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She inhaled deeply before finally checking who called her earlier. "You have to stop ignoring my call, Princess."

"Then you should start calling me by my name. Its not like it was changed to suit you." The guy from the other line bursts out laughing. "So, what do you want?"

It was a dead tone between us when another guy from the line spoke, and from the baritone voice of the man, she easily recognized him. "What are you doing here?"

It was a faint voice but she can hear it clearly, "Just like how you keep bringing women here." Oh, they are in the studio? "Its late, who are you talking with?"

There was chaos happening from the other line, the man who just came must have taken his phone. Rana cleared her throat and both of them stops from moving or even breathing. "If there is nothing important, Ill drop the call, Uno. I am going to see you tomorrow and enjoy your women. Good night." She did emphasize thinking she could tease them but feel annoyed.

She is having a hard time breathing. She knows that voice very well. The voice who kept singing her lullaby. "Why are you giving me that look?"

Uno took his phone from him, "You still have a connection with her?" He nodded his head as he went to the couch to drink his beer.

"Shes my best friend, whats wrong with that?" the man he is with, shrugs his head. Without a word, he took the glass of beer from his hands. "Hey bro, we have dance rehearsal tomorrow."

Uno should remind himself as well. Because it is his second bottle of wine.

Well, he went to the studio to practice more, but his shoulder keeps aching as well as his back. Laziness also struck him.

He watches his friend stare at the ceiling and just simple sighing.

Does love to be this complicated? I mean, if two people are in love, they should be happy, right? But why aren they?

Ah, they aren on each others side. Because its terrifying at the same time, especially, when fans find out about their dating life.

This is the main reason why Uno is scared of committing. Right now, he wants to enjoy his career without thinking about anything else.

Its not selfish, but it is to save him and his future partner from living a miserable life.

But ain love about suffering and helping each other no matter how hard it gets? Well, we think differently and respect others opinions about how they see life and love.

"Weve been meaning to ask you because you smell really good, and fans are having a hard time finding the scent in every store. Whats the brand of your perfume?" Eljin chokes on his water with the sudden question, as Shavinna laughs.

The reporters look at her with the intent of putting her on the hot seat when Eljin replied, "A special friend made this for me."

"So, the fans were right that you are very particular when it comes to smell." Jin nodded his head shyly.

He was scratching the back of his head when he showed his handkerchief with the same smell, "Yes they are right." Hes cute when he scrunches his nose to hide his embarrassment. "You know how much we spent our day dancing and rehearsing kinds of stuff."

He is picky! "Do we know that special friend?" a reporter keeps asking about his private life making Rana feels annoyed and exhausted at the same time because this is taking too much of their time.

He simply nodded his head not wanting to mention the special friends name to avoid unnecessary conversation. Shavinna as the joyous person she is, could not help but laugh. "Oh, does the perfume come from you?" another reporter asked.

Shavinna as a silly girl, bursts out laughing again, "Why do you think its from me? Do I look like someone who can identify chemicals from one to another?" she keeps teasing everyone else.

"So, basically you are saying you know who gave him the perfume?" aren they going to ask why they are in here? A reporter saw how bored Rana Mae is listening, he was about to ask her when Shavinna gave them a smirk.

"I know, but I will never tell you who gave it to him. Its our little secret." She even winked at the laughing Eljin, shes having fun!

A fan shouted, "You should stop denying that it wasn from you!" It looks like a fan from their love team.

Shavinna waved her hand as she yells back at her, "No! No! Its not from me! I only know how to eat." She said defensively. "If there is something I would give him, it is something he would like to treasure for the rest of his life."

None of them except Eljin saw how she winked at Rana Mae making her blush hard, "Is that what we think it is?"

She shrugs her head smiling at everyone, "I will let you guess what is."

Rana Mae sighed to the side, both Jin and Shavinna saw how the cameras shifted to them. "But you do know how to cook." He said trying to get the reporters attention back to them. Just let the bored Rana do her own thing.

A scream of young girls echoed in the whole area, "She cooked for you?" Eljin nodded his head shyly as he keeps gazing at his hands. Its getting cold in the place. "Its good to know that both of you share the same bond off-screen."

Rana Mae must have noticed how his hands keep trembling, she gave Shavinna a cup of hot coffee, and without any question, she handed it to Eljin. "Yes, its like we grew up together."

"We do. Uno and the others love spending their time with her also. Its not like we are strangers, right?" that answer did not suffice for the reporters. They want to dig more than just a friend thing between them.

"Don flatter me too much, Jin" she said giggling which made the fans laugh along with her.

Of course, she is also known as the Queen of fan service, and she really liked that name. What an innocent and naïve she is! "Especially, Kaleb, he enjoys her cooking."

But a certain reporter isn interested in them cooking, he is eyeing the bored Rana Mae beside them. "Of course, its awkward to be in one place with your ex, right, Miss Rana Mae?" only she laughs at his statement when all of the people are watching them.

"Are you one of my ex, too?" she said sarcastically which made everyone laugh. Of course, her company would deny the dating rumors because it is not true.

The reporter must have felt offended seeing how he stand up, "Do you want me to name him?"

A smile flustered from her face, now she was getting excited. "If you could name all of them, I would be grateful." everyone cheered as they enjoys her being funny and sarcastic at the same time.

"Can I name only one?" Rana nodded her head still smiling at him. "Eljin Parale."

"I don usually watch the news or scroll on social media, so I don know who to mention." Hes cute! He answered as if the reporter was asking him the question.

Shavinna choked on her own saliva laughing, "I know a lot of names, but I remember us denying all of them like hello I am with her twenty-four seven if shes dating anyone of them, I would definitely know." she even wiggled her eyebrows making it more suspicious.

"So, there was one?!" a fan shouted somewhere. It must be Ranas fan because she took an interest in the topic.

"I am not going to confirm or deny anything," a lot was really disappointed with how she answered. Its always hanging on the cliff. "Then, should we ask what Eljins favorite smell then?" Rana, narrowed her eyes as Shavy just stuck her tongue out. She inhaled deeply before smiling at her, "Then go ahead and ask him."

Just Shavinna saving the awkwardness that the reporter made between them. "Why don we talk about the drama?" the fans laugh but continued teasing him with what smell he enjoyed. "Rosemary." Everyone looked at him in shock. He answered without hesitation. "I like the smell of rosemary."

"Let me sniff all of my co-actresses who smell rosemary then." A joyous Shavinna said.

"Don you?" A giggling reporter asked. Shavy bursts out laughing.

"Sorry but no. I prefer the cotton candy smell which Eljin could not take." She moved beside her best friend whose bored listening. "How about you, Rans? What smell do you prefer?"

She taps her pen on her legs as she keeps snickering, "I don like the smell of people trying to invade someone else privacy." Being her best friend, Shavy laughs to her hearts content. Shes the only one who understands her best.

It was downright rude for reporters to bring up such an old and irrelevant topic. She felt a soft tap on her back, "We are going to be in one-week lock-in taping."

"We are here to talk about the drama, right? Now, lets talk about it." Shavinna could not help but laugh at his remarks. "Lets talk about it then."

"You don like when Eljins fierce like that, right?" Shavinna whispered as she laughs.

A laugh came from her as Rana Mae rolled her eyes once again.

If she could smack her in the head, she would. Shavinna wouldn just stop teasing her until the end of the press conference.

But honestly, it helps her calm down.

She couldn think of anything but Shavinnas teasing. Rana Mae knows that shes doing it intentionally to help her ease the tension so she could answer the question calmly.

When the press conference ended, Shavinna immediately falls asleep in the car.

She really went all out in helping her and she couldn think of anything or ways of thanking her.

"Jin told me to tell you to thank you for the hot coffee," she said murmuring. So, she was still awake. She leaned her head on Rana Maes shoulder as she cuddles her, "You still liked him, don you?"

She couldn answer her because is she allowed to keep liking him? "You should sleep. We still have things to do in the studio."

"I know whats in your mind right now, and the answer is always yes, my friend. There is no rule or law that you couldn keep liking him." Rana Mae hates how her best friend knows every thing about her. "You have to keep liking him to keep you from being the woman you aren ."

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