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Chapter 7 – This Dog Man Definitely Has Ulterior Motives

Shen Yu reluctantly followed his husband into the bathroom.

Because it was a VIP channel, the facilities inside were luxurious and private.

When he was thrown into the compartment, his back hit the metal board, yet no sound was made.

He raised his head unhappily, but looked at Feng SiRui affectionately, “Is there something wrong Rui-ge”

“Did I say anything that made you unhappy”

“You also know that I’m an outspoken person.

I’m still kind in nature…”

“The relationship between me and Yan Ruiqing is not what you think…” Feng SiRui interrupted Shen Yu’s rambling, his deep eyes fell on his delicate and beautiful face and he continued slightly absent-minded, “I won’t have any cheating behaviors during our marriage, regardless of body or mind!”

Shen Yu, “…”

—— ‘Is this dog man trying to explain the matter to me Don’t you think that it’s a bit late now How many times has that white lotus flaunted his superiority in front of me and secretly mentioned how he slept with you.

Did you think I’ll believe in what you’re saying!’

“Ah!!” Feng SiRui almost roared at him, “I still have my first kiss.

Where did sleeping even come from!”

Shen Yu, “Rui-ge, can I laugh”

“No!!” Feng SiRui felt that he was really going crazy.

Was it that easy to spread rumors now

Did Yan Ruiqing really say something along those lines!

Forcing himself to take a deep breath, his good upbringing calmed him down, “Whether you believe it or not, I’ll say this again solemnly…”

“During our marriage, I will not do anything that goes against morality and ethics…”

“This is my bottom line!”

The corners of Shen Yu’s mouth twitched, “Rui-ge, what are you saying How can I not believe in you”

“This is all Yan Ruiqing’s wishful thinking.

I am well aware of that!”

—— ‘What comes out of a man’s mouth is always a lie.

I don’t even trust myself, how could I trust you!’

Feng SiRui, “…” Talking with this guy is like playing piano to a cow!

Does he have to prove it with actions!

So, the CEO of a dog-blooded novel was in a hurry and did something he thought he would never do in his whole life.

In order to prove that his first kiss was still there, he actually, he actually…

Their lips and teeth touched and there was a scorching temperature coming from the person in front of him.

It seemed to carry a powerful electric current that went straight to his heart.

Shen Yu’s eyes widened, he was shocked to the point of being completely unresponsive.

His mind was full of inconceivable thoughts.

When something soft and wet tried to pry open his mouth, he finally understood what happened.

Subconsciously he tried to push the other person away.

[Please pay attention to your affectionate character, host.

Don’t violate the rules or a part of your bonus will be deducted!] The system ruthlessly hinted.

Shen Yu, ‘Fuck, can’t I resist after being m*lested!’

‘Do you still have any human rights!’

[During marriage, intimate contact between partners is not considered molestation.]

Shen Yu, “…” The system seems to be seriously sick in the head!

There was no resistance coming from Shen Yu, so it was like an acquiescence for Feng SiRui who finally knew the taste of marrow from kissing.

When he reluctantly left Shen Yu’s lips, he asked in a hoarse voice, “Do you believe me now”

Shen Yu raised his head blankly and rubbed himself as if aggrieved, “Believe in what”

Feng SiRui’s eyes were hot, “That this is my first kiss.”

Shen Yu, “…”

—— ‘The dog man seems to have a big problem with his head too!’

Leaving the bathroom, Feng SiRui’s footsteps were brisk and his aura was extraordinary.

The corners of his mouth seemed to have an inexhaustible arc as if he was silently telling everyone that he had just overturned something.

In contrast to him, Shen Yu looked a little shy.

His arrogance disappeared, his head was lowered and his eyes were erratic.

As if he was trying to hide something.

The other four couples looked over at them with complicated eyes.

It is said that Feng SiRui and Shen Yu are just in a contractual marriage and have no feelings for each other at all.

It’s even speculated that they would divorce before the end of this year.

But when they saw the two of them standing together, everyone felt that something was not right between them.

The subtle interactions between the two of them didn’t seem fake.

They are all people who have been in contact with the entertainment industry or the political and business circles, they can naturally perceive some clues.

“Yo, Xiao Yu, why do your lips seem a bit swollen It wasn’t like this when you left just now…” Yang Qiqi asked in an exaggeratedly high tone.

As if deliberately mentioning matters to others, he glanced to the side, “Something shouldn’t have happened in the bathroom…”

Shen Yu glared at him, “Yang Qiqi, you used to like spying on other people’s private matters.

Why didn’t that trait change even after getting married Did your husband not teach you any manners!”

“You—” Yang Qiqi’s face almost turned.

But when he thought that the live broadcast camera was still facing himself, he quickly swallowed the rest of his words.

A bright smile formed on the corners of his mouth, “How can I pry into your private matters I just care about you, that’s all.

If you were stung by a mosquito, you should say something.

I have prepared an ointment.”

“Mosquito bite” Shen Yu repeated these words deliberately, bending his eyes and glancing somewhere, “Husband, should I put on some ointment”

Yang Qiqi vaguely felt a sense of crisis and looked over.

He then saw Feng SiRui’s livid face and unfriendly glare.

—— ‘An idiot always remains an idiot.

He called Feng SiRui a mosquito and still offered ointment!’

—— ‘Did you think this grudge-holding tyrant would let you go I’ll admit my defeat if he does!’

The scene froze for a while.

Everyone was holding on to their ‘watching a good show’ attitude and looking at the scene with cold eyes.

Although they were fellow guests in a variety show, the couples were not that familiar with each other.

Let alone talk to each other, it was even more impossible to defend each other.

Especially when the famous Feng SiRui was standing on the opposite side.

This CEO is normally unattainable.

One should nod in greeting when meeting him.

He cherishes his words like gold, making others speculate what he means and what he’s actually thinking…

Everyone was looking forward to hearing his response and even more, to seeing Shen Yu get embarrassed.


Lin, your lover seems to have acted out of bounds…” Feng SiRui pursed his lips, and the corners of his mouth twitched into a cold arc, “Shouldn’t you manage him properly”

Lin Lufei was slightly stunned, habitually glancing at Shen Yu.

He then moved his lips to speak.

These small actions were caught by Feng SiRui and he continued seamlessly, “I seem to remember that the Feng Group will be cooperating with your law firm this year, and the agreement hasn’t been negotiated…”

“Looking at it now, it seems that it’s unnecessary to continue…”

“I don’t like how the Lin family handles matters.”

Feng SiRui said concisely and the comment section was in a full uproar.

The camera facing them perfectly captured the shocked expressions of each guest and multiple barrages scrolled through the screen.

[Husband Feng is protecting his wife with all he’s got This is a once-in-a-lifetime scene!]

[Boss Lin’s law firm’s contract price for listed companies starts from tens of millions.

If they lose a single business of the Feng’s Group, it can be said a whole year’s of work would be in vain.

Husband Feng actually canceled the cooperation in front of the whole network!]

[Sure enough, the world of the rich is controlled by those with capital.

If you bully my wife, I’ll cut off your source of income.

Isn’t this an incredibly handsome action!]

The people in the waiting room didn’t dare to make a noise and ruin the atmosphere.

Yang Qiqi wanted to apologize with red eyes, but he was afraid of saying the wrong thing.

So he froze in place for a while carefully observing Lin Lufei’s face.

He didn’t really expect that his words would have an impact on his husband’s business, his resentment towards Shen Yu in his heart deepened.

Shen Yu finally came forward to mend the situation, “Rui-ge, don’t joke around anymore.

The plane is going to take off soon, do you want to take a sip of water”

——’Dog man, do you think my reputation isn’t black enough Do you want to attract more black material to me!’

—— ‘It’s just an argument and you already want to cut off other people’s source of income Those online keyboard men will start to say I have a vicious mind and that I deliberately framed that little white sheep Yang!’

—— ‘This dog man definitely has ulterior motives!’

Feng SiRui, “…” Should I prepare a bottle of antihypertensive drugs!


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