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I smiled slightly. 

“Thank you for caring about me.”

After hearing my answer, Her Majesty smiled a brilliant smile. 

She then handed me a beautifully wrapped cake box. 

“By the way, that’s the cake we made earlier.”

I felt a bit emotional and examined the box. 

She must have packaged this box herself. 

I fiddled with the ribbon bow loosely tied in the shape of a butterfly. 

From the rather clumsily done packaging, I was reminded of Damian.

It’s his birthday. 

“I’m counting on you.”

“Of course.

I’ll make sure this cake gets to the crown prince!” 

Her Majesty with water eyes, nodded her head as I waved goodbye.

Carrying the heavy cake box, I took off from the palace of the Empress dowager. 


The following day. 

I arrived at the crown palace just in time for lunch. 

Normally it was to supervise the provision of supplies to the crown palace but…..

“Hey, what the hell is going on here”

Damian was staring vacantly at the sumptuous food spread out in front of him, with a face that seemed as if he was about to faint.

Some of the maids had come in, covered the table with a tablecloth, and laid out the food in a single line.  

The aroma of delicious food filled the entire palace.

My eyes twinkled when I got a whiff of the banquet. 

Ooh, it smells like freshly grilled chicken, right

The chefs sure know their stuff!

I sneaked over to Damian’s side, concealing the sound of my footsteps. 

“Surprise, crown prince!’

“Huh, who Lize!”

Damian who had been lost in food paradise came back to his senses and looked at me. 

Hehe, he was surprised, wasn’t he 

This is what makes planning surprise parties so worthwhile!

I laughed happily. 

“Happy Birthday, Your Highness!”

“What My birthday”

Damian seem puzzled for a moment. 

“Really, you prepared all this for my birthday”

“Yes, of course!” 


Why I wasn’t expecting that response. 

Confused, I stared at him. 

Those scarlet-colored eyes of his shined with an indescribable light. 

Ah, that look on his face….

I remember seeing it before. 

‘It was when I came to see him again after the Empress had discovered my relation with Damian.’

At the time Damian made such a face. 

The ‘I’m overwhelmed, I don’t know what to say’…..kind of face.

I took a deep breath and opened my mouth. 

“Is it not the birthday of his Highness who will someday become the sun of the empire It’s only natural to celebrate.” 

Damian’s eyes flickered briefly at my answer. 

“So, you’re celebrating my birthday because I’m the crown prince”

“Well, that’s for external reasons.”

After thinking for a while, I opened my mouth again. 

“It’s just because I value your Highness.”

“……you value me”

“I do.

So, I want to congratulate you on being born, your Highness.”

While nodding my head, I oddly felt bitter.

To actually be able to celebrate a birthday like this…..

‘Once Sienna appears, everyone will have to let her have her way.’

So whenever we’re together, I want to be together unconditionally. 

“By the way, your Highness.”

I glanced at him but not in an overbearing manner. 

“Since I’m your exclusive maid, why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday”

“Huh No, that’s….”

“I was disappointed when I had to hear from someone else that it was his Highness’s birthday.”

Hearing what I said, Damian’s face once again became expressionless.

“So from now on, please tell me anything, your Highness.



Damian’s ears became red as he nodded. 

I gave a big smile to Damian, only to hear footsteps from behind.

I quickly turned around. 

Her Majesty, the Empress had just arrived. 


“Oh, Your Majesty.

Is it just you”

“It’s not just me, I brought one more to tag along.”

Having said that, the Empress pulled on the sleeve of the tall gentleman behind her to bring forth-

Eek! That guy!

I was shocked to see who it was. 

“Why, Your Majesty……”

The one who came forth with a groan was none other than the Duke of Rochester!

“Didn’t I say that the more fun things you share, the better it gets”

The Empress said as she stretched out her arms in triumph. 

While that was happening, I glanced sideways, Damian looked my way with a slightly baffled and concerned look.

Yeah, I’m surprised too but what can we do 

Regardless, the Empress looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes. 

“Give me a compliment, Lize.”


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