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Being in the showbiz industry means giving all the people the authority to discuss even your personal lives.

Some fans think they have the right to say how you will live your life because they supported you all of their lives.

A lot of artists are thankful, most of them loved their fans so much that they lose the chance of being happy by doing what they really want.

What they don know is that artists deserve to have their private matters intact, and keep to themselves… not everything in the artists life should be broadcasted to everyone.

Yes, they owe the fans. They will never be in that position without their love and support in their art.

But... fans shouldn forget that the artists worked hard, and spent sleepless nights to be in that position they always wanted.

There are times they are losing all their energy and could not even eat. But because they love what they are doing and their hearts are filled with joy knowing that they can make people happy with their craft.

Fan Girling or fanboying should be a safe place for some, and a breather for those who are burnout.

But some took it as their life instead just being part of it to the point they are invading the artists personal lives.

The artists are there for the passion and dreams they have. Lets not take that away from them… and lets not keep their happiness away.

It shouldn be generalized... because there are a lot of supporters who knew the meaning of privacy.

They support the artists craft and they keep away from their personal life. Its simple and stress-free.

If you are spending most of your time fangirling and hating people you only know by their name, you should go out and touch some grass.

"How many times do I have to tell you that being extra nice in the industry will just hurt you?" Ranas ears were hurting from Unos chatter, and she couldn do anything but listen to his sentiments.

Harold looks at her with pity, but he knows that Uno is right. "You have to be careful Yogi. People are watching." Yep, he is always right.

Hes been giving her an earful pretending he is talking with Harold. "I don know whats your definition of being nice, but its definitely not me." She said acting like she was also talking with Shavinna.

This is one of the annoying things in the industry. A little distance and conversation among the artist can already create a groundless rumor. "Take it easy on the scolding, Uno."

Shavinna really likes arguing with Uno. He is built with sarcasm, but they all know that its not empty nagging. "I am not even talking to you. Will you please find your playmate?"

She rolled her eyes at him, "Please stop igniting the flame." Rana scolds her nicely. "Can we talk about it later, Uno? I don think this is the right time for that."

Harold nodded his head, agreeing. "Don ruin the atmosphere, bro."

A lot of artists and media gathered around for an awarding ceremony.

It is a coincidence that Shavinna and Rana got sat beside their table. Well, its not impossible because they are from the same drama.

The Weekends won a popularity award and recognition for their song last year.

The same music George said the boys plagiarized. They create and make their own music, period.

Uno is a producer himself and everyone including the younger ones can make their own composed music.

Harold and the others even decided to make a studio each of their own.

They are a group of kids who are passionate about their music. Why would they cheat on their dreams? If they know the price they have to pay?

The Weekends enjoy making their own music that makes them feel alive, no matter how difficult life turns.

Shavinna and Eljin is the presenter of the award because of their upcoming drama. This is why Rana is required to come no matter what to support her best friend.

She doesn feel bad going here anyway. She misses the feeling of performing with the girls.

Its nostalgic to start with everything that reminds her of the things they used to do.

Rana never felt she made the wrong decision to quit the group in order to protect herself. But realizing she almost ruined the others life made her rethink her life decisions.

Life consists of up and down. No matter what you do and whether you work hard, the time will come when you will experience the bad side of the world.

"I have no right words to tell how grateful I am to be part of this wonderful ceremony." Shavinna, with enthusiasm, greets everyone. "Especially that I can finally be with you guys."

Shes like a ray of sunshine wearing her blue dress wrapped around her curvy body, "I am as excited as you are. Since our weekenders are here together with us." Eljin is like a born emcee with his humor.

A fan yelled, "You

e so handsome, Eljin!"

"Yes, I am handsome." He said with a smile on his face, proudly telling everyone that he is born with a pretty face. "Now, tell me which group you are excited to perform in and why is it The Weekends?"

Everyone could not hold their laughter. "Am I going to offend you if I tell you that The Weekends is not part of it?"

He shrugs his head and proudly looks at her, "Well, we have millions of fans in the world." And everyone cheered along with him. "Now, we hear them loud and clear."

"My apologies to the lovely weekenders." They are enjoying the emcees! Besides of looking good together, their chemistry is just out of this world.

Rana is watching them with a smile on her face, "They look good together." A fan squirt, as the two emcee laughs.

"You have to calm down," Shavinna responded smiling at the fans who are jumping in her position. Shes afraid this may cause injuries.

"I know my face looks good to be true, but I can assure you that this is not a dream." Eljin is full of himself and doesn run out of senseless words to make their fans happy.

The award ceremony proceeds while the groups nominated are performing.

Rana is smiling the whole time watching the aspiring group of kids.

She remembers how she started, and how she used her mothers thwarted dreams to pursue her dreams for her.

It is not just an empty dream anymore.

No matter what people say, she will not be moved from her position right now. Because she knows that this is not just her dream.

The only reason why her mother stopped acting was when she became pregnant with her older son. But none of it made her regret her decision from quitting, and from focusing on making her family big.

There are days when she can help but remember what she used to do, but she is happy that she made this beautiful family with her husband.

Rana Maes mother really made a name in the industry. She was named queen of one-hit wonder because after making her name she immediately went on hiatus and decided to quit acting after.

Her mother kept reminding her over and over again that they were the most important trophies she had ever received, but she still couldn hide from her how happy she was back in the industry.

No one could hear themselves perfectly, because the crowd is too busy hyping the performers. But not Uno whos still mad at her.

Everyone who can see him right now can definitely tell that something is going on since he keeps talking non-stop.

Good thing, the organizer already called for the group to prepare for their performance.

Uno just won stop scolding her, until he feels satisfied.

"No want an angry Uno," who told you she doesn have friends? "You better watch what you do and don be a hinder, please," she said pleasing but Rana could hear the sarcasm in her.

Yep, she has no friends other than Shavinna, and the boys. Because the industry is full of two-faced humans. "Oh, am I blocking their way to the stage? I didn know. I wasn paying attention."

She did not like arguing with anyone, especially tonight. Her heart is still aching with the argument that happened, "Don act big with me, Rana Mae, a one-hit-wonder. Oh, you aren even an inch closer to your Mom."

"Oh dear, don get me wrong. Im waiting for your name to be called." Rana saw how mad she is hearing it from her. Of course, she was never even nominated. "Im sorry, I thought I saw your name."

She even acted looking up for Jennicas name, "What are you doing?"

"Do you want my advice? I could give you some," she even winked at her. The awards and recognition the group she had before weren even half of Jennicas.

Now, whos talking big with her? "Are you now telling me that you are better than me?"

"No, I am telling you that you are not better than me." She waved her hand when she saw Shavinna eyeing the woman beside her. "You see that woman? She is better than both of us. Next time you talk to me, make sure you are well-equipped, okay?"

Jennica pulls her arm, "What are you bragging about? I am part of that group." She even emphasized the word even which made Rana raise her eye brow,

"What did I brag about?" nothing in this world could irritate Jennica more than sarcasm. "Oh, the group awards we received before?"

Shes exasperating and right there she wanted to pull her hair but stops herself for making a scene, "Rana Mae."

"Jennica, are you still stuck in the past? No wonder your life is sad." she is very disappointed with her. "Why do you keep blaming me? I am already trying to live my life. You should, too."

People think that she has it easy in life just because she never talks about her feelings. But its all the same with everyone else.

As the saying goes, Jennica is just on her way when Rana Mae is heading back.

People like Jennica keep on blaming her for their misfortune when they can choose a better route for themselves and stay pressed.

She was once part of the group that remains in the industry with them, the other two condemn her for all of their lifetimes.

As much as she wants to pay the price of leaving the group, Rana is not responsible for their own lives.

She knows that blaming her for being misery in life is not acceptable since it was already a year ago and she is doing what she promised.

Never in her whole year, had she accepted a lead role offer.

Its okay to hate and get angry at her for being the reason for the disbandment. But living your whole life trying to blame someone for it will never make you happy.

She took a sip from her cocktail and went straight to the comfort room.

People like Jennica make is one of the reasons why Rana Maes world is getting smaller every time. Imagine being stuck up in the past?

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