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Chapter 6 – Don’t Force Me To Carry You In Public!

‘Every step of the way with you’ invited a total of five pairs of guests, basically couples from the entertainment circle.

There is also someone outside the circle like Feng SiRui.

Lin Lufei, a well-known lawyer in the capital.

From a big-named wealthy family with parents and relatives in politics.

A good young man with a bright future.

When he married a celebrity, he also suffered strong family opposition.

But for some unknown reason, his family finally compromised.

As for his marriage partner, Shen Yu was also very familiar with them.

They debuted in the same year back then but later turned against each other.

It all started when Yang Qiqi started secretly grabbing his resources.

Ah, speak of Caocao and Caocao1 will appear.

“Xiao Yu, you arrived so early…” Yang Qiqi sat down affectionately, looking at Feng SiRui from the corner of his eyes.

The words coming out of his mouth were deliberately gentle and polite, “I heard that you were participating in this show so I hurried and pushed away all my work…”

Shen Yu ran to the side and interrupted him, “Not to mention that we don’t seem to know each other very well, a certain someone robbed me of the bio-water advertisement two days ago!”

Yang Qiqi’s smile froze on his face, “I… I also didn’t know about this matter.

Wait a while, I’ll go ask my agent later.

There must be some sort of misunderstanding.”

—— ‘Misunderstanding my ass.

I have seen your face in the office blatantly asking for my resources.

You still want to quibble!’

Shen Yu rolled his eyes and suddenly saw Lin Lufei looking at him.

His face changed slightly and he turned his head away.

—— ‘Yang Qiqi is definitely trying to harass me, knowing that Lin Lufei and I…’

Just as he was halfway through thinking, Feng SiRui abruptly turned his head to face him with a look of scrutiny in his eyes.

Then glanced at Lin Lufei with a thoughtful look on his face.

About ten minutes later, all five groups finally arrived.

They then stood in the rest area and began introducing themselves to each other.

Shen Yu glanced around with a stiff smile on his face.

—— ‘What a coincidence.

Everyone here has something to do with me.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the online votes were impossible to manipulate, I would have suspected that the program team held a grudge against me!’

Thinking like this, he feigned an unintentional look at Feng SiRui once more.

—— ‘If it wasn’t because of this dog man, would I have offended them on purpose!’

—— ‘Even though these people aren’t good things, it’s not like I want to tear off their faces to such a degree!’

Feng SiRui felt that he was about to be a scapegoat again.

As he was physically and mentally exhausted, he glanced at the other guests again.

Except for Lin Lufei and Yang Qiqi who he had just met, the others were unfamiliar faces.

To be able to stand out on the internet, they must be quite popular.

The interactions between husband and wife are particularly loving, showing the loving relationship of couples that are highly sought after and admired by netizens.

How could these people be so unbearable in Shen Yu’s eyes…

He was facing the actress Wang Xiner and her director husband Meng Qixiang, when…

—— ‘What kind of bull is this little three2 married to If it was me, I would’ve left this domestic abuser a long time ago.

Why do you have to rely on him to receive resources!’

When facing the pop singer Qi Lulu and her producer husband Lu Zhenyu,

—— ‘Both husband and wife cheated on each other, aren’t you embarrassed to participate in a show of conjugal love Don’t you feel nauseous performing like this!’

—— ‘Opera performer Feng Huanmei VS Fresh young meat Qi Tianyi,

—— ‘It’s the second marriage already and yet this person still doesn’t have eyes.

Finding such a man that’s greedy and lecherous.

This person is probably drunk in the daytime!’

After basically commenting on all of the couples, Shen Yu suddenly raised his eyes and looked at Feng SiRui meaningfully,

—— ‘I’m not so bad myself.

I’m actually married to a man who has a little white lotus in his heart for three years.

Thinking of this…’

Feng SiRui: “…” When did I have a little white lotus in my heart!

Does he mean Yan Ruiqing

Is my relationship with him so unbearable!

Sitting inside the nanny car, the couple remained silent, which made the photographer a little embarrassed, “We are about to go to the airport now.

The journey time is about forty minutes and the live broadcast has already started.

Do you have anything to tell the audience and your friends”

“None.” Feng SiRui replied coldly.

The cameraman, “…”

In desperation, he had to turn to Shen Yu.

“Actually, I don’t have much to say.

After all, having such a flawless husband is enough to make most viewers jealous…”

“Shen-laoshi3, do you know that this broadcast is already live” The person behind the camera was already breaking into cold sweat.

He really couldn’t understand.

Why does Shen Yu always have a way to gather hatred every time

Does he like being hacked by the whole network!

Sure enough, the broadcast barrage began to erupt and various comments appeared on the screen.

[Isn’t it just a marriage What are you so proud of Wait until the day your husband leaves you!]

[I expected Shen Yu to act out, but I didn’t expect him to do so this quickly.

Does the show team really not plan on removing him!]

[Change this to a divorce variety show.

Shen Yu and his husband Feng must be on top of the list in the minds of all netizens!]

Shen Yu, of course, couldn’t see the comments in the live broadcast.

With a sweet smile on his face, he put a hand on Feng SiRui’s arm, “I’m really happy to be on this show with my husband!”

—— ‘Dog man, if you dare to push me away, I’ll pour chili water in your mouth tonight!’

—— ‘According to that white lotus, you are allergic to chili!’

Feng SiRui exercised his endurance and took a look at Shen Yu.

The corners of his mouth stiffened and twitched, “It’s great if you feel happy.”

The cameraman, “…” He always felt that something was wrong, but he didn’t know how to describe it!

Time flew and soon they arrived at the airport.

The producer specially arranged for the program team to have an exclusive entrance and they all walked directly to the waiting room.

The program team sent the cards prepared to each pair of guests, explaining to them patiently, “In order to achieve the recording effect and ensure that there is no outside interference, the country we are going to this time is country A.

The public shouldn’t treat you differently because they are unfamiliar with you as they don’t know you, so there will be no star-chasing actions…”

“The purpose of your trip is to use the provided money to check in at every famous scenic spot in country A.

After you succeed, you can advance to the next map.”

“Although the program group’s introduction sounds relatively simple, it’s not.

In fact, it’s not easy to use this money to survive in country A and achieve the goal of traveling around.

Each of you couples is a unit.

If you are able to check in at the earliest, you can unlock the map in advance and receive the most travel money…”

“Of course, for the sake of fairness, when we set off, the amount of money provided to each couple is the same.”

Feng Huanmei, the elder opera performer, opened the money pouch, glanced at it, and was suddenly unhappy, “Why is there only a thousand of country A’s money I have been to country A and the prices there are notoriously high…”

“You can’t even find a decent hotel for this amount of money!”

“This is supposed to be poor travel, did you think you would be going on a vacation”

Shen Yu said in a yin and yang tone, glancing at Feng Huanmei disdainfully.

He stared at Feng SiRui from the corner of his eyes.

—— ‘Dog man, can you see This is how poisonous I normally am!’

—— ‘Why don’t you divorce me and find your little weak white lotus!’

Feng SiRui, whose reason was on the verge of collapsing, “Accompany me to the bathroom!”

“Husband, you’re always so clingy…”

Shen Yu was deliberately acting disgusting.

—— ‘You’re so old and you still need someone to accompany you to pee!’

“Shen Yu!” Feng SiRui gritted his teeth.

He leaned close to Shen Yu’s ears, his hot breath seemed as if he was about to breathe out fire, “Don’t force me to carry you in public.” 


Xinghe asked me who was caocao.

Well let’s just say speak of caocao and caocao will appear, its a saying similar to speak of the devil and he will appear




Teacher Shen, it’s common to refer to people in the entertainment industry as teacher/laoshi.

I think it’s because entertainers are public figures and their actions are seen as things kids will learn from.


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