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But the ingredients are a bit…

The roots of Armaline flowers and the poison of Phillon were easy to obtain.

If she went outside right away and roamed around the fields, she could see dozens of Armalines and Philons in one day.

The problem was the heart of Axus.

Axus was a small demon that only lived in the deep forest.

Subjugation was not easy because they were monsters with strong power and tended to stick together as a pack.

Since it revealed its presence with a strong smell from afar, people said that if there were to be a strange smell in the forest, do not go deeper but run away immediately.

A potion made using its heart.

Then the production cost would be too high.

Considering the labour cost of getting the heart of an Axus, we would still be at a loss even if we were to sell the potion for 500 gold.

And certain enough, there was no fool who would spend more than 500 gold just for their body to smell good.

This formula has no future in business at all.

It would not be sold anyway, and even if there was someone foolish enough to buy it, they would still be at a loss.

However, by creating this formula, she was able to learn how to use the skill called ‘Perfect Design’.

That alone was a great harvest.

Hmm… If so, next time, I’ll come up with a more realistic and practical potion…..

Minutes later, she thought of a potion with another effect in her head.

I want to make this!

This time as well, a translucent black guidance window appeared.

[!] Under the influence of the Perfect Design (Legendary) skill, great ideas run wild in your head!

[!] Start designing .

[!] Consumes 300 energy.

She was reminded of a potion with the functions of shampoo and conditioner.

People here only washed their hair with water, making it easily oily and frizzy.

When she first came here, the things she desperately wanted were shampoo and conditioner.

Fortunately, the nobles applied perfume to soften their hair, but they were so expensive that they could not use it often because it had to be used sparingly.

Unlike the first time, she was getting the hang of it and just observed at her hand moving freely.

Because it was the second time, she felt less repulsive even though her body moved uncontrollably.

It felt like it was moving at her will.

Somehow she had a good feeling. 

Unfortunately, the result was disappointing.

The new instruction still contained materials that were difficult to commercialise.

But luckily, she was quick to find the problem.

Washing your hair with this potion will make your hair smooth and shine.

Duration of efficacy: 1 month.

No, it’s not necessary to have nice hair for a whole month.

Of course, if she was going to use it, that would be convenient, but if it’s for sale, it would be a different story.

If a person only uses it once and would have their hair smooth for a month or so, wouldn’t it be too long for people to purchase new potions again

Hmm…Can this part be specifically set up

She decided to recreate the formula by setting more specific conditions.

Make hair smooth and shiny like when using shampoo and conditioner.

Smells like flowers.

Instead, the duration is set to 24 hours.

At last, a new script of instruction with a different result than before was made.

When you wash your hair with this potion, your hair will feel soft and smooth with a touch of fragrance to it.

Duration of efficacy: 24 hours.

It been recorded in the system!

She gladly went through the required components and the process of making the product.

The components and procedure were also much simpler than before.

It seemed that this was feasible enough for a business.

Of course, I’ll come to know of the complete product as well as its flaws and lackings clearly once I discuss it with other people.

But just seeing the potential made her excited.

This skill is very useful.

At that time, she had acquired a total of six skills in the World Library.

Except for ‘Infinite Pocket’ and ‘Perfect Design’, four other skills remained unknown.

This alone is good enough, I’ll figure out how to use the other four soon…

It was amazing.

This would surely be a huge hit.

It’s worthwhile to clear the game’s hard mode, right I got such a good skill after all!

She had now forgotten about all the time she cursed at how crazy the game was.

She smiles excitedly and got on to designing many more products.

Among them, potions that change hair colour or potions that change curly hair into straight hair gave pretty good results.

Let’s make three kinds of potions for smoothing hair.

In order to do business properly, she needed to test first.

Alright, I’m going to the butler to ask for the ingredients right away!

However, the moment she got up from her seat with that determination, her head started spinning.

It was so grim that it felt kind of dangerous.

She felt like blood was draining from all over her body.

Ugh…what’s wrong with me

She moved her staggering body difficultly and managed to lean on the table.

But the dizziness was not going away.

[!] Extremely low energy.

[!] You would feel dizzy and nauseous.

[!] You need a break right now.


Come to think of it, it did say that every time I use a skill, I will consume an amount of energy.

She had never used up her energy before, so she didn’t know what would happen when her energy dropped to the bottom.

That being said, she never paid much attention to that part, and she used her skill like crazy.


I guess I can’t use my skills however I pleased thoughtlessly.

I’ll have to be careful in the future.

All of a sudden, her vision turned black.

[!] Your energy is now exhausted.

You will fall into an unconscious state.


When she opened her eyes again, she was on bed.

I fainted.

Actually, she was used to fainting.

She had spent such a long time as an incurable patient, that she was prone to pains and fainting.

Thanks to this, she was able to naturally perform the following actions.

She calmly raised her upper body and took a deep breath.

After taking a breath, the energy in her body seemed to be refreshed little by little.

I’m thirsty.

At that thought, she began searching around.

Briefly after, a maid came in and exclaimed in a startled voice.

“Madame! You are awake!”

It was Nisha, the maid that Sheldick personally sent her.

Because Violet was unfamiliar with this place, he said that Nisha would be of help to her in many ways as she had worked in the residence for a long time.

As he said, Nisha was indeed very skillful.

She could read the room well.

She knew when to be there and when to step down, so there was no need for orders.

“How long have I been asleep”

“Half a day has passed, Madame.

The Grand Duke was also very worried.”

It was obvious that it was all empty talk.

She had heard this kind of pleasant words a lot while she was lying in the hospital.

If you’re really worried about me, I’ll see for myself.

Not just with your words alone.

After all, they weren’t even that close.

“I see.”

She answered half-heartedly and got out of bed.

To be precise, that was what she was striving to do.

Had it not been for the weight that was heavily pressing down on her legs, that would have certainly been the case.


Puzzled, she shifted her gaze to that specific direction.

Before long, her eyes rounded in surprise at the unexpected.

“…A wolf”

A little wolf with black fur was sleeping there.

At first, she thought it was a dog, but on closer inspection, it was clearly different from a dog.

“Why is a wolf here”

No matter how small it was, it was an animal of the beasts’ family.

It living with people would be dangerous.

The maid smiled softly at her bewildered face.

“The black wolf is the symbol of Etzel.

It roams around a lot.”

It was strange.

Very strange indeed.

The symbol of the Basel Duchy was the silver hawk, but no hawk had been seen roaming around the mansion.

She watched the wolf cautiously.

“It doesn’t attack people It’s a wild beast though.”

“Of course, there are a lot of beasts like that… but this one is fine.

Ever since he was born, he has been growing up among humans.”

“Is that so.”

She blinked dazedly and looked back at the little wolf.

It was the first time she had ever seen a wolf up close.

The little wolf’s chest was going up and down regularly, perhaps he was in a deep sleep.

If it had been awake, she would have been more wary.

But since he was asleep, she didn’t think it was too dangerous.

She cautiously reached out and stroked the wolf’s head.

His hair, between her fingers, felt softer than she expected.

He rubbed his face with his hand as if he could feel her touch even while sleeping.

It really looked like he was acting cute, just like a child.

This is…more than I think…


The word ‘cute’ popped out of her mouth unwittingly.

Nisha, who was watching from the side, burst into laughter as if it was funny.

“Actually, the previous Grand Duchess loved him a lot.

Perhaps he has not forgotten that time, as he often came to the Grand Duchess’ room to sleep.”

The smile on Nisha’s face disappeared as she continued to speak.

“So, if this guy pops up in the middle of the night and takes over the bed, please don’t be too harsh on him.”


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