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The show ‘With you every step of the way1’ has been well promoted in the early stage.

The participating guests were also the current most popular couples voted online.

So netizens had high expectations for the broadcast.

One of the reasons why Shen Yu was invited was entirely for the show’s effects.

The other reason was because of how popular Qin Yuheng was as an agent.

However, it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a programmed effect.

To set off the popularity of the other guests, there are always opposite examples to highlight the contrast.

And Shen Yu was precisely the best choice for this.

Although he wasn’t entirely black on the whole network, he still had a very poor reputation.

He can be often seen bullying newcomers on Weibo.

If there is such a scumbag, it would be easy for him to attract the attention and scolding of the netizens.

Such an effect of course brings popularity to the show so it’s a good thing.

There is also another point.

The director of this husband-and-wife program is a very good friend of Qin Yuheng and the latter rarely opens her mouth to ask for favors.


Who doesn’t know who Shen Yu’s husband is

The CEO of the Feng group, Feng SiRui!

Not only was he on top of the rich list, but he also has a super high-grade appearance.

Even if he was already married, he was still elected as one of the men who women most want to marry every year.

The point is after Mr.

Feng and Shen Yu got married, they never appeared in the same frame.

It was rumored that the two got married as a contract and they have no feelings for each other.

Sooner or later they were going to get a divorce.

The director was certain that it was impossible to get both of them to participate and was even fully prepared for them to pull away from the program.

Unexpectedly, Feng SiRui, whose traffic surpassed popular stars, actually agreed.

The director suddenly had mixed feelings.

There is a joy in knowing that the addition of CEO Feng will definitely make the ratings even more popular.

But there is also the fear of the service of the crew not being satisfactory enough for CEO Feng.

Will this big iceberg… block him!

There is also another important danger to note.

This is a poor traveling show that is focused on enhancing the relationship between husband and wife.

If Feng SiRui and Shen Yu have a disagreement in the middle or even shout for divorce, it will totally go against the main point of this show!

The director’s concerns were quickly dispelled by the producer.

“This is originally an open variety show.

The more disagreements there are, the hotter it will be.

Why do you care about whether or not there’s a divorce What if this is something the audience wants to see!”

The day before the shooting started, the promotional poster of the show was retouched, giving more focus to the names of Feng SiRui and Shen Yu.

They didn’t need a frying pan for the netizens to start heating things up, there was a large piece of black coal called Shen Yu, who is the pig that arched up a really good cabbage.

On the day of filming, Shen Yu walked out of the villa one step at a time with a suitcase in his hand, acting as if it was some difficult action.

As if where he was going to was not a shooting location but an execution ground.

Outside the villa, a man in a suit and leather shoes approached him quickly, snatching the suitcase from his hands and throwing him a cold sentence, “Mr.

Feng is waiting for you in the car, don’t linger.”

Then he turned and left.

Shen Yu, “…” Who wants to rush to their own graves early!

He could only silently grieve in his heart.

He had to pretend to be infatuated when he was selling his lies.

So as he got in the car, he said affectionately, “Husband, you’re so nice.

Did you wait for me for a long time”

—— ‘Damn this is a limited edition car.

My butt still hasn’t touched one before.

What wind is blowing today for me to be able to do so’

—— ‘There’s no need to argue, a luxury car is indeed comfortable!’

Shen Yu shifted his body and adjusted into a comfortable posture without showing anything wrong.

Feng SiRui squinted at him, “Are you that materialistic”

“Ah” Shen Yu pretended not to understand, “What materialistic”

—— ‘What you said is bullsh*t.

If everyone else was born with a golden spoon in their mouth, then society must’ve been in great harmony by now.

I don’t have to worry about resources and I certainly don’t have to curry favor with you just to earn tens of billions!’

Feng SiRui turned his eyes back and said lightly, “I thought that you didn’t like staying in the entertainment industry.”

Otherwise, why does he always act like a demon like he has nothing better to do

Shen Yu suddenly turned his head in surprise, “Husband, is it possible that you know what I’m thinking”

—— ‘Opening my mouth once, I’ll call out husband once.

I’ll disgust you to death!’

—— ‘Why does he ask about the matters that I’m thinking about Is it true that smart people are able to guess what other people think’

—— ‘Sure enough, this old man is shrewd!’

Feng SiRui’s face darkened, “Drive!”

He felt that he was absolutely insane to push off several decision-making meetings and outings just to come accompany Shen Yu to a god-knows-what variety show!

It was silent all the way to the location, not even the sound of thinking was heard.

Feng SiRui felt a rare quietness and they soon arrived at the meeting place.

He fastened the buttons of his haute couture suit and was about to get out of the car when an urgent voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

—— ‘Let him stumble over and fall to death.

Let him stumble over and fall to death!’

—— ‘I want to get my inheritance!’

[Dear Host, you can’t deviate from your affectionate and infatuated character.

You certainly can’t curse your husband to die!]

Shen Yu rolled his eyes, “I was just thinking about it, I’m not that vicious.”

“Shen Yu!” Feng SiRui turned his head angrily to look at him.

Shen Yu blinked his eyes innocently to look at him, “Husband!”

The meeting place was in a five-star hotel and the show crew was already waiting in the lobby early.

Seeing Feng SiRui walk through the revolving door with a face of ‘Strangers stay away’, everyone was scared off by his powerful aura and no one dared to go forward for a long time.

However, Shen Yu stood on tiptoe behind him and said in a playful voice, “How are you, program staff The program staff has worked hard…”

“We were busy with official business and are ten minutes late, I hope the program staff doesn’t mind.”

Hearing these words, Feng SiRui glanced back coldly, the warning on his face was obvious.

The Shen Yu who had been dawdling and procrastinating at home smirked, “What’s wrong, husband Did I say anything wrong”

—— ‘Dog man, what’s wrong with taking the blame There is no sense of responsibility at all.

What kind of man is he!’

The staff watched nervously as Feng SiRui didn’t seem to agree with Shen Yu’s words.

But they didn’t expect that in the next second, those thin lips would speak coldly, “I’m the one who got delayed for a while, my apologies.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.

We still have plenty of time.

There’s no need to be in a rush…” The program staff rushed up to him and smiled, “Mr.

Feng should go to the rest area to sit for a while.

When all the five couples arrive, we can go together…”

“Speaking of which, Mr.


We are in the form of a live broadcast, and there will be special cameras to follow couples to shoot.

If there is any inconvenience in this, please inform our program team in time.”

Feng SiRui narrowed his eyes, “Live broadcast even while sleeping”

“No no no, we won’t infringe on the guest’s privacy…” The program crew was a bit embarrassed.

“I understand.” Feng SiRui dropped these words and walked to the sofa in the lounge area.

Shen Yu, whose opinion was not asked from the beginning to the end, “…”

—— ‘Look.

This is the typical portrayal of favoring one over the other.

When it comes to Feng SiRui, the program team began to act like a licking dog!’

Feng SiRui, who heard his inner voice, suddenly paused and stepped back, “Still not coming here”

—— ‘Are you calling for a dog! Calling for others without even using a title!’

“Coming, husband!” Shen Yu smiled and gritted his teeth.

The program staff looked a little confused.

Why does this couple seem different from the rumors


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