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She was the chairman of Rong Yao Company!

The strongest hacker in the hacker circle, SS, was unrivaled!

Regarding her battle record, it could be said that it would take three days and three nights!

She could be said to be the first person in history!

Breaking Records, creating miracles.

Only her glorious battle record, no one had ever been able to surpass her achievements!

And this group of foolish people actually thought that a mere brother Kai, who was extremely active in Jiang City University of electronic technology and was regarded as invincible by all the girls, could touch her

But Matthew didnt dare to say the rest of the words.

Because he had already caught a glimpse of Yun Jians slanted eyes.

Seeing this, Matthew was stunned.

“Go, go, Go! What do you girls know What are you talking about Master Matthew is my master now, and Master Matthews friends are my friends! If you dare to force me again, Ill make sure you wont be able to survive in school!”

Brother Kai didnt wait for Matthew to speak before he threatened the girls around him.

He turned his head and looked at Matthew with a fawning look, then smiled at the cloud paper.

Brother Kai was a real rich second generation, and his family was rich.

But he really admired Matthew from the bottom of his heart, so he spoke up for Matthew now.

He also mistakenly thought that the cloud paper and Matthew were friends, so they helped each other.

After brother Kai said that, he saw that he had enough of showing off with Matthew.

He looked at Matthew, then looked at Yun Jian and invited them:

“Ill invite you guys to the bar tonight.

Youre Matthews friend.

Come with me! All the expenses will be on me!”

Brother Kai was different from the other girls around him.

He did not beat around the bush.

He always said what he wanted to say and did what he wanted to do.

This was probably the privilege of a rich second generation.

Although brother Kai was like Matthew and liked to show off, other than this, the biggest difference between brother Kai and other rich second generation or people who thought they were powerful was that he wouldnt look down on others.

Seeing that Zhu Huili came with Yun Jian, brother Kai didnt look down on her just because she was fat and ugly.

On the contrary, brother Kai glanced at Zhu Huili lazily and said to her,

“You are her friend, right Then you should come too.

Ill see you at the Swing Bar near the school at 8 pm.”

When brother Kai said this, everyone around was shocked.

Brother Kai was not handsome.

Usually, these girls would force their way to brother Kais side because they were interested in brother Kais wealth.

It was not strange that brother Kai could invite Yun Jian, but why did he invite Zhu Huili, this fat and ugly girl, too

Zhu Huili stood beside Yun Jian and was also dumbfounded.

A girl like Zhu Huili would not have any interactions with brother Kai for her entire life.

But who knew that Yun Jian knew Matthew, who was beside brother Kai.

With this relationship, brother Kai was actually willing to invite her

“See you at the bar.”Yun Jian glanced at Matthew and said.

Since Matthew had something to ask her, he would definitely have to talk about it in private.

Since brother Kai had proposed to invite everyone to the bar, it was much more convenient for Yun Jian and Matthew to talk in private.

After Yun Jian finished speaking, he beckoned Zhu Huili to leave the study room.

When she left, Zhu Huili asked Yun Jian in a daze, “Arent we going to practice operating the computer”

“There are too many people, so its noisy.”Yun Jian replied Zhu Huili indifferently.

Then, he paused and continued to reply to Zhu Huili, “If you want to learn how to operate a computer, Ill teach you again and again another day.”

“AH, Yun Jian, you know how to operate a computer Thats great! Then, Ill rely on you!”Zhu Huili looked at Yun Jian with admiration.

The two of them headed back to the dormitory.

Yun Jian and Zhu Huili had just entered the dormitory when the other two roommates, Miao Li and Xi Xiujuan, returned to the dormitory.

As soon as they returned to the dormitory, Miao Li and Xi Xiujuan surrounded Yun Jian and questioned him like hooligans in society.

Miao Li and Xi xiujuan, who did not even greet each other when they first met, asked Yun Jian about it from Miao Li, who had a better figure.

Her tone carried a strong sense of society, it was as if Yun Jian would be beaten up if he did not answer seriously:

“Hey, how do you know the foreigner beside brother Kai”

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