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Chapter 2 – Truth Be Told, I Was Treated Like Air Before.

Why Is He Suddenly Enlightened

The man sitting in a wheelchair had a face that perfectly fitted the golden ratio, with dark eyebrows and sharp eyes.

Whether he smiled or not, his face still showed deep ruthlessness.

It seemed that his face was engraved with the few characters of ‘those that come near me will die.’

Shen Yu shuddered in his heart and hurriedly retracted his gaze, glancing at Yan Ruiqing once more.

He couldn’t help but sigh, this sick-in-the-head Male Lead is still the best match for the little white lotus.

So it’s best if he doesn’t step on this mud puddle.

After the divorce, he should run as far as possible!

Feng SiRui’s bodyguard had already walked over to them and helped the little white lotus up.

His delicate but haggard face was full of grievances, “Rui-ge, don’t blame Shen Yu-ge.

He didn’t do it on purpose.”

“I didn’t push him…” Shen Yu opened his eyes and talked nonsense, his face filled with sincerity and determination.

Fully showing a villain’s cunningness and hypocrisy, “He fell on his own and framed me!”

Feng SiRui’s mouth pulled up in a cold arc, “Do you think I’m blind”

“I saw you push Yan Ruiqing with my own eyes.

Don’t you know he’s still ill!”

“Rui-ge, just listen to my explanation.

I, I was just too afraid of losing you… So I was a bit confused facing him…”

His domineering attitude when facing the white lotus disappeared.

At this time, Shen Yu was like a flipped picture.

There was only panic after a lie was exposed on his face.

It was really a perfect performance.

—— ‘That’s right, I did it on purpose.

Even if I didn’t push Yan Ruiqing, he would have fallen and framed me himself.

Instead of passively accepting this pot, I might as well take the initiative to attack…’

—— ‘That Lin Daiyu-like body must have hurt a lot after falling to the ground.

It must be very painful from Feng SiRui’s point of view.

I feel really good!’

—— ‘Why didn’t you just fall to death Ah.


I still haven’t gotten a divorce yet, the 10 billion is still not in my hands.

Yan Ruiqing can’t die yet!’

Feng SiRui: “…”

How can he shut off this idiot’s voice Even if he wasn’t sick, he was going to get sick after listening to it!

It turns out that his previous affection was just a disguise.

His real goal was to share the property after the divorce.

Ah, he doesn’t have a big appetite.

I’m worth Hundreds of Billions, yet you only want Ten Billion.

Should I still praise you for this!

Feng SiRui’s thoughts turned, but his face remained calm.

He said to the bodyguard, “Take Ruiqing for a checkup first.”

“Rui-ge, don’t be too angry.

It’s not good for your health…” Yan Ruiqing showed a worried look on his face.

Glancing at the envious face, he secretly evoked a smug arc.

After the two left, the couple ended up in silence in front of the hospital.

Fortunately for them, they were in a private hospital and idle people couldn’t enter.

Otherwise, even if Shen Yu was an unpopular star, he would still be photographed by the paparazzi.

After all, the big president next to him had more traffic than a popular star.

“Rui-ge, I still have an announcement.

Can I leave first” Shen Yu had no intention of fighting with him, so he planned to slip away.

—— ‘Running after acting like a demon is the secret of the villain’s longevity.

Otherwise, if one is caught by this sick-in-the-head CEO, one can easily be beaten to death.’

This is how it was described in the later period of the dog-blooded novel.

In order to achieve a positive result with the white lotus, Feng SiRui used every means to force Shen Yu to divorce him.

The attributes of being a bingjiao were vividly displayed and various little black room props appeared in turn.

When other people are imprisoned, it is full of love and lingering sorrow.

But when it’s the villain’s turn to be imprisoned, it’s filled with hatred and beatings.

Thinking of the original body’s obsession with this person and his tragic ending, Shen Yu expressed his utter inability in keeping this marriage.

—— ‘The forest is filled with small fresh meat.

Why do I have to freeze to death on this glacier Since Yan Ruiqing likes it, then just give it to him.

Anyways, the love of a bingjiao is not something anyone can bear…’

—— ‘In the same sentence, Bingjiao and White Lotus are the best match!’

Shen Yu couldn’t help slandering in his heart.

But seeing Feng SiRui’s face getting darker and darker, he thought that the other person was about to have a seizure.

He turned his head and jumped into the nanny car.

In a sweet voice with a hint of confusion, he fled in a hurry, “Husband, I’m getting a little late.

I’ll see you later.”

“Mwah! Love you!”

Just as his butt landed on the seat, his throat squeezed out a few words, his voice sounding rough, “What a cold-faced man.

Hurry up and drive!”

The driver immediately understood and stomped on the accelerator, driving away from the luxury private hospital.

The old second-hand nanny car sped away, spewing black exhaust straight to Feng SiRui’s handsome face…


Feng SiRui suppressed the urge to kill a certain someone and pondered on the word repeatedly.

What does it mean

He didn’t quite understand.

The three-year marriage had driven Shen Yu crazy.

Had he already been planning his life after the divorce since long ago

His cellphone rang suddenly, interrupting President Bingjiao’s thoughts.

His dark eyes fell on the screen, “Lawyer Chen.”

Feng SiRui pressed the answer button, “Keep the divorce agreement with you first, the property division has not been discussed yet.”

“20 Billion in deposits, three sets of properties, and a number of limited edition sports cars.

Is Shen Yu still not satisfied with this!”

Lawyer Chen thought that the conditions for divorce were too generous.

Does an 18-liner star still want to swallow more!

“It’s not his problem…” Feng SiRui’s voice was a little gloomy.

“I understand…” Lawyer Chen said in a tone as if he could see through everything in the world, “It’s because Shen Yu doesn’t want to get divorced at all, right The Feng family can still bring him more benefits than…”

Before his analysis could be finished, Feng SiRui interrupted him impatiently, “It’s not about the money.

Shen Yu just… loves me too much.

He’s afraid of losing me.”

Lawyer Chen, “…”

“I’m hanging up.” Without waiting for a response, Feng SiRui just ended the call unilaterally.

At the same time, there was a little bit of guilt in his heart.

After knowing that Shen Yu was just thinking about the divorce and property division in his heart, he still helped him maintain the affectionate and crazy character he always pretended to show.

Probably because he felt a little… unwilling

Feng SiRui didn’t understand his own actions for the time being.

In the nanny car, Shen Yu took a nap.

When he opened his eyes, he had already arrived at the agency.

He took an elevator.

As soon as he walked into his agent’s office, he was scolded.

“Shen Yu, do you think you don’t have enough material You’re caught bullying a newcomer again!” Qin Yuheng threw a stack of photos on the desk.

Her chest heaving in anger.

“My ancestor ah, don’t think that if you marry a wealthy husband that you can lift your tail to the sky.

The other person has never helped you settle things.

Otherwise, how could you be full of black fans!”

Shen Yu was expressionless and his gaze fell on the sofa indifferently.

With his slender legs resting on the armrest, he shook his legs, “Qin-jie1, don’t be angry.

I was careless.

I’ll be careful next time, how about that”

How could he be careless

He worked diligently to follow the plot.

The villain’s character is rich in details.

It doesn’t make sense if he just bullies the white lotus.

The villain must be able to stand domineeringly and arrogantly.

It must be reflected in all the dribs and drabs of his life.

However, all of this will soon be over.

Because Feng SiRui will soon file for divorce…

“You can still smile!” Qin Yuheng rushed out from behind the desk, wanting to strangle this empty vase with a mushy brain, “If it wasn’t for your husband’s face, the company would have hidden you by now!”

Seeing that the situation wasn’t looking too good, Shen Yu quickly jumped from the sofa and dodged flexibly.

“Qin-jie, don’t be so excited about being hidden by the company.

I will terminate the contract soon and set up a studio myself.

I will make a lot of money so you can buy your bags.” Shen Yu finished speaking in one breath without stopping for breath.

Qin Yuheng laughed angrily, pinching her waist with her hands, “You Open a studio Do you have enough money to terminate the contract You don’t even have any living expenses!”

Shen Yu, a daughter-in-law of a wealthy family, failed to be one.

He doesn’t even have basic living security.

But he himself likes to act like a demon and has a bad reputation.

No one wants to find him to do anything.

Even being the background board of small variety shows.

Where will the money come from if he doesn’t receive a job!

“It will be here soon, please believe in me!” Shen Yu was serious.

His glittering eyes trembled, emitting a soul-sucking light.

Qin Yuheng was stunned for a moment, she then rushed up after a few seconds, “I believe in your sh*t!”

There was a lot of screaming in the office, while there was a lot of discussions outside.

“Did something happen to Shen Yu again”

“Can he be beaten if nothing happened”

“Qin-jie as well, why keep someone that can’t be helped”

“I can’t understand why Feng SiRui married such a thing.”

The storm in the office stopped and Qin Yuheng panted heavily.

She threw a stack of documents to Shen Yu, “This is your last chance…”

“If you can’t become popular, the agency will give up on you.”

Shen Yu wanted to say that it didn’t matter, but the woman’s fierce eyes forced him to swallow his words.

Ever since he transmigrated, Qin Yuheng has always been on his side.

If he refused her directly, it would probably hurt her feelings.

“What is it” Shen Yu got up from the ground and opened the document to see what was inside.

His exquisite and beautiful brows suddenly wrinkled, “Couples traveling together A variety show”

He hurriedly closed the documents and stuffed them into Qin Yuheng’s arms, “No.


I don’t meet the conditions to participate.”

“Why not!” said Qin Yuheng.  The show she had painstakingly found was pushed aside once more, “Aren’t you married Isn’t that enough”

“Is that even considered a marriage!”

After three years of marriage, the number of times his husband came home can be counted with his toes.

The other person has even blatantly raised a white lotus outside who was always thinking of taking his position in the main room…

“I don’t care.

This is the company’s ultimatum.

You must convince Feng SiRui to participate in this variety show!”

Qin Yuheng folded her arms and looked as if she was going to die if he ever so refused even slightly, “Go and make a phone call.

I’ll watch you.”

Shen Yu wanted to cry, yet his face was still good-looking, “Qin-jie, aren’t you killing me by forcing me to do this”


If you don’t die today, I will die.

Now, are you making that phone call or not!”

Shen Yu couldn’t resist her attacks, so he could only helplessly nod his head, “I’ll go call now alright”

While pulling out his phone to dial, he said decisively, “Feng SiRui has never answered my phone.

You know he usually treats me like air…”

“What’s the matter” A low magnetic voice came from the other side, making the office suddenly quiet.

Shen Yu looked like he had just seen a ghost.

He looked at the on-speaker phone and then looked up at Qin Yuheng.

—— ‘Damn, this idiot actually answered the phone!’

“Ugh…” Feng SiRui frowned, restraining the urge to break his phone, “What’s the matter with you!”

Qin Yuheng gave Shen Yu a wink, “Quickly speak!”

“Ah, there is a variety show about husband and wife, and the company wants you, Rui-ge, to participate with me…” Shen Yu reacted and said quickly, “I know that Rui-ge hasn’t recovered yet and is busy with work, so I’m sure there is no open schedule.

So I’ll just push it away.”

Regardless of Qin Yuheng’s murderous look, Shen Yu moved to hang up the phone.

But there was a low voice from the other side, “Send me the program plan, I’ll take a look and make a decision.”

Shen Yu was completely stunned.

He opened his mouth, yet no words came out.

—— ‘I’ve made a huge mistake.

What kind of ghost has this guy been possessed by!’

“No cursing!” Feng SiRui said, unable to bear it any longer. 


elder sister.

Not related.


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