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The PERFECT imperfections Chapter 6

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The rest of my weekend went great. When Lizzy and I were dropped off, the guys went back home. Chase told us he would be back soon, but before he could leave I wanted him to have his sports bra back.

"Chase, can you guys wait here so I can just quickly return the shirt and sports bra" I inquired uncomfortably.

"Don worry keep it" he smirked at me and before I could react he drove off" pervert.


Just as I got in my room from my Visit to church and had already snuggled into bed my phone rang. It was an unknown number but that didn stop me anyway. For safety reasons I cleared my throat and impersonated a man.


"René its me you can change your voice back"

"Who is this René you speak of, I don know you nor her"

"Haha very funny" he said sarcastically, theres no doubt in my mind that he also rolled his eyes.

"How did you know it was me" I spoke in a normal voice.

"Maybe because I was the one who told you to do that" he paused "and this is your number" he said in like a are you daft kinda manner.

"Ok" I rolled my eyes "but to be fair, I didn know it was you and it almost gave me a heart attack"

"Sorry new number, don ask"

"I wasn going to"

"You always give me a heart attack babe"


"Any reason why you called apart from flirting"

"Can a close friend call another close friend just to say hi"

"Nope" I said taking off my shoes.

"Well since this is a Sunday and your outta church I need you to rest and get ready in an hour I want to take you somewhere"


"Its a surprise, check the word in the dictionary" he said emphasing on surprise.

"Sure I guess Ill have to wait then" I dropped it knowing it would be a waste of time arguing.

"Oh and wear something comfortable" then he hung up.

Can a girl get the sleep she wants, Jesus.

My feet worked its way to the walk in closet while stretching and picked out a black pair of jeans with a cropped fitted sweat shirts which was one of my favorites.

Since there was time to spare I continued to work on a project on my laptop. My phone vibrated through the table so I unlocked it to see a message from Instagram, I clicked on it and saw it was Chase who just followed me, I tapped on his page and followed him back and scrolled through his posts.

As I went down some of the pictures hes taken are with girls but most with Sid. Checking Sids account to see the pictures of him and a strawberry blonde haired girl with blue eyes she was pretty and they look great together I typed follow and continue to view his pictures and realised that most of his pictures was with the girl and got the date of when the first pic was taken together, mouth agape I continued to stare at the screen, to say I was shocked was an understatement he was taken

15th of December 2015.

Thats three good years ago. Is that how long theyve been together? I touched the screen to view the girls name and I received another shock.

Tiana Sean

It was the same girl who said was talking about when he was intoxicated. He was the same girl who cheated on him but you have to admit her features and name is beautiful but still and she actually kind of looked really familiar I can point out where I saw the face from.

I glared at her through the phone and mentally hated her for what she did and it was hard because she look nice and simple. I snapped out of my thoughts and switched off my phone to charge it

I typed for about half an hour until I heard the loud roar of Ryans bike getting closer. looking through the window and saw I was right. He was just parking his bike on the pavement I waved and didn wait for him to his back and sped through the appointment before locking the door and getting into the elevator.

When I finally got through the doors I run to I ran towards him.

"My baby "ignoring Ryans open arms I flung myself to the bike "oh how I have missed you so much "

"Ive missed you too "Ryan said confused I giggled and hugged him.

"Get on the bike "he handed me my personal grey helmet and I foolishly grinned at him while swinging my leg over the bike.


When we were still on the road for 45 minutes and I kept asking him where we were headed to but he always shrugged me off. There was a sign on the sidewalk indicating we were leaving town. The road was free and open so I did the unthinkable and released the helmet to let it hang around my neck slowly resting my hands in front of my knees got up to the leather seats and place my hand on Ryans shoulders.

"What are you doing?" He yelled with a hint of concern in his voice.

"relax Im just demonstrating something "

"Whats that "

"youll see"I grinned at him and finally stood up on the leather material spreading my hands out like a bird and remained there for a few minutes before trees came into view so I took it as a sign to sit down sit back down.

"Had fun?"

"The view was amazing " he swerved the bike off the road into the woods where there was a path clear from trees we came to a halt and he turned it off before getting off of it.


e here "he announced

"kk "I got off too and remove the helmet from my neck and place it on the bike handle he parked the bike then took me by the wrist and forcefully made me to speed work with him

"are you going to kill me? "

"No!!! "

"**** me? " He stopped immediately and I bumped into his back before stumbling backwards

"God only knows whats in that mind of yours "he mummerd and kept walking fast with me on the trail.

We walked for what felt like hours "Im tired!" I whined "I can keep walking like this "

"fine" he squat down before carrying me up on his back. I rest my head on his back, i was enjoying the view and couldn help but sniff his hair

" lavender? "

"What you don like the smell? "

"Are you kidding. I want to steal your shampoo "

"ok "he ended the discussion with that.

Ryan wasn one with many words. With him you don need to fill any silence thats what I like most about him.

"Wow "then my jaw dropped the view before my eyes is astonishing and I couldn help but let out a gasp letting my eyes widen. Birds flock together in the sky and there was the waterfall which was moving down the hill fast the river below was streaming slowly with various fishes which were barely visible. this was the perfect place to relax and leave your worries and problems behind.

"How did you find this place? "I questioned without taking my eyes away from the waterfall.

"I was going out of town last month and when it was nighttime I drove into the woods to find a place to camp out when I came across this place and thought that should show someone "

"and that someone is me "I finished for him both confused and happy "its not that I don mind or appreciate it but why me? "

"there is no one in this world that I rather share it with than you and because you

e the only person I can show it to" he wrapped an arm around my shoulder and I raise my head to see him already looking at me. I smiled at him showing my my full teeth and put an arm around his waist

"its beautiful "

"just like you" smiles back wait he almost never smiles but smirks.

"you know you are not that ugly too " I teased

" shhh don ruin the moment "he whispered then pull me closer. This guy just keeps bringing many surprises, this is the only emotion hes shown and apart from anger.

We stood in silence and continue to stare at the view. Ryans arm went down my waist and I looked up to meet his gaze. He came closer to my face before whispering in my ear

"you know what make this more fun" hes lips brushed my ear and it sends chills all over my body. "w-w-what" I stutterd then gulped at our close proximity he retracted before shouting.

"Cannonball "he didn give me time to gather what was happening before the both of us were in I was shocked and braced for impact, we hit the water with a powerful splash I glared at him and when we finally rose up to the surface

Breathing heavily I snap "what the hell!" Oh if only looks could kill command she looked at me for a minute before he burst out laughing I splashed water on him until he stopped.

"What? "He asked innocently "why did you do that? "I screamed

"because I know you didn prepare for this and if I had asked you to strip you would feel uncomfortable and if I suggested skinny-dipping you won talk to me for a whole year "he explained. I blinked realising he was right. He has been one of my closest friend since elementary school and knows almost all the things about me.

"Okay you win but all our clothes are wet and sticky then later on youll start feeling cold "

"don worry I have some towels in my bike just relax and have fun "and fun we had. In the water all day by doing all kinds of things with him chasing me and the other way round with me also faking death by drowning. It was totally worth it because the look on his face was priceless I got out of the water and sat beside a big rock and lean my head on it Ryan joined by sitting on the ground beside me.

We both looked up at the sky it was already dark and I could be able to make our cricket sounds everywhere full stop it was a full moon and all the stars were glowing happily at me resting in comfortable silence for who knows how long until I broke the silence

"its so beautiful " I said whilst looking at the stars in the sky "I wish I could be as peaceful in this moment as this my whole life " I felt Ryans eyes on me as I continued "why does life have to be so hard, only God knows what I did to deserve that " my voice cracked and my eyes welled up with warm liquid rolling down my cheeks "but you know what the funniest thing is? " My voice was shaking and completely different "that I still have hope they will come back" I couldn control it anymore. I broke into sobs. He noticed I was about to have a meltdown so he acted quick and pulled me closer to him and then wipe my tears with both his hands cupping my face.

"Even though you try they won come back. They

e gone and gone forever with no hope of returning them not coming back doesn mean they aren still with you, they are and they can see you but you can see them Im sure they

e really proud of you "

I nodded for no reason in particular and hug him. I stopped and pull him more tightly till no tears were left

"hey lets go its getting late " he picked me up bridal style as if I weighed nothing and started walking to the cliff.

"I had fun today "I said as low as a whisper

"I know"

"thank you for being there for me "

"Its okay you don need to thank me "

" Hmmm" I hummed

I shivered when a quick breeze blew into us making me feel more cold. He walked the rest of the way there without uttering a word

Ryan pulled out the white towel from the compartment and give it to me.

"What about you "I said rubbing my hair.

"don worry just get on "we both got on the bike before he started it and rode of to where we came from.

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