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She is different now


Even if the maid is accustomed to serving superiors, the Grand Duke was on an entirely different level.

The housemaid was also familiar with the quiet Viscount’s estate.

Even if the maid stayed in the townhouse for the past eight years, she did not have many encounters with the Grand Duke.

Mainly due to Senelia generally staying in the Grand Duke’s mansion.

Senelia also felt sorry for the elderly maid who had to leave the peaceful Viscount mansion and reside there.

I don’t want to bother her anymore.

knock knock knock.

A knock sounded from the other side of Senelia’s door.

What was it when someone entered the townhouse without prior notice

Ah yes…… Inconsiderate.

I used to be with that kind of person.

Benelucia was known as a rare prodigal son, but it was more because he was so popular.

The Grand Duke always met his opponent one at a time.

The expressions of farewell and meetings were made clear, and he was always polite to the opposing party.

Well, until he met Senelia.


Open the door.”

When Senelia didn’t answer, she heard Benelucia’s growl from outside the door.

His tone was somewhat unsettling.

“Ben, please wait in the parlor.”

Senelia flatly rejected such a Benelucia.

She stood in front of the door, all she had to do was open it.

However, she refused.


The maid called to Senelia, concern and surprise evident in her voice.

“Open it.”

It was a command.

“I was in the middle of changing clothes.” She replied, “In addition to barging into my mansion, are you really going to insist on visiting me”

The gates of a nobility’s home was thrown open without permission.

It was insulting.

Senelia hinted that Benelucia will insult her again.

In this kingdom, only the Emperor could stop the Grand Duke.

Even if Benelucia insulted someone, it was only right for that that person to willing endure it.

Because he was royalty.

So, in general, Senelia would also act obedient.

Unless he violated a line she had set.

“………Wait in the parlor.”

Benelucia, who appeared to be ready to storm in at any moment, retreated.

Senelia’s bottom line remained firm.

After 7 years together with 6 years as lovers, the Grand Duke seldomly entered the townhouse.

This was mainly because Senelia went to the Grand Duke’s mansion, but also because she had never invited Benelucia to her one safe place.

For that reason, the furthest the Duke had seen was the drawing room of the townhouse’s first floor.

If on the off chance, he decided to pick her up, she would never allow him to stay here.

“I will the Duke to the reception room.”

Senelia had to give up most of her beliefs and values in order to make this suborn man fall in love with her.

I didn’t want to do this here. Because this was the only place where Senelia herself could breathe.

The only place where she did not have to constantly pretend.


After a moment of silence, Benelucia’s voice was heard as the sound of his footsteps faded.

“Young Miss, is it okay to treat the Duke like this”

The elderly maid came over to her as if she had just regained her breath.

“……At least that’s what I wanted to do.”

So don’t ask anymore.

The maid didn’t say anything more, as if she had understood the unspoken words in her mistress’s heart.

“I’ll tidy up your clothes and hair.

Please sit here Young Miss.”

The maid led Senelia to the dressing table in front of the mirror.

The image of the woman reflected in the mirror had changed a lot from 8 years ago.

That woman looked good.

As if nothing of the sort had happened.


From the beginning, Senelia was not able to treat Benelucia emotionlessly.

Long ago, she was still a person whose heart could still be moved.

Benelucia, who had become her lover, was generally a friendly man.

He was good-looking and had a good physique.

He was full of wealth and power like an imperial family.

So, it would be difficult for anyone to not feel touched.

“Sally, would you like to go out today”

It was not long after the two became lovers.

Benelucia suggested.

“Aren’t you busy today Your Highness”

It was a proposal from a newly made lover.

Even so, Senelia could not get excited just yet.

She was clearly aware of the fact that her relationship with the Grand Duke could never be the same as that of ordinary lovers.

And yet, there was still a lurking ember of hope.

At that time, Senelia walked around with her back just a bit more upright.

It was because she couldn’t let go of the tension.

The idea that she had to do well and survive.

Determination flowed through her veins, giving her confidence and strength.

“Even if I am busy, I have time to give to my lover.” Said Benelucia, kissing her lightly.

That gentle smile played on the edge of his lips, giving off the illusion that they were real lovers.

Quite different from a relationship where you didn’t want anything more or decided to never talk about love.

“You said that you hardly went out during the last year you came to the capital.”

Benelucia was right of course.

It had been more than two years since she had arrived at the capital.

And yet, Senelia had not been to many places in the capital.

Because all this time had been devoted to hanging around Benelucia.

“The capital must have been unfamiliar to you, but I can’t keep you locked up in my mansion like this.”

Senelia stared blankly at him for a moment.

When the Duke did not hear a response, he called out to her with a puzzled face.


She blinked.

“…… I didn’t know you would care about that.”

That was her honest feeling.

I thought he was just comfortable with me because he had not suggested anything.

So, she didn’t expect this. It’s like…….

We are real lovers.

“Is it bad Did you perhaps have any plans for today” he sounded curious, “I heard from your maid that you were free…..”

It seemed that Benelucia had already figured out Senelia’s schedule. He cares.

Such a small consideration.

The fact that he cares about her, such an unexpected thing that made her heart flutter.

The love affair with Benelucia was a life-threatening matter for Senelia.

So I can’t be fussy.

Can you imagine, how sweet someone’s kindness can be in such a situation

“No, I have no schedule.

I want to go out with Ben too.”

So, for a moment, Senelia forgot.

She wasn’t a hard person to begin with.

As such, it was in that instant that the armor of tension she had enclosed herself in, was pierced and crumbled.

The threat of the Emperor, forgotten for a moment.

When Senelia answered, the two were quickly prepared for their outing.

A colorful carriage caught her eye.

Benelucia, who had gotten onto the carriage first, held out his hand.

“Take my hand, Sally.”

Benelucia, who’s long blond hair shined like the sun was brightened the night like the moon, was smiling ever so sweetly at Senelia.

The figure of the Duke was like that of a prince from a fairytale.

Senelia was not the princess who wanted the prince to save her.

She was no one.

Just an ordinary person dreaming of romance.


Thank you, Ben.”

So yet again… She took his hand.

Her excitement still strong even as they arrived at a dress boutique in the capital.


I went in with His Highness Afron, so Madame and the staff there treated me friendly the whole time.

She tried not to misunderstand, but soon enough, the warm service made her feel special.


Cold water washed over Senelia, who was just a moment ago was overflowing with warmth.

Madame had just brought out the fifth dress.



As she put slipped on the dress and watched her reflection in the mirror, Senelia suddenly remembered.

A woman.

That woman.

The woman she once saw by his side when she chased Benelucia during that first year.

The dresses she tried on were similar.

Dresses in primary colors that would suit a woman with clear and slender silver hair.

Senelia seemed to know instinctively who the owner of this dress was for.

Lucalina Elihan.

She had short silver hair and bright blue eyes.

…… It wasn’t meant for me.

There was only one Grand Duke in this entire country, and he was a very important figure in the social world.

So the taste of Benelucia was already widely known.

It was only natural for Madame to make dresses according to the tastes of her most important client.

Duke Benelucia.

Senelia knew it too.

That all of this wasn’t their intention to make her a substitute for Lucalina.

No, can this be a substitute

Senelia reflected.

After becoming a knight, Lucalina thought it was cumbersome to wear a dress.

In the original story, after reuniting with Benelucia, Lucalina told him that she doesn’t like dresses, so she matches him with a lavishly embroidered suit for a banquet.

Even though it was she who had requested for a dress recommendation, Senelia couldn’t help but wonder if it would have been different if she had been Lucalina.

How many young ladies thought the same as me

Excited by Benelucia’s kindness, they wear his favourite dress and thinks that all of his affections are for them.

Eventually, one day, they fall into an illusion that he will soon come to love them.

Senelia wasn’t like that.

You cannot become one of those ordinary girls to Benelucia.

Senelia looked in the mirror and forcibly hardened her rampaging heart.

She decided not to ask for anything from him.

Not only the dress, but Senelia had to be aware that everything he gave her was his alone.

What was given, would one day be taken away.

“Do you like the dresses we bought today Sally”

As she left the dressing room, Benelucia asked.

“Yeah, they were all so beautiful.

I am so grateful My Lord.”

That day, Senelia smiled brightly and bowed politely to Benelucia.

Like she was genuinely thankful.

But that was the end of it.

She did not show any signs of over-excitement, nor did she show any joy when embraced.

It was clear that it was a polite greeting that was far from that of being between lovers.

From then on, Senelia used the things he gave to her at the adequate time and place.

But there was no way that she would take the gifts she had received from the Duke into her townhouse.


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