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Chapter 65: Childhood Fun Part 2 – Fight



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After Wang Pin had been beaten by Shi Cheng, he had disappeared for a long time.

Shi Cheng and Liu Xu’er had almost forgotten about him. 


His family lived at the end of the village, very far from where Shi Cheng and Liu Xu’er stayed.

Now that he suddenly reappeared in front of them, he gave both of them a fright.

It was clear that his head injury had healed.

Right now, his face showed that he was waiting for them to settle accounts.

His expression was both angry and slightly gloating – as if telling them that they wouldn’t be able to escape today!

Wang Pin himself was older than the two of them by at least four years and it showed.

Physically, he was much taller than them.

As he stood in front of them, he loomed over them like a large, black tower, looking at them like they were prey. 

The rest of the crowd were mostly also surnamed Wang.

Like Wang Pin, they had moved over from Nanzheng county’s Wang Village to Taohua Village.

In an instant, they surrounded the two!

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Shi Cheng quickly pulled Liu Xu’er to stand beside him before backing up a step.

A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds were against him.

He wasn’t dumb.

He quickly dodged the push and quickly called out, “Don’t be too quick to fight.

Let me ask you – Wang Pin, when I hit your head, do you know why your dad didn’t dare to come to make trouble for me Instead, he gave you another beating!”


Wang Pin was enraged by the reminder.

He shouted, “What nonsense are you saying!” He moved to attack again.

“You still want to fight! Aren’t you scared of your dad!” Shi Cheng immediately threatened. 

Wang Pin was actually rather frightened of his dad.

His dad was the person he feared the most in this world.

When Wang Pin’s father beat him, he was merciless.

He held nothing back and would beat him viciously! Wang Pin frequently had stripes all over him that were marks from his father’s belt or insoles.

Wang Pin had gotten so used to them, that they became badges of pride.

When he came out, he would point at the marks on his body and say, “This is a dragon scale! It proves that I am the reincarnation of the dragon king!”

For a child like this who had been frequently beaten, he had become even more wild – he wasn’t afraid of anything on heaven or earth.

When Wang Pin’s family had first moved in, nobody had ever seen the likes of how Wang Pin’s father beat his child! At that time, quite a few people had gone to the Village Head to report the matter.

They said the newly arrived family was beating their child to death! Hurry over to stop them! 

Because of this matter, the Village Head had made countless trips to Wang Pin’s home, but he was just unable to make his father change his habits.

The Village Head was helpless, and decided not to bother any more.

And after witnessing the same scene over and over, the villagers too slowly got used to it.

Now, they had no reaction when seeing it. 

When Shi Cheng mentioned Wang Pin’s father, Wang Pin showed some slight signs of nervousness.

It was clear that he was a little scared, but nevertheless, he covered it up with a bellow, “What, you want to tattle! It seems you only know how to do that! Run and tell on others!”

The rest of the children didn’t notice his nervousness.

They all turned to jeer at Shi Cheng, “He only knows how to tattle!”

“Shi Cheng is so useless.

All day, he plays with girls!”

Shi Cheng smiled coldly at Wang Pin and said, “Your father helps my family farm.

Your entire family relies on mine to make a living! Hasn’t your dad warned you not to mess with me” He stretched his hand out and pointed at all the rest of the children and said, “You are all right! I only know how to tattle! All of you can go home and ask – if your fathers heard that you tried to fight with me, let’s see if they praise you, or beat you!”

The rest of the children were frightened into backing up a step.

They were not nearly as gung-ho as Wang Pin.

They were definitely not nearly as fearless as him.

The instant they heard him mention their fathers, they were all terrified.

Shi Cheng saw that one of the children had started to give way.

He gave Liu Xu’er a look. 


Wang Pin however, wasn’t scared.

Although he was scared of his father, the beating would only happen in future! Children only remembered the food they ate, not the beatings they’ve received.

Right now, his entire mind was only filled with hostility toward Shi Cheng! He shouted and said, “My dad won’t listen to your dad! I am gonna beat you up today! Then we’ll see what your dad can do!” Saying this, he pushed up his sleeves and rushed over! 

Shi Cheng had already seen that this little brat would definitely not be scared by him.

After all, he’d been beaten so many times, would he be afraid of another beating The instant he noticed the situation turning south, he grabbed Liu Xu’er and took off.

As he ran, he shouted, “Wang Pin, look! Your dad is here!”

Wang Pin jumped and turned to look! All of the children turned to look. 

Liu Xu’er had already prepared herself the instant Shi Cheng looked at her.

She took off, flying alongside Shi Cheng.

The instant Wang Pin and the rest realised they’d been fooled, they had pulled ahead a good distance.

If they were caught, both of them were extremely clear that all that waited for them was a beating! So they put everything they had to sprint forward.

Their heads lowered, they looked neither to the left nor the right.

All their focus was on the ground ahead of them.

Although little Xu’er was a girl, her body was light and agile – her running speed was not slow.

At the back, the group of children were hollering and chasing.

Their footsteps pounded behind them.

Especially Wang Pin – his footsteps were heavy as he chased them.

It sounded terrifying. 

The only saving grace was that both of them had the mentality of adults, so they weren’t scared into insensibility.

Shi Cheng saw that there was a cart resting at the side of the road.

Loosening his grip on Liu Xu’er’s hand, he gestured for her to run ahead, while he rushed to topple the cart onto the road. 

Then he continued running.

He saw that someone had a cow tied to their doorway.

There was definitely no time to loosen the rope, so he started to shout, “The cow has run off, the cow has run off.

Aren’t you coming to check!”

After yelling, he darted off. 

When the family heard their cow had escaped, they quickly ran out for a look, but only saw the group of children rushing past their door.

Their cow however, was still safely secured.

They could only scold them.

“What are you brats thinking of pulling! Be careful I don’t grab and smack you!”

The road was in a complete disarray.

Mules were calling, while the cows were kicking their legs up.

Liu Xu’er continued to run ahead.

She didn’t know if it was because Shi Cheng’s distractions were successful, or whether it was because she was quick, but the footsteps behind her seemed to be getting further and further away.

They also seemed to be slowing down.

So she took a risk and glanced backward to check if Shi Cheng had been caught. 

As she looked back, she continued to run forward and managed to run headlong into someone’s arms, scaring her into crying out, “Ah!”


Liu Changshi had spotted Liu Xu’er running fast as wind, so he had come up to stop her.

The impact from her collision took his breath away.

He stretched out to carry her, before asking, “Xu’er! Why are you running so desperately Did something happen”

Liu Xu’er saw that Shi Cheng was not far off, running in their direction.

Hearing her uncle’s voice, she quickly exclaimed, “Sishu! Save us! You need to help us!”

Liu Changshi was both exasperated and amused.

Then he saw Shi Cheng crazily running toward him.

At the back of him was a group of children.

It was clear that they had planned to gang up on them, so he immediately shouted, “What are you doing! Are you planning to fight!”

With him as an adult standing there, how could the group of children be unafraid.

The instant that they saw it was their family member, they immediately reacted by shouting and scattering, terrified that he would catch and beat them. 

Shi Cheng only stopped when he was right in front of them.

Without saying anything, he just rested his palms on his knees and started panting heavily.

Liu Xu’er, face pale from exhaustion, gave him a good once over, to check that he hadn’t been hurt. 

Wang Pin had stopped running, however, he was still brazen.

He hadn’t fled at all, instead standing at the side and glaring at them.

Liu Changshi was a bit annoyed at him.

He walked forward and said, “What happened Why are you chasing my family’s Xu’er Let me tell you that if I catch you bullying Xu’er or Shi Cheng, I won’t care that you are young, I will still toss you in the river!”

Wang Pin just stood there.

Both his hands were clenched into fists, his face still belligerent!

Liu Changshi was surprised.

This child was clearly spoiling for a fight! He started to get angry and went over to ask, “What do you want How old are you that you are bullying these little ones I just said a few words, and you get upset!”

Wang Pin stiffened his back, “I am upset! Go ahead and beat me if you’re offended.

If you’ve the guts, just hit me!”

Liu Changshi was angered into laughing, he definitely couldn’t actually raise his hand against a child.

He could only shake his head and say, “You really need discipline! Look at how you’re behaving!”

Saying this, he stretched out his index finger and tapped him on the forehead. 

Wang Pin didn’t duck.

Before he could say anything, a shrill voice came from behind, “How shameless! A grown man like you hitting a child!”


Liu Changshi raised his head to look and his brow wrinkled.

The person who ran over was Wang Pin’s mother.

Liu Changshi started to explain, “I only tapped him, how did I hit him Furthermore, he chased my family’s Xu’er across the village, why don’t we talk about that I say, your family’s child really needs discipline!”

Wang Pin’s mother rushed over and pulled Wang Pin behind her.

Then she faced Liu Changshi and started to rage at him, “How we raise our children is none of your business! Your balls haven’t even dropped – it’s not your place to teach me how to raise my child.

I am just asking, why did you hit my son!”


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