When the guests left one by one, said their farewells and thanked the Empress dowager for the venue.

She approached the Empress.

‘Can I send Charlize back a little later’

‘Oh Well, may I know why’

‘It’s because I haven’t even properly thanked her.’ 


Since the Empress dowager had gone out of her to tell the Empress, it was hard to say no. 

The Empress dowager smiled slightly, giving a curtsy but the Empress as she turned to leave, couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed knowing she would go back without her precious Charlize. 

‘Oh, and.’


‘I will never forget the help you’ve given me today, Empress.’

It was a thank you for tea leaves, teacups, and tea utensils.

The Empress dowager knew about it.

The Empress in response gave a smile to her Majesty. 

Meanwhile, the Duke who had been quietly listening to his sister’s grumblings finally spoke.

“That little child.”

“Little Oh, you mean Charlize”

The Duke who narrowed his eyebrows for a bit voiced his thoughts. 

“She’s more than I expected…..

she’s clever.”


The sudden compliment by her brother had the Empress totally stunned.

It wasn’t like him.

“That’s all I wanted to say.”

The Duke once again closed his mouth, lost in thought. 

I use to think she was just a lucky child that somehow obtained my sister’s favor.

I saw her as undeserving of it. 

She was as my sister said, cute but that was about it.

Nothing more than a little kid. 

‘I considered every time she helped Rose in one way or another during the dinner, a coincidence.’

Now I find myself pondering, there’s something more to her. 

More than meets the eye, it’s because of her, this dinner went smoothly….well better than I imagined.

It’s like she has some special power…


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