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Chapter 101: The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg For Forgiveness

(On The Lingxuan Continent)

"My brother sat on that throne, guarding the Bronze Gate in the sky, all day long."

Xiao Yanran couldn't help but cover her mouth at this moment.

At that time, she heard many people secretly gossiping about Lin Yan.

At first, Xiao Yanran didn't take it seriously.

The more she listened, the more she began to realize her brother was obsessed with the Heavenly Emperor's throne.

If he wasn't so obsessed with the Heavenly Emperor's throne, why would he sit on that cold throne all day, never wanting to leave

As a result, she has finally come to understand why her brother didn't want to leave the throne.

It was that he was unable to do so.

Who would want to stay in one place for ten thousand years if that were the case

Others saw the cold throne as the throne of the Heavenly Emperor.

For Lin Yan, it was a real prison.

For ten thousand years, he was imprisoned.

(On the Lingxuan Continent)

"Throughout the ten thousand years, the Heavenly Emperor has sat on that cold throne, keeping those Extraterrestrial devils out."

"According to outside rumors, the Heavenly Emperor is greedy for power and will do anything and everything to gain it.

Now it all seems to be nonsense."

"The Heavenly Emperor did so much for us on the Lingxuan Continent, but he was killed in the end.

We are all sorry for him."

"There were a lot of bad things that the Heavenly Emperor did afterward, ah, he uprooted many sects and killed many cultivators."

"I don't think the Heavenly Emperor will turn evil later on.

There must be another reason for this."

Many people had already begun to change their opinion of the Heavenly Emperor.

Even some people believed the Heavenly Emperor wouldn't turn evil.

He later committed all those evil deeds for a reason.

(On The Screen In The Sky)

Once again, the scene changed.

The Extraterrestrial devils were increasing in number across the Lingxuan Continent.

Lin Yan's Immortal Devil Hunting squad gradually disbanded as well.

The Lingxuan Continent was occasionally patrolled by only a few squads.

As if it had passed the Extraterrestrial Devil's calamity, the Lingxuan continent seemed to have returned entirely to calm in the following thousand years.

On the Heavenly Emperor's throne, Lin Yan was the only one who knew that the calamity had not yet ended.

Over time, the gap in the bronze door above his head has grown larger and larger.

This Bronze Gate cannot be closed completely unless someone enters it.

In such a case, the Lingxuan Continent would face a demonic disaster sooner or later.

(On the Lingxuan Continent)

"The Extraterrestrial Devils will never disappear if that Bronze Gate isn't closed.

I wonder if this Bronze Gate still exists."

People grew sour towards Lin Yan after watching him guard that Bronze Gate for a thousand years.

The Lingxuan Continent clearly benefited from the Heavenly Emperor's sacrifices.

However, no one on the Lingxuan continent was grateful to the Heavenly Emperor.

The Heavenly Emperor was nowadays treated as a tyrant and cursed wantonly by everyone.

"The Heavenly Emperor shouldn't have suffered such treatment ...even if he really did something wrong later." Many people let out a deep sigh.

(In The Heavenly Palace)

The expressions on Lin Feng and the others had slightly changed at this moment.

As they gazed at the screen in the sky above, they were curious to know if the Bronze Gate above the Heavenly Palace was closed or not.

Couldn't those terrifying Extraterrestrial Devils reappear at any time if it wasn't closed

Despite being at the Immortal Realm, Lin Feng and the others were not qualified to see the Bronze Gate.

For a long time, they stared at the tops of their heads, but nothing appeared.

In the end, Lin Feng smiled and asked, "Foreign Empress, you are an Eternal Realm powerhouse, shouldn't you have access to that Bronze Gate Is it closed now"

The Foreign Empress glanced at it casually as she sat on the throne of the heavenly emperor.

Her lips quirked as she said, "No, when I arrived on the Lingxuan Continent, the Bronze Gate had disappeared, perhaps it had been lost in the endless void, anyway, it doesn't affect us, so I don't bother to investigate."

With confirmation from the foreign empress, Lin Feng, the others were relieved.

It also resulted in an endless amount of curiosity.

"Who closed that Bronze Gate It can't be the Heavenly Emperor, can it"

"Definitely not, we all witnessed the Heavenly Emperor's death in the Linglong Treasure Mirror."

There's also a possibility that the Heavenly Emperor closed the Bronze Gate before he turned evil."

Cultivators from the Anti-Heavenly Emperor Alliance muttered a few words together.

A real conclusion, however, could not be drawn.

Therefore, they continued to stare at the screen.



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-To be continued!



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