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Chapter 1 – Want A Divorce You’re Dreaming.

In front of a VIP ward stood a man.

His lean and beautiful hands lazily hooked on an insulation box.

His charming eyes fell on the door and a complex look flashed on his face.

After thinking for a long time, he finally softly knocked on the door.

“Enter.” The voice that came from the inside was low and cold.

The man’s picturesque eyes darkened and he immediately pushed the door and entered.

“Rui-ge1, I’m here to bring you some medicine…” He sounded uneasy.

His eyes were fixed on his feet, looking like a child who did something wrong, afraid of being scolded and punished.

Next to the window in the ward, a man in a wheelchair wearing a hospital gown sneered at him, “Shen Yu, do you still have any face!”

Shen Yu raised his head, revealing a stunning but frightened face, “Rui-ge, I really didn’t mean to!”

“I thought that the person in the car was Yan Ruiqing…”

“That’s why you messed with the brakes” Feng SiRui curbed the corners of his mouth, his face stained with frost.

Shen Yu was stunned.

He then reacted after a few seconds.

He shook his head desperately and said with a cry, “It’s not me, it’s really not me!”

—— ‘Who doesn’t know the law of murdering people Only a fool would do this!’

“What did you say” Feng SiRui’s eyes paused on him for a moment and subtle doubts flashed across his face.

The corners of Shen Yu’s eyes were slightly red.

His lips trembled and his white cheeks paled, “Rui-ge, believe me, I really didn’t mess with the brakes!”

—— ‘With your ultra-low EQ, you deserve it.

Being played around with by a white lotus.’

Feng SiRui stared at Shen Yu’s lips, gritting his teeth, “You dare to repeat that!”

“Rui-ge, believe me.

I love you so much, how could I harm you!” Shen Yu still looked like a person who was infatuated and obsessed.

Looking stupid and annoying.

Feng SiRui rubbed his eyebrows irritably, suspecting that he had gotten hallucinations from a car accident.

After a while, he said in a low voice, “Let’s divorce.”

“Divorce!” Shen Yu seemed to be unable to believe his ears.

There was a bit of panic in his narrow eyes, “I don’t want to divorce…”

“Rui-ge, I’ll change everything you don’t like.

I’ll change it.

Please believe in me Rui-ge!”

Feng SiRui frowned and looked over with his long and narrow eyes.

His thin lips parted.

Just as he was about to say something cruel, a mocking voice sounded in his mind.

—— ‘Damn.

Finally divorcing! What moment could be more happier in my life than this moment! Ten billion will be in my hands soon.

Doesn’t that sound fragrant2!’

This time, Feng SiRui was sure that he wasn’t hallucinating.

The vase3 in front of him had his mouth tightly closed and he didn’t make a sound.

That is unless he was able to hear his thoughts.

—— ‘Why aren’t you talking Is it going to be delayed once more It’s been three years.

I’ve been living like this half-dead.

This kind of feeling, why can’t you just let me be free!’

—— ‘You can live with your little white lotus.

I can live with my ten billion.

From now on we can walk our own roads and cross our own bridges.

To each their own business.

It sounds beautiful just thinking about it!’

“Rui-ge, you’re not divorcing me are you” Shen Yu approached him cautiously.

As if nothing had happened, he opened the insulation box in his hand and said in a gentle voice, “This is the traditional Chinese medicine that Grandpa asked me to bring to you.

Drink it while it’s hot.”

—— ‘Come on.

Call me cheap! Don’t listen to my words.

Immediately say, “Don’t you understand human language! Get out of the way! I’m disgusted by the way you are acting right now!” Why aren’t you speaking Is there something wrong with your brain!’

“Ugh…” Feng SiRui gritted his teeth and suppressed his voice, “Get out!”

Shen Yu poured out the soup and looked over at him miserably, “If Rui-ge doesn’t want to see me, I can leave.

But please drink the medicine…”

“It’s good for recovery.” After a pause he added.

—— ‘That’s right.

This is the correct way to love.

Drive away the wife and give the little white lotus a chance to stick to you like glue.

Like a pair of birds flying together, I hope you become inseparable.

Feng SiRui, I’m optimistic about you!’

The noisy voice followed.

It was abruptly ended by the closing of the ward door.

Feng SiRui’s face became colder and darker.

Shen Yu, who had walked out of the ward, was relaxed.

The corners of his mouth curled into a bright arc.

He put on his sunglasses in a dashing movement and a system voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

[The performance just now was just average.

There were no tears.]

Shen Yu pouted, ‘What do you know It’s exactly this kind of action that others love.’

[Your family’s boss doesn’t love you anyway.

If it’s time for divorce, just go and get a divorce.]

When Shen Yu heard these words, he felt a little regretful, ‘Almost, why did he suddenly stop’

‘Can’t I take the initiative to mention it myself’

[Of course you can’t.

Think about that ten billion.

The perfect villain system requires you to completely act in character according to the plot.]

This might sound like a fantasy.

When Shen Yu’s acting career was flourishing, he was suddenly diagnosed with advanced liver cancer without warning.

He then passed away in just three months with endless regrets.

When he opened his eyes once more, he became a vicious villain in a dog-blood danmei novel.

At the same time, he bounded with a system that could reward him with tens of billions and a chance for him to be reborn.

The premise being that he is able to complete various plot tasks.

In layman’s terms, it means to complete all the bad things the villain should do.

Thus Shen Yu dutifully walked to the last step.

Only one letter of resignation was needed and he would be able to retire and return to his hometown holding 10 billion in deposits in his hand, wishing the white lotus and his bingjiao4 CEO a happily ever after forever.

In fact, obtaining money or not wasn’t that important.

He just wanted to see the pair of lovers get married.

Along the way, he bought some resources for himself and fulfilled his unfulfilled wishes from his previous life.

After he walked out of the hospital, there was a nanny car waiting outside.

Before Shen Yu could get in the car, he caught a glimpse of a very unsightly figure who was walking toward him.

He didn’t have to look carefully to know who it was.

Other than the white lotus who is beloved by the brain-sick Male Lead, there was no one else.

Shen Yu didn’t want to pay attention to him.

So he pretended not to see him and went straight to get into the car.

But a weak and hypocritical voice stopped him, “Shen Yu-ge, are you leaving”

“I’m just here to look at Rui-ge’s injury, I won’t stay for too long.

Please don’t misunderstand.”

Shen Yu turned his head to face Yan Ruiqing, a delicate-looking white lotus, “What misunderstanding”

“Misunderstanding that you seduced my husband and insisted on climbing his bed!”

Yan Ruiqing blushed when he said those words.

After a while, he hurriedly explained, “Shen Yu-ge.

I really didn’t…”

He glanced aside, as if it was unintentional, and hurriedly looked back.

Shen Yu keenly captured this subtle change in expression and the corners of his mouth evoked a sly arc.

He stepped forward quickly and pushed the little white lotus down, “Because of you, Rui-ge wants to divorce me!”

“Pretending like this.

What are you trying to show me!”

Yan Ruiqing was so sore from the fall that he raised his face and burst into tears, “Shen Yu-ge, I…”

Before he could finish speaking, a loud shout came from the entrance of the hospital, “Shen Yu, what do you think you’re doing!”

Shen Yu seemed to be frightened by the sudden cold reprimand.

He trembled for a while before turning his head shyly and stammering, “Rui, Rui-ge, it’s not what it looks like.

I..I didn’t push him.”

—— ‘Quickly debunk my clumsy lie! Stand up for the little white lotus and scold me harshly! Humiliate me, whip me and drive me out of the Feng family!’

Feng SiRui, who was sitting in a wheelchair being pushed out by a bodyguard, “…”

Was this idiot thinking of getting a divorce

Just for the 10 billion divorce settlement



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bro, endearing way of calling someone older than you.

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all looks no talent



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