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The court lady went out and the door closed with a click.

As soon as the door shut, I immediately leaped into the bed.


I rubbed my face on the blanket, its unique soft texture similar to a blanket dried under the sun.

‘Wow, the fabric smells like sunlight!

The quilt rustled lightly against my face.

Eventually, I lifted my head.

My gaze landed on a hanger hung up on a wall; my new maid attire.

I slowly got up, and carefully lowered the outfit, standing on my toes.


The clothes were tilted back, and a little stone peeked out from the pocket of the apron.

I reached my hand out and took the small thing out.

It was a crystal brooch.

A rose crystal brooch, the proof of an official maid.

‘Rose, rose, the rose reminds me of…

“Sister Rose,” I called out her name unconsciously, but immediately shook my head.

‘No, shes not Rose anymore, I bit my lips in dejection,Its Her Majesty from now on.

I quickly changed my clothes, dispersing Rose out of my thoughts.


The court lady had told me to rest, but honestly, I just couldnt rest in ease.

‘Im in a position where I have to prove my worth to the Empress people.

I glanced towards the door with conflicting emotions.

If I wanted to create a good impression, wouldnt it be better to show them my diligence

‘After all, if I want to feed myself, I need to work hard! Im confident I can do this job well!

After convincing myself, I turned the doorknob cautiously.

“Did you see her The kid that was brought by Court Lady Hayden herself!”

Are they talking about me again

The complaints of the maids passing through the hall didnt escape my attention.

Hearing their grumbles, I hid behind the door instinctively.

“Who does she think she is, for the court lady to be escorting her to her room” the court lady to show her room”

“I dont understand either.

It doesnt make sense, no matter how young she is!”

“Dont you think shes too young to be an official maid”

“Honestly, isnt she just a normal kid you can find anywhere”

‘…what should I do… I guess they dont like me.

My pupils were now quivering  from uneasiness.

Id rather they pass through the hall quickly, but instead, they were standing in front of my room and gossiping.

“Listen, I heard the girl was promoted to an official maid as soon as she came to the Empress palace!”

“What Oh my God, I thought it was just a rumor!”

“Really The head maid even brought a rose crystal brooch for that little girl today!”

I fiddled with the brooch on my chest.

The maids continued in a detestable tone.

“Did the other maids not see that”

“They were just being nice, werent they”

Well, I understand the prejudice the maids held against me, even though I didnt want this promotion in the first place.

I inevitably felt downcast.

Honestly, being assigned to the Empress Palace was the last thing on my list.

Moreover, I never thought I would be promoted to an official maid.

However, it couldnt be helped.

I was sure that from their point of view, I was only a young child who somehow acquired the Empress favor.

I squatted down.

‘Why does everyone hate me I already had enough of it when I was a maid-in-training.

I bit my lip firmly as my heart filled with determination.

‘…if I keep thinking like this, those maids will continue to speak ill of me.

I lifted my head and set my gaze straight.

My situation had changed a lot from when I was in the education hall.

Previously, I wouldve eventually escaped from Becky and other maids-in-training if I were assigned to another palace.

However, the chance of me being allocated to another palace again was very slim.

After taking a big deep breath, I stood up.

‘First of all, lets solve the problem at hand.

I was going to be straight-forward about this.

I pushed the door open.

The maids, who were gathered in a small group, looked back at me in surprise.

“Can I say something”

The maids turned vigilant..

I ignored the tremble in my voice  and forced myself to speak calmly.

“To you, I may seem lacking in many ways, and I know it as well.”

The maids eyes narrowed in response.

‘Dont be nervous.

I clenched my fist in an attempt to gather my confidence.

“But Ill, uh, do my best to make up for it,” I appealed to the maids, my voice was filled with desperation.

“Ill do my best, so can you please tolerate me for a while”

At the same time, a maid suddenly opened her mouth.

“Do your best, you said, but will doing your best solve everything”

“Young kids these days.”

I was speechless.

The maids threw ridicule towards me one by one.

“Shes right, does it make sense to have a young kid like you above us”

“Even if youre an official maid, dont even dream about giving us orders.”

“You need to know your place.”

My lips were bleeding from the built-up frustration.

No matter how earnest I was, theres no point if they werent listening.

Talking to these stubborn maids was similar to talking to a wall.

But at that moment.

“Huh, it seems like everyone has a lot of free time nowadays,” a voice tinted with amusement cut through the mockery like a sharp knife.

Surprised, I turned towards the voices origin.

At the end of my gaze stood a maid with light brown hair.

Above the maids bosom was a clear white crystal brooch.

(TL/N: rose crystal – maid, white crystal – senior maid, yellow crystal – court lady/head maid)

Meanwhile, the maids couldnt hide their astonished faces.

Their attitude was different from when they were dealing with me.

“Senior maid Wember!”

‘Senior maid Wember my eyes widened in amazement,Wasnt she the one who brought my rose crystal brooch

Her voice rang once again, a hidden chill veiled within, “Didnt Court Lady Hayden warn all of you earlier Dont mock others.”

“That, senior maid…”

“Well, we didnt mean to do that…”

“Thats funny,” said Wember, as she smiled and took a step forward.

“I heard what you said to the child myself,” the senior maid ridiculed as she tilted her head, “Even though Ive already caught you, why are you still trying to deceive me”

The maids widened their eyes in sheer surprise.

“Have you all forgotten what the Empress had said” the head maid questioned them.

“No, thats not it…!”

“Im sure that Ive told you to treat the new maid nicely, havent I”

‘…what I gnashed my teeth in vexation,Its the Empress again.

Every time she was mentioned, my mind became a mess akin to countless threads tangled within each others knots.

‘Why is the Empress so nice to me Still, that doesnt change the fact that she deceived me.

“A servant who doesnt obey their masters words, arent they useless in the end” Senior Maid Wember asked rhetorically.

She made the biting remark, all the while smiling brightly.

Even I was scared of the venom dripping from her words.

Despite the comment, words of protest resounded instead.

“But, is Senior Maid not angry”

“What do I need to be upset about”

“A little child who came out of nowhere acquired Her Majestys favor!”

So thats what it looked like.

My chest felt stuffy as if someone substituted my heart for a rock.

For these maids, I wasnt more than a stepping stone in their career.

I wasnt even striving for them to like me, but even a child like me didnt want to be on the receiving end of peoples hate.

‘This is why I prefer being alone.

“Whats wrong with that” Senior Maid Wember asked without hesitation.


Her unexpected answer surprised me.

She rested her hands on her waist and spoke firmly, “So what if Her Majesty favors her”

“Senior maid!”

“The people who reside in this palace each have their own role.

You, me, and even the new maid has her role,” Wember spoke indifferently.

Yet the maids remained unconvinced.

“Role What can a small kid like her do”

”Right! Were already lucky enough that she didnt add another load of work for us!”

“How can I live with a small child like her as our superior Can you even call her a maid”

The maids voiced out their complaints, and the building frustration lit a raging fire inside me.

‘Are they insulting the training I had undergone now Im the longest maid-in-training! I know how to clean, do laundry, and even clean the fireplace!

“Of course, you have to live with her as your superior,” Wember spoke.

“No way!”

“It doesnt matter what you say anymore, because shes the only one who can do what we cant.”

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Wember, who looked around at the perplexed maids, coolly asked, “Amongst us, is there anyone who can cheer up Her Majesty”

A heavy silence fell upon the maids.

While, on the other hand, I felt as if I had swallowed a rock.

Someone who can please the Empress…

‘How can a child like me, cheer up the Empress


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