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Chapter 46:This is one option.

“Senpai, sit down right there, quickly.”

“No, let me explain first—“

“Just do it!”


There was not the slightest dignity as a senpai any more.

Right now, a junior from my part-time job was about to start lecturing me.

Well, I had expected it, but…

“It’s not like that, is it It’s probably best not to meddle, though, right But even so, it would be nice if you could at least talk to me a little bit about such an important matter…”

“That’s… Sorry.”

But it’s also true that I didn’t have time to discuss it.

It was too soon after the decision was made.

“So How long are you going to stay at their place I mean… You’re not coming back”

“No, I do intend to come back, at least for a while.”

”I see… I’m glad to hear that.”

Sakakibara shows a relieved expression.

“Well, it was a good opportunity for me.

You know, family reasons”

”I said it’s fine.

I just don’t want you to go away without telling me.”

No, I haven’t gone anywhere yet… Aren’t you worrying a bit too much Even I know it’s not good to ask that, so I won’t say anything.

“Does Fukumura Senpai know about this”

”Yeah, it was over the phone, though, because I missed school today.”

Today is the weekend, Friday.

I’m taking the day off school and going out to work.

Well, it can’t be helped.


I was told later, I see.”

”No, wait, wait, that’s not what I meant.

Sakakibara is working part-time and I can see you.

That’s why I told you later.”

”I don’t really care.”

That’s the line of a person who cares…

”So… Are you sure you want to do this after all”

”Yeah, I’ve already decided.

Besides, if I wanted to, I’d have done it already today.”

Her question is a confirmation regarding what I have decided this time.

”I won’t go to school until after the summer holidays.”

A big decision.

It’s a declaration that I’m not going to school.

I don’t like that thing I hear sometimes.

It’s about trying to be brave, or that there is a problem with the victim’s psyche.

How can that be It is always the bully’s fault.

Why should he or she be blamed for someone who has stopped going to school as a result

It’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination.

Only people who have basically never been victims can say that.

It’s rather a privilege.

What is wrong with running away No, it shouldn’t be expressed in terms of running away.

It’s a choice.

Keep your distance.

Give it time.

It can solve some things, and some things can only be solved by that.

Well, in my case, the meaning is a bit different.

Originally, yes, I was going to keep it quiet.

But it was the other side that made the move.

I won’t hold back anymore.

I’m going to move with my true feelings, and I’m going to show them that I’m going to fight with my true feelings.

I hope that’s how I can repay her.


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