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Chapter 48: New life

“—Yaaan! Onii-chan! Hurry up and wake up! We’re going to be late!”


Sachi Is it morning already”

The morning sun shining through the window pours down mercilessly on my sleepy face.

The feeling of being the first thing in the morning, mixed with the lethargy characteristic of waking up from sleep, makes me feel indescribably good.

It would be great if I could go back to sleep…

“Hurry up and make breakfast! Do you really want me to be late”


I’m going to get up, so get out of my way.”

At any rate, I’ve been horseback-riding since this morning.

Sachi, I’m a good old man, you know

Nevertheless, I couldn’t force her to do so because of her spoiled attitude, which was unthinkable a short time ago, and also because of the attitude I was taking.

It’s not my fault.

”Where’s Mom”

”She’s downstairs waiting for you, too! Come on, hurry up!”

Sachi came down from above and forcibly pulled off my futon.

I was starting to feel sleepy again.

I get up and go down the stairs with Sachi pulling me by the hand.

“…Good morning.”


Good morning, Shuya.”

When I entered the living room, I found my mother there.

Grandpa and grandma seem to be still sleeping.

I was wondering if Grandpa and Grandma were still in bed, or if they were awake but were making time for the three of us.

”I’ll make it now, just wait a minute.”

I said and went into the kitchen.

It’s been three days since we came here.

The relationship between our families, while still awkward, has clearly improved.

I am sure things will never be the same.

The hole in our relationship will never be the same again.

But it can be filled with something else.

We took a step forward to create that something.

I am sure that the three of us could not have done it alone.

Three people are not enough.

We would have been crushed by the past.

Me, Sachi, and Mom.

We would remember those days.

That’s why I turned to my grandfathers.

I thought that the intervention of a third party would have a positive effect on us.

And it was generally the right decision.

At least for the past three days, I think we are doing well.

There is time.

Slowly is fine.

We’re moving forward, little by little.

”Then, let’s eat.”

“”Time to dig in””

Breakfast with all three of us.

It would have been unthinkable not long ago.

There was no conversation.

But there was no atmosphere of bleakness.

That alone was a big deal for me.

It was nothing.

That made me happy.

By the way, the reason I make breakfast is because my mother and I have decided to take turns making breakfast together.

The reason is my selfishness.

There was no special reason, but I just wanted to do it.

””Thanks for the food.””

”Hmm, good luck at school.”


You should study hard too, Onii-chan.”

After saying these words, we started to get ready for school.

Mom dropped Sachi off at school and I studied at home.

And I’m home schooled.

Well, I’m not taking any tests this semester.

By the way, I told the school that the reason for my absence is that I’m not feeling well.

Of course, this is a lie.

And I am sure they are aware of it.

They must know that I’m not going to school.

I don’t know what the school will do because of that.

But, as long as my attendance is good enough, the school will probably leave it alone.

I’m going to contact them regularly.

Sachi is going to have a hard time.

It takes her many times longer to get to school than before.

My mother drives her to and from school, but even so, it will be a heavy burden.

Even so, she graciously accepted my proposal.

I am grateful.

—I will have to make a lot of choices in the next month.

Some to protect myself, some to protect others, and some —- to hurt others.


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