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The atmosphere turned scary and the program team rushed to smooth things out, “It’s just a misunderstanding, everyone play nice.

There are still many places to cooperate along the way…”

“Now get ready to board the plane.

Everyone take your boarding pass and pay attention to the luggage inspection.

Don’t misplace any of your baggage.

For the safety of the flight, we will only continue to shoot after landing.”

After the storm passed, Feng SiRui didn’t say another word.

He just glanced at Lin Lufei with a very unfriendly look on his face, wrapped with a little bit of hostility.

After getting on the plane, Yang Qiqi apologized in a low voice, “Lu Fei-ge, I’m sorry.

I didn’t expect…”

He thought that the two were in a contractual marriage and that Feng SiRui didn’t like Shen Yu at all.

But he didn’t expect for Feng SiRui to be willing to tear off faces with his husband just to protect Shen Yu.

Were all the previous rumours false!

“Why do you always target Shen Yu” Lin Lufei, who didn’t say a word before, suddenly asked.

The corners of Yang Qiqi’s mouth stiffened and his face suddenly sank, “So what if I’m targeting him Are you worried”

“Do you still miss him”

Lin Lufei looked at him, “Don’t be unreasonable.”

“I’m being unreasonable!” Yang Qiqi gritted his teeth.

After he asked that question, he didn’t continue the conversation anymore.

The resentment in his heart almost burned his insides.

With the experience of being molested in the bathroom, whenever Shen Yu was alone with Feng SiRui1, he would thread carefully and keep a safe distance of half an arm from him.

He had tossed and turned the previous night and didn’t get a good sleep because he was going to shoot this variety show.

So when he got on the plane, he curled up in the corner and closed his eyes.

Feng SiRui, holding a business magazine, was about to read it to pass time when he was suddenly interrupted by the cold air blowing from above his head.

The feeling of a suit jacket draping over his body made Shen Yu open his eyes in confusion.

He immediately raised his hand, “Flight attendant, please give me a blanket.”

Feng SiRui held in his temper and asked, “Aren’t you afraid of the bacteria in those blankets”

“I don’t really mind…” Shen Yu took off the suit jacket and threw it back to Feng SiRui, “The blanket is fine.”

Feng SiRui, “…” Are you despising my belongings!

When the plane landed, the program team handed the envelopes containing the banknotes of country A to each team, “You can choose to travel together, or you can draw up your own route…”

“This envelope not only contains the banknotes, but also the map route of the attractions in country A.

Everyone can use it as a reference.”

“However, our program team still recommends that our guests travel together.

In this way, there should be discounts for accommodations and group tickets.”

The actress Wang Xiner went along with it, “I agree…”

“Although we are participating as husband and wife teams, everyone is still in a competitive relationship.

But mutual cooperation is beneficial, so I think we should team up.”

She paused and glanced in the direction of Feng SiRui, intentionally and unintentionally.

The corners of her mouth rose with a sweet and confident smile, “What does everyone think”

Director Meng gave her a smile yet not exactly a smile, “That’s naturally a good thing.”

Who wouldn’t want to follow Mr.

Feng Even if they didn’t have any meat to eat, there would still be some broth.

He didn’t say anything else after that.

After all, he had learnt from Lin Lufei’s lesson and he didn’t dare to offend people rashly.

However, looking at Wang Xiner’s gaze, there seemed to be a bit of ferocity in it.

By consensus, everyone agreed to go together.

Yang Qiqi deliberately walked behind everyone else.

Lowering his voice, he said in a yin and yang tone, “Isn’t your wish fulfilled now”

“Don’t let Feng SiRui notice what you’re thinking later…”

“It’s hard work to support the law firm.

Don’t let it all get ruined in your generation!”

Lin Lufei didn’t stop walking.

He completely ignored Yang Qiqi’s words.

The two people walked further and further apart.

The latter was furious, but his expression wasn’t easy to show.

So he could only swallow his resentment.


He had plotted against Lin Lufei at the beginning.

He deliberately slept with him one night to make him responsible.

But since they are already married, Lin Lufei should draw a clear line with those that he had been obsessed with before!

Why is he still always looking at Shen Yu secretly and affectionately!

Does Lin Lufei think he was blind!

Because filming on the streets of county A was very common, people didn’t care much about it.

There were few Chinese people in this country and it was less likely to encounter one on the road.

So the live broadcast went smoothly and there were no fanatical fans.

“Shall we head out now” asked the singer Qi Lulu.

She was the youngest and the least patient.

She walked out of the airport and stood in the cold wind, frowning.

Her producer husband Lu Zhenyu took off his coat, put it on Qi Lulu and said gently, “Be careful of catching a cold.”

“Thank you husband…” Qi Lulu responded with a sweet smile.

She then turned her head and asked impatiently, “Why don’t we just take a taxi and stay at the nearest hotel”

“We can have a full meal for dinner.”

Shen Yu pouted, “If you want to spend so much money, it’ll be best for us to part ways.”

“Don’t make the same mistake as Feng-jie.

Remember, we are a poor travelling show!”

Feng Huanmei, the old opera performer who was named, “If you are so capable, why don’t you lead the way”

“Don’t just rely on a rich husband to get through situations!”

Shen Yu rolled his eyes, “Is it my fault that my husband is rich”

“It’s hard for you to be raising a little white face.

Aren’t you proud of that!”

The muscular man beside Feng Huanmei looked awkward.

The comment barrage exploded once more,

[Isn’t Shen Yu too poisonous Isn’t he afraid of the wind blowing into his head]

[Feng-jie isn’t afraid of age gaps and bravely pursues love.

What’s wrong with this! Why are you scolding someone for being a little white face!]

[Husband Feng, what are you waiting for Hurry up and take advantage of the live broadcast to break up with him in front of the whole country or else you wouldn’t be able to swallow this regret!]

Shen Yu wasn’t aware of the one-sided online public opinion.

His travelling mode was turned on and he pointed to the southeast, “There’s a subway there.

I’ll be setting off.

It depends on you guys if you want to follow or not!”

After he finished speaking, he carried his suitcase with him and walked towards the sidewalk.

Someone came from behind him and grabbed his wrist.

A cold voice sounded from his back, “Did you forget that you have a husband”

Shen Yu turned back with an embarrassed smile on his face, “Rui-ge, I…”

—— ‘F*ck I really forgot!’

He withdrew his arm from Feng SiRui’s grasp without a trace, “Is it fine to take the subway This is the most economical way of transport here.”

—— ‘If the dog man doesn’t agree, can I divorce him on the spot!’

Opening his mouth, he wants a divorce.

Closing his mouth, he also wants to divorce.

Doesn’t he get tired of thinking of divorce!

Feng SiRui gritted his teeth and said, “Just follow what you said.”

“Husband, you are so nice…” Shen Yu called out affectionately.

But this time he didn’t dare to mess around.

There was still the shadow of being kissed in the bathroom.

After the two decided, they walked away resolutely.

After all, dusk was quickly approaching and if they were delayed for a while, it would be much later before they reached the city center.

The other guests were still hesitating, but then they saw Lin Lufei walking away to catch up.

“Lu Fei-ge, wait for me…” Yang Qiqi couldn’t hold the expression on his face and ran with his suitcase.

Then came the singer couple, the singer Qi Lulu and her producer husband.

The opera performer Feng Huanmei was the most reluctant.

The little fresh meat Qi Tianyi standing next to her coaxed her.

“Baby, let’s follow along.

I’ll rub your legs at night.”

Leaning over him in an ambiguous tone, Feng Huanmei smiled angrily, “You’re the only one that knows how to coax others well!”

The cameraman following them trembled suddenly.

[Huh——Why is this pair so greasy!]

[I suddenly feel that Shen Yu’s mouth cannon isn’t that bad.

I even miss it a little… I must be turning insane!]


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