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Chapter 22: Encountering Bandits

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From the time Shen Yijia hugged him to sleep, Brother Hao had clearly become closer to Shen Yijia.

Every time he saw that Shen Yijia could carry his big brother, he would look at her in admiration.

On the other hand, Sister Huan was still a little shy, but she often glanced at her secretly.

If she was discovered, she would shrink into Madam Lis arms again. Shen Yijia often teased her like this and had a lot of fun along the way.

“Thank you, Brother Hao!” Shen Yijia took a bite of the pastry.

The food was sent by Emperor Chongans subordinates.

After all, apart from a few clothes, they were penniless.

Shen Yijia had more than a hundred taels, but she couldnt buy anything at the moment.

They traveled nonstop, and they only had time to buy food whenever the carriage stopped.

Shen Yijia was depressed for a long time.

At this point, she didnt know that she could bribe the guards. Otherwise, she wouldnt be so conflicted.

After eating, she saw Uncle Yang get out of the carriage and enter the forest alone.

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The officers didnt stop him. After all, everyone had to relieve themselves at some point. They were used to it.

Besides, Uncle Yang was not under their jurisdiction.

When Uncle Yang returned, he entered the carriage again. It was almost time for a break.

Shen Yijia hugged Brother Hao and leaned against the wall of the car, sleeping soundly. Suddenly, she heard many footsteps.

Shen Yijia suddenly opened her eyes and met Song Jingchens gaze.

Seeing that Song Jingchen was wide awake, she guessed that he had not slept.

“Big Brother, look. I told you that a big catch was going to pass by our Putuo Mountain soon. Do you believe me now”

An extremely wretched voice came from outside the carriage.

Immediately after, a rough voice sounded. It was probably the big brother that the wretched man mentioned.

“Hahaha, you brat. Sure. Youll be rewarded after this job is done.”

Shen Yijia blinked, her eyes lighting up.

This scene… why did it seem like they had encountered bandits!

Shen Yijia secretly lifted a corner of the curtain and saw that the carriage was surrounded by about 40 people.

Except for a scar-faced man sitting on a horse, everyone else was holding a torch.

Then, she looked at the people on her side. Ten guards stood in a row in front of the carriage.

Uncle Yang was still sitting alone on the shaft of the carriage.

Shen Yijia clicked her tongue.

She thought to herself that these bandits were really unprofessional. How could they not mention the most classic line often used by bandits “I paved this road and planted this tree! Hand over your money!”

Madam Li and the two children were also woken by the ruckus. Before the two children could scream, Song Jingchen and Shen Yijia hurriedly covered their mouths to prevent them from making a sound.

They reached out at the same time and glanced at each other.

Surprise flashed across Song Jingchens eyes. Shen Yijia was puzzled and bared her teeth at him silently.

“How dare you! Do you know whos sitting in this carriage”

The leader of the guards shouted, and the ten officers drew their long sabers.

It was unknown if the guard did it on purpose. His words were so vague that anyone who heard it would think that the person in the carriage was some big shot.

And of course, the big shot would obviously be rich.

Shen Yijia rolled her eyes silently.

In fact, there was no big shot in the carriage. Werent all of them criminals in their eyes

This carriage was probably the most valuable thing among their little group.

The bandit leader smiled disdainfully and said, “Its useless even if youre the gods. Listen up, Mount Putuo is my territory. If you want to pass through, youll need my approval first.”

“Big Brother, why are you wasting your breath on them There are so few of them, theyre no match for us. Big Brother, wait here and rest. Ill lead our people to kill these travelers blocking our road,” the wretched man said.

“Thats right!” The people around laughed and agreed with him.

The tension outside increased. A fierce battle was about to break out.


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