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Chapter 200 - he couldn't say that his daughter was a good match for Wen Rugui.

(1) Edited by Lulu

Tong Xuelu closed the wooden door and smiled.

“You are in luck.

We are making dumplings as we speak.”

Normally a person would not be hungry for food when they are tired but the thought of Tong Xuelu’s yummy cooking still made Wen Rugui salivate.

The two walked side by side into the living room.

The moon casted down on them and their shadows were of different lengths.

Wen Rugui cleared his throat and said, “I’ve heard about what had happened to your family.

I am sorry I wasn’t able to help.”

So that is why he was here.

Tong Xuelu looked up at him, “No, you’ve helped a lot already.

Thank you so much, Comrade Wen!”

Pu Jianyi only helped her looked into Ma Mei’s husband because of Wen Rugui.

Had she looked into that herserlf, it would certainly had taken her much longer.

The breeze picked up strands of her bangs and she was looking straight at Wen Rugui.

They was both charming and warm.

Wen Rugui felt that his heart was pounding all over again.

His eyelashes fluttered and he said, “Don’t mention it.

Are you two brothers back to school yet”

Tong Xuelu nodded.

“The issue with the school had been resolved and the two of them will be returning tomorrow.”

As for naughty child Jiang Ming and his grandfather, it wasn’t that she didn’t want to teach them a lesson but more that her ability was limited.

When she was weaker than her opponents, making a rash move would only hurt herself.

Wen Rugui felt relieved when he heard then but immediately became worried again.

He was unaware that matters had already been taken care of being he came over.

Would she find him too abrupt coming over the way that he did

Tong Xuelu had no idea about the struggles that Wen Rugui was having.

She was thinking about making him a drink to help sooth his throat.

Wei Zhigou had brought back some pears from visiting his old comrade in arms and they still had some rock sugar at home.

She would be able to make him stew pears with rock sugar.

The two walked inside the house with different thoughts on their minds.

Tong Jiaming and the others were familiar with Wen Rugui by now and they all looked up and called him “Big Brother.”

Tong Mianmian as the most familiar with him.

She climbed down from her chair the minute that she had spotted Wen Rugui and handed him candies from her pocket, “Have some candies, bb."

Wen Rugui had not yet said anything when Tong Jiaxin cried out loudly, “Mianmian, why didn’t you offer any candies to Third Brother if you’ve had some”

Tong Mianmian’s little face blushed.

Twisting her body, she said, “Big Brother likes candies.”

Tong Jiaxin felt unreconciled.

“Third Brother likes candies too!”

Tong Mianmian blinked her large eyes and said, “But Third Brother is not good looking.”

Subtext: You are ugly and don’t deserve candies.

Tong Jiaxin, “……”

Ouch, Little Sister!!

With a smile in his eyes, Wen Rugui rubbed Tong Mianmian on her little head and said, “Big Brother doesn’t want any.

You keep them for yourself.”

Tong Xuelu brought him a glass of water from the kitchen.

“You sit and wait here.

I’ll go cook the dumplings.

It won’t take long.”

Taking the glass of water from her, Wen Rugui thanked her with his hoarse voice.

An idea occurred to him suddenly.

He recalled her saying that a man who knew how to cook was no ordinary man.

After finishing the water, he said, “Let me go wash my hand and give you a hand.”

Tong Xuelu didn’t think much of it and walked inside of the kitchen carrying a plate of dumplings.

The water in the pot was already boiling and she added the dumplings inside.

While waited for the dumplings to cook, she took the opportunity to make the stew pears with rock sugar.

She pulled out two pears, skinned them, chopped them up, cored them, and placed them into a pot to stew with the water and rock sugar.

When the dumplings were done and Tong Jiaming and Tong Jiaxin came to the kitchen to collect them, Wen Rugui had already wrapped a lot of dumplings.

The dumplings that he made were surprisingly pretty.

There were ingot-shaped ones, clam-shaped ones, and moon-shaped ones.

Tong Xuelu placed the plate down on the table and smiled.

“Not bad at all, Comrade Tong.”

Wen Rugui’s heart skipped a beat but he remained calm on the outside and said, “We do a lot of dumplings at home over New Year’s time.

I’ve have quite a bit of experience with them.”

Tong Xuelu smiled and nodded.

“Good job.

Why don’t you go wash your hands and come eat, Comrade Wen”

Wen Rugui put down the dumpling that he was holding and acknowledged her, “Okay.”

Turning and walking out of the living room, his lips curved upward uncontrollably.


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