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Chapter 34 – I Love How Attractive These Little Brothers Are, How About You

“Not accepting any investments” Feng SiRui’s1 eyes darkened.

This was the first film and television company that refused to cooperate with the Feng Group.

There were so many strange things that happen yearly, but this was the strangest thing that happened this year!

The corners of Feng SiRui’s mouth curled up coldly, “Investigate the investors behind the crew and report to me tomorrow morning!”

After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

The secretary looked at his blacked-out screen with a depressed mood.

Then he secretly sighed.

These types of people really like to exploit others, don’t they let people rest at night!

Feng SiRui stood up a little irritably.

Then he walked towards the second floor with his long legs.

It was supposed to be their wedding room, but Shen Yu kept the vacant room alone for three years.

‘How does it feel for a person to lie alone in bed and be unable to sleep’

Feng SiRui thought so while lying on it.

The fragrance lingered in his nostrils, it was the smell of Shen Yu’s body.

‘What was he doing now

Did he arrive at the hotel already

Was Shen Yu like himself Looking at the ceiling and thinking wildly!’


“Director Wang, thank you for your favour and trust in me.

I’ll toast you with this cup.

Next is all up to you!” Shen Yu acted boldly, then drank the alcohol in the draft beer glass in one gulp.

As soon as he arrived at the hotel to settle his things, Director Wang called him out by saying that before filming started, they would have dinner together to enhance the understanding between the actors and facilitate smooth filming in the future.

Shen Yu was full of praise for this event and even supported it personally.

In the blink of an eye, he had drunk three times the draft beer that he usually drank and was very excited.

Director Wang applauded, “Not bad, not bad!”

She glanced at Shen Yu’s waist, then shook her head suddenly, “To be honest, you’re a bit skinny.

If you had some muscles, it’d be more in line with the character…”

“Who says that I don’t have any muscles!” Shen Yu retorted on the spot.

He put down the glass he was holding and raised the hem of his shirt, showing his neat eight-pack abs in front of everyone.

Suddenly, he reacted and asked, “Do you really need to reveal so much in a costume drama!”

Director Wang squinted her eyes, picked up her phone and took a quick shot, “Of course…”

“In the plot, there’s a scene where the master is in the hot spring, like a lotus flower on the surface of a pond type of scene.”

His figure was really not bad.

He looked thin in his clothes, but had flesh underneath.

He looked stunning, but not feminine.

It was rare, really rare!

Director Wang, who had always been more interested in small fresh meat and high aesthetics, nodded frequently to express her satisfaction.

Shen Yu put down the hem of his clothes and sat back on his seat, “Director Wang, didn’t you say there were two Male Leads”

“What about the other Male Lead”

“He’s coming soon, just wait a while…” Director Wang encouraged the other actors to show off their figures and was planning on posting a collage later on Weibo to show off the super high-level appearance of the show.

As soon as Shen Yu heard this, he went back to drinking.

There was no dog man by his side.

He even forgot who the dog man was.

He was so excited that he didn’t know if it was night or day.

Until a figure entered the private room, making him freeze.

The beef on his chopsticks didn’t even go into his mouth.

“Jinghe, you’re here!” Director Wang stood up and couldn’t help but smile when she saw the eye-catching little fresh meat, “Sit next to me…”

“Let me introduce him to you guys, this is Feng Jinghe.

He’s about the same as everyone, a newcomer!”

“Additionally, he has an amazing figure!”

Shen Yu seemed to have been doused by cold water and black smoke seemed to be rising from his head, “Director Wang, what kind of drama are we filming”

“Is there a need for us to take a shower together”

Director Wang turned her head and smiled, “The plot needs it, the audience needs it…”

She never mentioned her own needs.

“You should be familiar with each other, so I don’t need to introduce much.” After all, Feng SiRui was Shen Yu’s husband.

Everyone on the internet knew about it.

“Director Wang, is he the other Male Lead you were talking about” Shen Yu raised his finger towards him with an exaggerated expression, “As far as I know, he has never acted before!”

Director Wang curled up her lips indifferently, “Almost all of you here have never acted before…”

“So what”

“Who here didn’t start as a rookie…”

“Don’t tell me just because you’ve acted in a few films, now you feel that your acting skills are far better than them”

Shen Yu was pissed off.

He didn’t have any words to refute for now.

After all, his black history was still there and it was hard to erase it.

The atmosphere was suddenly a little awkward.

Feng Jinghe greeted everyone warmly, “Hello everyone, I’m Feng Jinghe…”

“My deepest apologies, I’m late today.

I’ll punish myself with three cups.”

“Good!” Director Wang took the lead to applaud.

Shen Yu seemed a little dispirited and even had the idea of going back to the hotel to rest.

He thought that by filming, he could break away from Feng SiRui’s world and have a good time.

But the latter’s younger brother, who had a problem with his mind, followed him.

Thinking of the inevitable rivalry during the filming, Shen Yu felt a headache forming.

‘Is it too late to turn down this drama now’

Feng Jinghe seemed to see through his thoughts as the corners of his mouth curled into a strange arc.

He raised his glass to toast, “What a coincidence, we meet again.”

“We all came here after signing a contract right”

“If you go back on your word halfway, you’ll have to pay a lot of money!”

Shen Yu, “…” 

‘Are you sincere enough to pay it for no reason2!’

“Teacher Shen, is it okay for me to call you this in the crew!”

Feng Jinghe was polite and thoughtful, without any trace of being a rich third generation, “Respecting teacher Shen with a glass of wine.

I’ll obediently learn from teacher Shen for the time we are filming.”

After he finished speaking, without waiting for Shen Yu to respond, he drank it all in one gulp.

Director Wang nodded and praised, “Not bad.

This is a child that can be taught!”

Shen Yu rolled his eyes in his heart, “…” 

‘Do you believe that he’s just pretending!’

Reluctantly, he picked up the draft beer glass on the table, drank it down, then raised his hand and wiped his mouth saying, “Don’t expect me to teach you, I was self taught back then.”

The words that he blurted out, made everyone at the table hold back their laughs.

Various dynamic pictures of Shen Yu kept appearing in their minds.

Was that the result of being self-taught!

Shen Yu had a panoramic view of everyone’s reactions and sneered calmly.

‘When the filming starts, I’ll brighten your titanium alloy dog eyes!’

‘Who do you think you’re looking down on!’

In order to retaliate, Shen Yu ate and drank violently.

He never thought that at this moment the dog man was at the villa, holding his mobile phone and hesitating.

‘Should I send a message or not!’

‘Why didn’t he contact me at all after reporting to the crew!’

‘Shouldn’t he inform me when he reached there’

Feng SiRui stood up for a while, opened Weibo out of boredom and unconsciously followed the posted news about ‘The Path of the Jade Sword’.

Not long after the post was published, it became one of the top ten most searched Weibo posts and that caught his attention.

It was a picture collage with the caption, “The little brothers in the crew are so good looking.

I love them, what about you”

Feng SiRui squinted his eyes and directly recognized a conspicuous and familiar figure.

His fingertips moved quickly.

It was Shen Yu!

He was standing next to the dining table, one handedly lifting his shirt, revealing a distinctly muscular outline.

Although he had a slender waist, it still accentuated his figure very well.

Especially when paired with his slightly drunk and blurred face… It was even more seductive and alluring.

Feng SiRui’s face changed instantly and he dialed the phone directly.

The phone rang for a long time before it was answered,

“Apologies, teacher Shen went to the bathroom…”

“I’ll tell him to call you back later.”

When Feng SiRui heard that voice, his chest burned with raging anger, “Feng Jinghe!”

“Who let you touch Shen Yu’s phone!” 


Okay so I just finished translating chapter 48 of MSRS and accidentally wrote Fu Yichen again


Shen Yu is implying that FJH should leave and pay for it instead


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