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“But your self-study through books can only go so far without a teacher to help.” 

“It’s okay.

I don’t want to burden your Majesty any further.”

The Empress hearing that answer looked at Damian with a mixed expression. 

How would one describe that look 

Should it be described as feelings of pride and pity mixed together

After a while, the Empress nodded.

“Very well.

I’ll go disturb the Imperial library later on.”


The Empress’s unconventional statement took Damian by surprise. 

At the same time, the Empress took a deep breath. 

“I’d like to help find a teacher for you but it’ll be difficult, to say the least.”

Obviously, the Emperor will attempt to interfere. 

Unfortunately, even if I do find a teacher, there’s no guarantee that the Emperor’s influence hasn’t reached any if not all the teachers.

But that’s pessimism talking, there’s- 

Damian interrupted the Empress’s train of thought with a reply. 

“Thank you, I really appreciate your consideration, Your Majesty,” said Damian with a bright smile.

“You don’t have to thank me so much.

Your Highness is the heir to the throne.”

The Empress resolutely shook her head and commented. 

“It’s rather unfortunate that you never had an opportunity to receive an education until now.”

“I agree with Her Majesty.”

The Duke, who had been watching the situation silently, inserted himself into the conversation. 

Huh I don’t remember the Duke being friendly with Damian.

Doesn’t the Duke dislike him

I glanced at the Duke. 

“By the way, Your Highness.”


“About the advice to use public opinion to pressure the Emperor into supporting Margrave Antes.”

Damian stiffened his shoulders slightly. 

“Did Your Highness come up with this on his own”

The Duke had posed his question in a calming voice to prevent any insinuation of putting him on the spot.

“……Yes I did, is there a problem” 

“No, it’s not a problem.”

The Duke’s eyes which were focused on Damian, for a moment stood out with a certain distinction.

“It’s rather that not only I but Her Majesty, the Empress as well owes you a great debt.”

“Without your advice, the dinner with Margrave Antes could have taken a toll for the worst, not to mention the threat of the magical beasts at the frontier if the Emperor didn’t give his support….but I digress.”

“Your idea was pivotal to the success of our dinner with Antes.

Thank you, Your Highness.”

Yep, that’s my boy, Damian! He’s so smart!

I feel proud of him, like a mother proud of her child.

Damian, who wasn’t accustomed to receiving compliments from others, scratched his cheek with a shy look.

Then he turned and looked back at me. 

…Why is he looking at me all of a sudden

“By the way, Charlize.”


“Since it’s my birthday, that reminds me….when is your birthday”

Oh, dear. 

Why did it have to be that 

I’m embarrassed now that the Duke’s and Empress’s gazes are fixated on me and I don’t see any way I can change the subject. 

Well on the bright side, it’s not a difficult question to answer. 

I opened my mouth without hesitation. 

“I don’t know.”


At my unexpected answer, Damian made a bewildered face.

I kindly added an explanation. 

“If I don’t even know the faces of my parents, how would I know about small details like my birthday”

“Now that you mention it, I remember Charlize’s records, particularly her date of birth being stated as ‘unknown.’”

After the Empress said that, the atmosphere somehow felt all serious, leaving me a bit confused. 

The Empress had narrowed her forehead in thought.  

The Duke also squinted his eyes at me. 

…..Not to mention, Damian too. 

Suddenly, Damian opened his mouth. 

“Alright, let your birthday be May 7.”

May 7 Why randomly pick May 7 

I looked at Damian with a puzzled look. 

“It’s the day, the day you and I first met,” Damian added in a firm voice. 

“I-Is that so”

Wow, he remembered that 

Unlike me, who was embarrassed, Damian’s demeanor remained unchanged. 

“I’ll make sure to remember your birthday from now on.”

“……That won’t do.

Charlize’s birthday should be on May 28.”

The Empress interrupted with a voice full of envy.

Really Do I have to choose between May 7 or May 28 now

This could get out of hand.

Where did the date May 28 even come from 

Worried, I tried to speak but-

Are they

“Why should Charlize’s birthday be the day she met the crown prince”

The Empress clenched her fists. 

“If that’s the case then Charlize’s birthday should be on the day she and I met!”

….Well, this is happening.

Ugh, how did things turn out like this…

At the absurdity of it all, I stood there, watching the rivalry that somehow sprung up between the Empress and Damian. 

“I said it first!”

“No, there’s no law that says you can designate a day just because you said it first!”

The Empress and Damian didn’t give each other a single inch of ground when it came to my birthday. 

And the Duke……

“…..that’s my sister, there she is acting in such a way.”

It’s so childish. 

The Duke shook his head, his emerald-colored eyes becoming dim. 

It was like he was reflecting on the past and how the Empress, the sister he cherished, came to this.

Regardless, the quarrel between the Empress and Damian intensified with every waking moment. 

“Let’s do this instead.”

“What do you mean”

“Why don’t we ask Charlize to choose, instead of arguing between ourselves”

The Empress’s expression upon saying that was one of confidence, completely sure of victory. 

At the same time, the two glanced at me. 

“Charlize, when do you want your birthday to be”


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