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Chapter 3 – Little Goblin, Did You Miss Me

“Rui-ge, do you want to participate in a variety show” Yan Ruiqing asked in a warm voice while peeling an apple.

His pitiful eyes looked over at Feng SiRui and he was a little tentative.

Feng SiRui was in a daze, the joints of his fingers that were holding the phone were slightly white, “I’ll just look at the program plan.

I didn’t say that I wanted to participate.”

His voice was dull and indifferent.

But Yan Ruiqing was already used to this.

He stretched out his hand to offer the cut up fruit, “Rui-ge, please have some.”

“You can put it there.

I’ll eat it later.” Feng SiRui was still absent-minded.

After a pause, he added, “Go back first, Shen Yu is coming here later.”

Yan Ruiqing was stunned, “Rui-ge thinks that I’m in the way”

Did Feng SiRui actually drive him away because Shen Yu was going to come later

This has never happened before!

Feng SiRui irritably rubbed his brows, “I need to be clean now.”

Shen Yu normally acted fine.

But whenever he saw Yan Ruiqing, he became crazy in seconds.

Acting so hard as if he was afraid that he wouldn’t notice him.

Obviously, his actions looked deliberate.

If the both of them meet again later, there will inevitably be another fight.

“Okay, I’ll leave.” Yan Ruiqing stood up from his chair, looking aggrieved.

As he grasped the doorknob, he turned his head back with a glimmer of hope, thinking that he could see Feng SiRui’s gaze falling on him.

But he found that the man that he loved and missed terribly was looking out the window thoughtfully.

At seven o’clock in the evening, when the sky was pitch black, Shen Yu finally came over.

As soon as he entered the ward, Feng SiRui started to hear yin and yang sounds.

“Did you finally think of me after you had dinner” Feng SiRui, who was sitting in a wheelchair, asked with narrowed eyes.

When Shen Yu heard those words, he hurriedly smiled and lifted the insulated lunch box in his hand, “I’m sorry, Rui-ge.

It took a while for the soup to be cooked.

Are you hungry Come and eat”

—— ‘Did you think that there’s no need to wait for takeaway Do you think that all restaurants are run by your family You cripple, you only know how to be picky!’

The corners of Feng SiRui’s mouth twitched, “Did you make it yourself”

Shen Yu nodded his head, “Of course!”

—— ‘F*ck, who has the time to serve you! If you want it homemade, you can go find your white lotus to do it for you!’

Feng SiRui, “…” Why did I call him over!

Was my brain run over by a car!

He ignored the words of the attending physician who came over in the afternoon to tell him that he was not in serious condition and could be discharged any time and fell into suspicion.

Shen Yu opened the heat preservation thermos, gently and carefully poured a bowl of bone soup, “Husband, be careful of scalding.”

—— ‘It’s better to burn yourself to death.

Everyone will be happy!’

Feng SiRui recited the law of murder and crime in his heart, trying to forcibly stabilize his emotions, “Put it aside, I’ll drink it later…”

“Where is the variety show plan Did you bring it with you”

Shen Yu’s hand paused, a hint of hesitation flashed on his pretty face and he hesitantly said, “Husband, I don’t think that that variety show is suitable.

That’s why I pushed it aside.”

—— ‘Husband and wife live broadcast.

While everyone else is showing off their love, what am I showing The long-term cold treatment and the green hat on my head!’

“What green hat!” Feng SiRui couldn’t hold back and said coldly.

If it refers to Yan Ruiqing, then that would be wrong.

He has never touched even a finger of the other person nor does he have the interest to.

Was he, Feng SiRui, the kind of person to cheat in marriage!

If you don’t like the person, you’ll still find someone else after the divorce!

Shen Yu looked surprised, thinking that Feng SiRui was talking about himself and hurriedly expressed his loyalty, “Rui-ge, how could I give you a green hat I love you so much that I’m even willing to give you my own life.

Although I know you don’t love me and that you have someone else in your heart for a long time, I have no regrets.

I just want to be beside you and guard you silently.

Thinking to myself that one day I will be able to change…”

“Shut up…” Feng SiRui raised his hand to interrupt him.

He would’ve believed the other person’s words if he hadn’t heard what was inside the other person’s heart.

There was only hehe in his heart now.

Shen Yu obediently shut his mouth.

What he thought though, was even messier.

—— ‘Continuing on the topic of divorce today.

Hurry up and kick me out of the Feng family.’

—— ‘That’s strange.

Why is the white lotus gone I could’ve done a few tricks to arouse the disgust of this sicko, such a good opportunity was lost!’

—— ‘Damn! The more I think about it, the angrier I get.

This person wants me to go to a variety show so that others can see me acting humble and compromising.

How can I surf the vast sea after my divorce…’

Feng SiRui gnashed his teeth.

At times he was thinking about the divorce property.

At other times, he’s thinking about getting a new love after the divorce.

Shen Yu, you are very good at this!

“Tell your agent, I’m picking up that variety show.” He said with extreme restraint.

Shen Yu didn’t react, “Ah!”

“Do you need me to repeat what I said” Feng SiRui smiled.

At that time, I want to see how many of your faces there are that I don’t know about!

“No, I, I didn’t hear wrong right!” Shen Yu helped himself close his surprised chin and glanced down at the long legs on the wheelchair, “Rui-ge, you’re still a cripple- Ah no, you haven’t recovered yet…”

Before he could finish speaking, the man in the wheelchair suddenly stood up and slowly approached him with great momentum.

Shen Yu slightly raised his head to meet the other person’s deep dark eyes.

He had the illusion that he fell into an invisible giant net and that he could never break free.

The next day…

Shen Yu sat in the office with a frown on his face.

But his agent sitting opposite him was excited.

“F*ck, did Mr.

Feng really agree!” Qin Yuheng still couldn’t believe it, staring at Shen Yu carefully, “Did your looks finally work!”

“He’s coming over in person.

My God.

My office will soon be full of glory!”

The famous president of the Fengshi group, who doesn’t know him

A leader who has a monopoly in the national economy, with assets under his name of over 100 Billion, and is ranked on the top of the Young Forbes list.

He is handsome in appearance with a cold and resolute personality.

He is a perfect person.

The only downside is…

Getting married too early.

Additionally, his marriage partner is a fool.

Except for the live broadcast of the wedding, in the eyes of the outsiders, the two have basically never met.

It was once speculated that it was a physical marriage.

Whether it was passersby, pink fans, or black fans.

It was still unbelievable even until now.

However, the director had taken fancy to this point, feeling that this mysterious marriage was very interesting.

Just having the name Feng SiRui appear on the screen was sufficient for it to have enough appeal for the show to rise up to the top.

Although, he didn’t hold much hope.

“Feng SiRui may have been tricked…” Shen Yu was lying on the sofa, his expression gloomy, “Why would he participate in a show of love”

“I finally understand that the only reason why he wants to participate is to humiliate me in front of the whole country!”

“Too insidious!”

He muttered to himself, not noticing a tall figure at the door until Qin Yuheng excitedly shouted, “President Feng!”

“I’m so glad to meet you!”

Shen Yu jumped from the sofa and shouted sweetly, “Husband, you’re here!”

He hurriedly ran over, grabbing Feng SiRui’s arm, as if wanting to be close to him.

—— ‘Hurry up and push me away with a look of disgust! Remind me of the inevitably low display of affection in the show and decisively refuse to participate in this variety show!’

—— ‘Quick, quick, quick.

It won’t be too late to regret it now!’

Feng SiRui looked at Shen Yu who was looking forward to his reaction and was about to laugh angrily.

So he deliberately stretched out his palm and landed it on his buttocks, pinching it hard, “Little goblin, did you miss me!”

Shen Yu: “…” What the f*ck happened just now!

Did someone else’s soul transmigrate into his body!


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