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"What are you doing here?" Shavinna said panicking as she saw Eljin beside the sleeping Rana Mae. "Are you taking advantage of her feelings?" She took the lamp beside their table ready to smack it in his head.

Eljin laughs at her sudden outburst. "If I would do something for her, I should have locked the door." He showed her the key to the door behind them, and laugh at her instant reaction.

Shavinna rolled her eyes. Eljin is such an airhead most of the time, "You tuck her to bed?" Jin shrugs his head.

Since Shavinna and Rana are trainees they are living in a dorm the company gave them. While Eljin and the others are staying in the dorm for a while because of a concert.

"She called me, she said she needs to give me something, but when I came inside she was already sleeping." he is scratching the back of his neck while staring at her sleeping face.

"Wow, she managed to take her mask off?" Its not new to Shavinna that Rana Mae usually falls asleep with her mask still on. "Thank you or else shell have an acne outbreak."

An awkward smile came from Eljin scratching the back of his head, "I removed it." He is self-conscious, so he took off the mask. "I can forgive those who sleep on their skincare routine."

"Shes always like that," The two of them grimaced as they looked at the sleeping face of Rana Mae. Shes even smiling hugging her pillow!

Shavinna was about to put moisturizer on her when he stopped her, "Done that."

She laughs her heart out trying to control the noise that might wake her up. "You are such a feminine, Senior."

"Out of habit, I guess." He said laughing.

Shavinna took everything from the bedside table and kept it for her, "I wish someone would take my make-up off." Shavinna looks at him confused. "That was her crying."

"Typical Rana Mae," she said laughing. "Shes not used to wearing make-up, so shes lazy taking it off."

He nodded his head, it was its normal for her to be lazy. "I mean, she still looks good without makeup on her face."

Right there and then, Shavinna saw how his eyes twinkled looking at her, and also adores him. He is one of a million guys who know exactly what hygiene is.

Its not out of being feminine, someone older got screwed before because he hasn taken good care of his face.

Imagine debuting a day before and breaking out. The penalty almost cost his life and dreams!

Male or female is entitled to care for themselves. Not because girls usually do that, guys could not do it anymore.

Lets normalize hygienic men.

Shavinna rolls beside her and took the mask off of her face. She can already imagine Rana Maes crying face.

"I wonder if you know hes been taking care of your skincare routine every day in the past," she said smiling at the sleeping Rana Mae beside her. "Your skin care became his routine every night."

Shavinna almost had a heart attack when she talks and suddenly laughs. But when she looked at her, she was sleeping soundly.

If people see her like this, her career will end.

I mean, shes cute when shes sleeping, but people think that things that aren usually seen is a flaws of an actress or an idol.

Forgetting the fact that they are as human as them.

Morning came and the crew who supposedly have to bring them food fell ill. Good thing Rana Mae woke up early and ordered groceries from an online application.

She learned how to cook because even though shes a daughter of a chaebol, she is always alone.

Alone with her maid though. But shes bored to death, so she learned cooking from her.

Shes been cooking for Shavinna and Manager Nim ever since, especially when she doesn have a schedule for the day.

Everyone was confused and shocked at the same time that the only daughter of a billionaire knows a lot of household chores.

Things like that are easy for her, and that is why she loses time doing make-up or even taking care of her hair.

She enjoyed doing all of them for everyone forgetting what she needs to do for herself.

Rana Mae, the upfront and honest woman that she is, loves taking good care of people around her.

"I learned basic cooking from Rana," Shavinna announced happily as they were eating what they prepared for everyone.

A staff was into her cooking and a sudden blurt out, unintentionally, came from her mouth. "You learned cooking from her to cook for her ex huh." When she realized what she said, she started choking.

Rana, simply laughs at the remarks, putting the last dish on the table. "Shavinna has been cooking for everyone, and Jin is not an exception."

She felt how he gaze at her from time to time, looking as if thinking she was hurt by the comment. "She does." A guy commented while amazed by the food. "All are Eljins favorite."

Oh, thats why he keeps stealing glances from her. "Really?" Rana said making people think that she does not know anything about that.

"What a coincidence," that guy from the media said. Why is he still here and eating with them? His face is as thick as a Guinness book word of records.

Manager Nim sat beside that man, "George doesn find it amusing. You are a man who believes in horoscope though." That came a little funny thats why everyone laugh and immediately forgot about it.

Rana did not even realize she did cook everything he likes. "Force out of habit," a whisper coming from Shavinna made fun of her.

Rana rolled her eyes, "Can you please eat in peace?" her best friend kept teasing her after all the scolding she got.

In times like this, he should be thanking her by now for cooking the food he loves but now things are different, he could not even praise her cooking.

Its been a year ago when the rumors broke out and yet people aren over with them dating.

The trauma and fear she felt during the rumor is out of this world, and she couldn sleep a blink.

Threats are everywhere she goes and fans started boycotting The Weekends concert just because one of them started dating.

Those were the days Rana could not even move without Manager Nim or her brothers bodyguard on her side.

Rana even experienced being pulled out of the crowd, but the bodyguards are faster than them so they couldn do anything to her.

Its unfair that she received most of the hate, but selflessly still chose to break up with him to protect his career.

Ghosting is the right term, she suddenly stopped talking to him and by all means, she tried her best not to be seen or be with him.

The six other boys could not do something for them, because the situation will get bigger and nastier.

But no matter what, they stay updated with her. I mean, other than in the news, she was nowhere to be found.

"In an interview, Nathan said that all of you were scouted during the weekends?" its a long break for everyone since the location needed a lot of cleaning.

Eljin nodded his head, while everyone are listening to him including the producers. "Uncle Drew must have obsessive-compulsive disease he wants it that way." Its not a joke, its the truth.

The group was called The Weekend because they were all scouted from Saturday to Sunday. "We heard that you were scouted thrice!"

Is that even shocking? Its not a secret that he holds one of the perfect ratios of the face. "I was scouted thrice by three different companies."

Everyone is excited to hear it from him first-handedly more than from a fan, "This feels surreal though." He added scratching the back of his head. "I owe everything to people who supported and believed in me."

His Manager looks at everyone so proud because he practically raised Jin into the man he is now. "Isn it funny that you are with your rumored girlfriend?"

All of the attention went to Rana because of that George guy from the media. "Why are you even here?" Rana asked nonchalantly. "I thought this lock-in taping was to prevent people like you from leaking things you shouldn ."

They were all expecting that from her anyway, "Are you afraid of unintentionally broadcasting to everyone that you dated him?"

Rana crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, "Why would I? If events like that did not even happen?"

People think that the more they threatened her, shell speak eventually but its the other way around. Shes burying them instead, "It didn or it happened?"

She laugh sarcastically, and that was the sign that someone should be stopping her now. "People are bold to assume things on their own. Why don you ask him? He is sitting across from us, right? Ah, wait, no matter what we say people are delusional to believe what they wanted to believe."

Rana did not walk out. She stayed her sitting, unbothered.

How did even the conversation from The Weekend to the dating rumors people could not forget?

Ah, because both of them are hotshots before. Eljins emerging career and the disbandment of their group because of her.

They would be a hot topic.

Eljin does not give comments most of the time but if he does it only means you gave him enough reason to do so, "Aren The Weekends life story that interesting? Because if not, we should be all involved in some dating rumors so people will start looking at us differently."

His manager didn even try stopping him from talking, well, he has a point though, and he believes that Jin can perfectly handle it.

Rana wasn even shocked he started talking. She provoked him that way. Because she knows people will listen to him more and not to her.

Thats just unfair, but thats showbiz.

The bigger the name, the bigger the influence.

"I hate how people look at me like I am supposed to be an object to someone elses career." Rana Mae was accused so many times that she was using him for clout and fame. "Do I look like I care about others people business?"

That statement hurts her but smiled through the pain, "Exactly." She said with her throat getting dry. She can feel a lump in her throat and her eyes started swelling and were saved by her makeup artist.

Rana hides in the back of the room in the meantime, taking out her feelings and sadness.

She didn even realize that it hurts when it comes from him. Its like he is denying her existence, something that she deserves to feel.

She can now taste the bitterness of her own medicine.

She remembers Unos exact words from before, "You should know that you deserve to feel that pain all by yourself, right? Because when he gave you his hands, you showed him your back."

Theres always a consequence for every decision we make.

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