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The ExTinction of Humanity Chapter Four: Cannibals

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I and Nick kept on trudging throughout the scorched road with withered trees on the sides and branches in our way which we had to jump through to continue on our way alongside the road.

it was quiet for the most part. Nick didn really say anything except a joke here and there to try and start a conversation but I kept it short since I needed some time to think about what the officer told me. something weird about him made me want to trust him. I just don know why.

all I want to do is find that field and to be honest, I don know what will happen if we even find that field, what could we do after? I just want the world to be normal again, people have suffered enough and it was time to end it, whether I was the sacrifice or not.

I tried concentrating on my own thoughts but nick was constantly dragging his feet with the ground making an annoying sound which was driving me insane.

" would you stop that, you

e driving me insane," I said while grabbing his arm making him stop walking like a 10-year-old when they get bored of walking.

" I have that effect on the ladies " he smirked and started walking again but normally this time thank God.

" not all of them" I muttered not meaning for nick to hear me but sadly he did and plastered on his signature smirk again finally pleased he could start a conversation with me.

" oh yeah? you

e not affected by my obvious charms?" he said jokingly while nudging my shoulder playfully

" And by charms you mean..?" I teased him knowing his ego will be slightly bruised by my comment. I admit nick is an attractive guy, if this pandemic wasn happening I would probably be interested in getting to know him.. but then he would open his mouth and realize that it wouldn work out. physically he is my type. I like a guy with black shaggy hair which falls on the face. he was quite built and strong and had big full lips with blue eyes. Emotionally was a different story. Ive never met a guy quite like Nick.

hes funny, doesn take himself too seriously and even though he acts tough and confident you know deep down he is a softy at heart and that he cares. he also has an accent that I quite like, I think its Irish which made me wonder how he ended up here in the States. This is what I meant when I said Ive never met anyone like nick. he looks like an open book but turns out I don even know where his book even is. I don know anything about him. he hides his private life quite well. I never asked but maybe its time to see who the real nick is after all.

" Look at you, pretending you didn drool the first time you saw me in that bunker" he winked while walking ahead of me while I stopped from the embarrassment and shock.

The day I first arrived at the bunker I was scared and shocked to even be alive. I was on the road by myself for a long time and when I finally found men heading towards a shelter I followed. I thank God every day that is wasn some sort of prison but an escape haven, or thats what I thought it was at the time. I was so hungry and quenched when I first entered there, the people helped me right away one of them being nick, I was grateful for his help and I might have had a small crush on him for a few days but then I saw his annoying character and that crush was way gone.

" I did no such thing, and if I did it only was because of starvation and I thought you were a snack" I scoffed while matching my pace up with his again

" oh, you wanted to eat me up did you ?" he smirked at me but I gave him a "real" look and he ended up laughing at me in the end.

" honestly you are a grown man with the brain of a seven-year-old, I don know how you even managed to survive through all of this with your happy go lucky attitude." I teased but his demeanour changed suddenly and his face turned serious

"I wasn always" he kept on facing the front and avoiding my gaze. I didn want to make him uncomfortable but I did want to know more about his past if we are going to have to trust each other with our lives.

"I always wondered why you were always so happy at the bunker. what changed?" I asked curiously

"its a long story" he replied clearly not wanting to get into the whole story but I wasn going to stop there

" weve got time" I smirked at him finally having an advantage over him. he looked at me for a few seconds and when he opened his mouth to probably give me a comeback we heard a gunshot. Nicks eyes widened and grabbed my wrist to run to the other side of the road where we were surrounded by large bushes and branches which blocked a lot of our path so we had to manoeuvre quietly to not attract whatever the gunshot was aiming at, hoping it wasn us.

" what was that?" I whispered to him trying to pull my wrist out of his grasp but as soon as he saw what I was doing he tightened his grip.

" shut up and try to minimize your breathing, were in dangerous territory," he shouts- whispered at me which ultimately surprised me because Ive never seen this side of nick before but I was curious, maybe this was the real him that he didn want me to see, unfortunately for him, he was going to reveal his true old self.

" move slowly and be careful not to step on branches, they crack easily and make it very simple to make a sound"

" who shot the-"

" woman be quiet before I put my hand over your mouth" he cut me off quite rudely, why was he panicked all of a sudden, it was just a gunshot for goodness sake, probably some men trying to kill an animal to eat, but then again when did people start living in this part of the area?

he started moving slowly with me behind him keeping ourselves camouflaged by the bushes. I saw no one but nick was more cautious than I was and kept his gaze everywhere. he crunched down and tugged my wrist so I repeat his movements which I did. I started seeing no point in this and that nick was just overreacting but I realized I was wrong since as soon as I was going to get up and say that this was ridiculous I hear a branch snap behind me.


" shh"

" Stop shushing me look!" I pulled on his wrist and made him turn around. he squinted his eyes and then opened them wide and shouted at me " RUN". Nick pulled me in front of him and pushed me to start my running. I looked back and saw three men gaining on us with one shotgun and two bows filled with arrows.

I didn stop running through the bushes which probably gave me a lot of cuts and scratches but id rather live with that than having a gunshot through my heart. my heart was beating out of my chest and I knew I couldn keep running forever. Nick was much faster than me but kept the same pace as me to not leave me behind.

" WE HAVE TO SPLIT UP, GO ILL CHASE THEM OFF" he yelled at me to do. I thought it was very risky and both of us could get hurt but I had no time to criticise his plan so I went with it. nick went to the right in the woods while I turned to my left which led to more tree roots in my way and a lot of more bushes which made it hard to see where I was going. I saw that the two men with the bows went after nick but the guy with the shotgun still was running after me. why would they want to kill us? we were their species we should be saving each other not killing one another.

I had to try and find a way to get this guy of my trail... and fast since I was running out of energy and I knew sooner or later he would catch up to me.

I thought of something quite risky but I needed to try. I stopped dead in my tracks and crouched on the ground and rolled backwards. since he was right on my tail he tripped over me and fell in a pile of bushes struggling for help. " that should keep him off of me for a minute" I thought.

I had to find nick and my prayers were answered because I saw him emerge from the forest but only one of the men emerged after him still chasing him, my mind thought that nick had defeated the other one but still needed to get rid of this one but needed some help. luckily, I was here.

the man caught up to him and pounced on him, punching his face trying to get nick unconscious but nick was a tough man and fought back managing to get on top of the guy with the bow. they were both fighting for dominance but unfortunately, the man cheated his way to winning and kicked nick in his privates which made him yelp and flipped him over again so the man was on top again. for nick to quite down he stuck an arrow in his arm managing to make nick let out another yelp with a small cry.

This is where I had to step in, I couldn let nick get even more injured on my behalf. I didn even think about what I was doing when I sprinted towards the man and leapt onto him knocking him down to get off of Nick. I punched his face and kicked him in the nuts where I knew it would hurt, he struggled for a bit but then he regained his strength and slapped me so hard that it made me fall off of him.

" Stupid Bitch" I heard him mutter under his breath. he spits out blood from his mouth and got ready to attack me. I was on the ground now defenceless with nowhere to go. he crept slowly toward me with a syringe in his hand, I saw him salivating at the mere sight of me and looking me up and down.

" you are going to be such a good snack tonight," he said happily. at first, I thought he was a pervert who wanted me but then I pieced all the information that happened tonight together and I figured out that these people did not want to just murder us. They wanted to eat us.

They were cannibals.

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