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Rana Maes favorite pastime is spending her time with her fans.


e the ones who were there for her except, of course for her family when she started venturing into the industry.

The eldest of them tried stopping her, "Why don we leave her alone for a while?" Rana smiled faintly. Its not something she can endure every single time.

Jazmine gets it and nodded her head, making her way to the counter to order something. "You okay?" this fan, which she called Ante Janice is one of her oldest fans, who know her with just one look.

Rana knows no matter how much she denies it, shell worry about her, so why not answer her? "Ive been thinking about things lately. But I am sure Ill get over it."

Her Ante pats her on the head, shes a kid with her. "Of course, you will. There is nothing that Brianna can solve and overcome." Her name sounds more feminine when it comes from other people.

That sounds better when it comes to other people. Why does she cringe whenever she hears it? "You have a very beautiful name, Rana." Ante Janice said chuckling as she saw her embarrassed reaction.

She shrugged her shoulders as she picked up the drink before answering, "Im not just used to hearing my name." Her father thought of the on-screen name Rana close to her real name, Brianna Madelyn. "My name sounds like a European."

"But you are a European," she suddenly remembered that she is a daughter of a wealthy European man. "Why do you keep forgetting that, my darling?"

"You know how badly she forgets facts every single time," Jazmine got her favorite chocolate cake. Rana smiled at her, as she politely apologizes. "I just found you sad and lonely." That sounds the same in her ears, but who cares? Thats how she feels.

Rana, politely accepted the chocolate cake, even though she have to maintain her weight for the photoshoot, she doesn want to break her heart.

She took two bites and offered them back to her.

This is something she will never like about the industry. You have to be fit and beautiful to be in, to be loved.

Her phone started ringing and people from the area looks at her. It was the loudest ring! "Does answering the call wasn in your plan?" Janice asked laughing. She just looked at her phone and lock it.

Its unusual for her to do that, "Spam caller." She said not smiling.

Right on the bat, Nim arrived with Shavinna to pick her up. Her best friend jumped at her hugging Rana so tight, she almost choked her! "Lets go home," She excitedly said as she picks up her bag. "We have a press conference tomorrow."

She inhaled deeply before saying goodbye, "Don worry, we will be there tomorrow." Rich aunties, of course, will come. They have nothing to do but fan girl. "We will support you and Shavivi."

Shavinna giggled, "This is why I love her guardians as much as I love my Rana Mae." Shes too loud that people are starting to recognize them.

But before people have the chance to get near them, Nim already moved her ass. "Well see you tomorrow, Ante Janice." She nodded her head as she waved her goodbye.

"I told you countless times to stop attracting people when you go out," Shavinna isn even interested. Shes always like that, thats why her haters branded her as the Queen of pick me.

Rana scoot beside her best friend, she keeps spoiling her just like that. "Her enthusiasm is out of this world, they should stop putting malice in everything that she does."

"You should stop tolerating her, Brianna Madelyn!" Shavinna laughs as Rana Mae took her time to recover from cringing.

Rana moved away from her best friend as she pats her on the back, "You should listen to Manager Nim from time to time bestie." Nim is trying to hide her laugh as she watches the two. These two silly ladies, really.

"Anyway, are you okay with it?" It is not a secret to everyone that Rana hates going to any press conference. It is something she will never forget, and she will never forgive those people who hurt her.

There will never be a valid reason as to why, but even God forbids she will hate them for the rest of her life. "As long as I am going to sit beside Shavinna," she even winked at her to hide her uneasiness.

"Manager Nim can do as much," Shavinna said wiggling her eyebrows.

Both of them came from a group that is often called idols, and they were best friends ever since.

Aside from being schoolmates back in college, they auditioned on the same day being the leader and the first girl who enters the group.

Rana Mae is the leader of the group even though she was the last person to debut.

Shes outspoken and brave. No one could bully her members except for her. There are instances when she has to translate some words for them, even rude ones.

Imagine the burden of translating hate comments for your girls?

She started losing sleep, and appetite every time. But as their leader, she has to be strong.

She is taking care of four members while forgetting and losing herself in the process.

The group disbanded two years ago before Shavinna debuted as an actress. They stayed friends, but the three were greatly affected by the disbandment.

"Are you still thinking you don deserve the spotlight after all these years?" It was a quiet comment from Shavinna. "I forgot how many times Ive told you this, but, Brianna Madelyn what you have now is the result of your hard work."

None of the ladies ever believed that Rana decided to quit due to her unstable mental health, this is why she promised that she will never get any lead roles offered to her. "Stop punishing yourself for protecting your mental health."

Shavinna and Nim was the first and last person who believes that Rana Mae is fading away for the sake of everyone. "Youve done more than enough for all of us, Rana."

No matter what they say, she just can keep feeling she betrayed them. "We don have to invalidate their feelings to validate mine. We are all entitled to our emotions, thats why even in the other life, I will choose to understand them."

There, thats the reason why she felt so exhausted even after doing things she likes. Those things others could not comprehend, she tries her best to understand them. "Its not invalidating their feelings, but a fact."

Shavinna even rolled her eyes remembering those girls from before. I mean, Rana still thinks that they are okay but no, they aren on the same page anymore. "Stop being mean. They are your friends."

For the nth time, she rolled her eyes. "You and Manager Nim are my only friend in this industry."

If there is someone who stood beside her after all these years, it is her.

Shavinna knows her well not because they are friends from college but because she knows what is inside Ranas heart, something that the other members did not see.

This is also why she keeps receiving hate from people.

They could not accept the separation of the group without saying anything. Its like a bubble that suddenly disappears without saying goodbye.

Of course, as the leader, she knows that it is her responsibility. But she couldn do anything anymore.

Shes drained and exhausted from everything to nothing. She does not like doing anything anymore. She lost herself.

But she stayed in character, just like what she was before when she finally gets her old self back.

The only difference is that she never wanted to be that Rana Mae before, who has everything in her hand.

She smiled faintly and took her time to fix herself inside the room. Shavinna and her are staying in the same condo, her best friend like it that way. "Thats unfair," she heard a familiar voice coming from the living room.

She immediately went to see her brother and her best friend getting along really well. Rana rolled her eyes at the scene, "Every time you see me, you frown."

"You weren even here for me, why would I be happy to see you?" she said sitting beside her older brother. One thing about her is that she is close with them no matter how busy everyone gets. They make sure to visit her.

He pats her on the head, "You know how I rarely see her." Referring to his long-time girlfriend, Shavinna, whos stingy and clingy.

" What? You see her on national television every day," shes much stingier when it comes to her brother. It just shows how much they spoiled her. "And I don ." there was a trace of bitterness in her tone, but she immediately shrugs it off.

Her brother hugs her by the head, "Stop sulking, Ana. You know how much I love you, right?" Different people call her differently. Her brother loves calling her Ana because they think it sounded more like her. Cool and precise even though shes such a baby when it comes to them.

"Bro," the amount of cringe she felt in her mouth is unimaginable so she left the laughing couple in the living room and joined their manager who was preparing their dinner.

"What are we having for dinner?" she made face the moment she saw a thousand salads, she never really liked the smell of any kind of dressing. "And people think we ate steak from breakfast to midnight snack. They don know I eat like a lamb."

Nimfa bursts out laughing separating her salad from them. "At least you are as pure as those cute lambs on the farm." She has no other choice but to accept a compliment though.

"Don worry after the press conference tomorrow, I will treat you and Shavinna to a big meal." Their hard work should be paid for something that makes them happy. Of course, they need money, but what satisfies them the most is not controlling what they eat for a day.

Nimfa doesn starve them like that even before when they are still in the girl group, she likes spoiling them with treats they deserve.

Edward, her brother, ate his dinner with them.

He brought a chicken which suited the salad Nim prepared for everyone, and he is the only one who was allowed to drink the wine he brought for his sister.

They aren allowed to take any carbs this night so they wouldn have to look bloated for their photoshoot tomorrow.

Its nighttime again, and she needs to exhaust herself before being able to sleep.

This started when she decided to quit the group.

Rana Mae appears strong and nonchalant to everyone, but she has this point in life where she re-thinks her life decisions.

Shes smart but she is confused about how life works. It is not easy for her just because she is the daughter of one of the richest businessmen in Europe.

Life is difficult for her as well, its just that she never complains nor talks about it to anyone… but one.

She took her spare phone out of her pocket and saw the old wallpaper, like the feelings still lingering.

Its not easy to forget a love that gave you enough reason to live, and yet it is the love that she failed to protect.

Even though how many times she looked back, breaking the love between them is her greatest regret. But to protect him, she has the one to break him.

"Do I have enough courage to finally see you in flesh?" she said laughing faintly. Her feelings just could not leave her system. "How do I stop loving you?" whispering in his picture which she took back then.

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