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I was awakened by the bed trembling. As soon as I opened my eyes, I noticed Leo was standing with the door cracked open, his new mark glowing with the blend of darkness and light, his eyes fixated down the hallway. Rubbing my eyes, I went to get out of the bed when Leo put his hand out. In a hushed whisper he calmly stated, "Get in the bathroom.". Confusion crossed my face. I noticed his mark blending even more and looking at the detail, it rained down his forehead stopping just before his eyebrows. "Why?" I whispered back making my way towards him. He turned away from the hallway as another quake rumbled through, making me unsteady on my feet. His face coated in seriousness he whispered back impatiently, "Go now.". As I walked away, I could feel anxiousness and anger bubbling in my chest. I wasn sure which one it was coming from. Maybe both? As I grabbed the bathroom knob to pull it open, I felt overwhelming pain in my side that brought me to my knees. Within seconds of hitting the floor, my right ankle was engulfed in pain and I cried out, tears beginning to fall at this point. Leo was to me quickly, evidenced by the air pushing my hair up. His wings unfolded at some point between him being at the door and making it to me, that golden fire bouncing off of them. I could see the confusion in his eyes as he cradled me. He whipped his head back towards the door and thats when I noticed the dull rumbling noise and what sounded like metal clashing repeatedly against metal. The door burst open and light from the hallway burst into the room forming around a silhouette covered in blood. The silhouette slid on the floor for a few seconds before stopping and taking a few deep breaths. "Get.... Get her….. Out of here NOW." B commanded. "Whats happening?" I questioned anxiously but was ignored by him running back out the door. Leo only nodded to him and had started scooping me up in his arms using his wings to shield around me. The rumbling became louder and looking down, bloodied footsteps were on the floor where B had made his way into the room. As we made our way out of the room, I peeked over Leos shoulder. A huge creature was destroying the hallway while fighting off Mikail, Horde, and the blood covered B. A large brown body coated in golden inlays, it was using golden armor and weapons that had a slight glow to them. As I looked at the creature, its eyes were dead looking. A few seconds later I met eyes with it and that seemed to throw it into a rampage as it got more viscous in its attacks. "Don look" Leo stated plainly as he carried me down the hallway as my back was lit up with pain and I cried out. I knew Lucifer was close and I knew he was fighting something somewhere. I grabbed Leos chest as he carried me further down the hallway, "We have to help them." I pleaded but Leo ignored me. The rumbling stayed right behind us. Leo quickly went through a door to the right slamming it immediately. Seconds passed before I heard the door explode and peeked once again over Leos shoulder. B, Horde, and Mikail were nowhere to be seen but Lucifer, Lamia, and Seli were holding the beast back. I tried to wiggle out of Leos grasp but he held me firmly in place. "We HAVE TO HELP THEM!" I screamed at Leo but he still ignored me trying to put distance between us and the creature. I felt pain overwhelm my head and then no pain was left. I quickly shot another look over Leos shoulder and saw Lucifer laying on the ground. I felt my hip warm and I unfurled my wings, spreading them so that Leo could not hold me in place any longer. I flew quicker than I ever had to reach Lucifer and this seemed to excite the creature as he headed for me. I could hear Lamia yelling at me to go the other way but I could not lose Lucifer. The ceiling was extremely low and I couldn fly over the creature so I would have to fly either through its legs or under its arm. Leo was running behind me trying to grab me and I felt his fingertips a few times on the feathers of my wings. As I got closer, Lucifer was still unconscious and the creature was taking a widened stance as if he was going to try and catch me. Seli and Lamia were trying to kill it but it looked like it was not going to stop until it got me. I aimed straight for the belly but cut down slightly at the last second, flying in between its legs and letting my feathers cut wherever they landed. As soon as I was through, I was to Lucifer quickly grabbing him and sliding back towards the door. I lifted him up and turned to look for Leo. The creature was grabbing its crotch like I had hoped and I ran back towards Leo as another creature burst through the door. Seli and Lamia were motioning and yelling at me to move quicker. I picked up my steps running around the creature and met Leo quickly handing Lucifer over to him. Seli and Lamia quickly ran towards the other creature as me and Leo with Lucifer in his arms, ran through the cave. We had put about 25 feet between us and them when Leo pulled a sword out of the air and turned quickly, throwing it into the roof of the cave causing it to collapse. I screamed "Leo NO!" but it was too late. The cave has begun to collapse. Leo pulled me along by my hand as we ran from the falling rock. We hit a huge pocket in the cave where Leo stopped and put Lucifer on the ground. I could feel tears forming in my eyes and I had covered my mouth to keep the sound from escaping my lips. No rumbling, no fighting, just still ness floated in the air. I dropped beside Lucifer scanning over his injuries. He was bloodied but it looked like he had healed for the most part. His head was what I was most concerned with. His mark was out but his forehead had an indention in the side. Guilt began to rock me. Leo had sat down on a rock and was leisurely watching us. I could feel my hip warming as anger began to engulf me. "Calm down Mia." Leo said calmly. I quickly retorted, "Calm down? We could have helped them and instead of helping you ran!". "Mia, the safegua…." "I DONT CARE ABOUT THE SAFEGUARDS!" I exclaimed and continued. "All of my friends are back there and now I can even help them!". He took a deep breath before speaking, "Mia, that thing was after you. Not anyone else BUT you. Now that you have been removed, they will go back to where they came from.". I went to argue that with him when Lucifer began coughing. I quickly turned back around to see him opening his eyes. Weakly he stated, "Ay Bonnie, I missed you love." with a weak half smile. I pulled his head up into my lap where I landed a kiss on his cheek replying with tears, "I missed you too.". "We have to move." Leo plainly stated and Lucifer rolled his eyes. I giggled softly and sadly at him still showing a sense of humor with how battered he was. "Where does the cave lead Lucifer?" Leo asked him. "Purgatory. Well hide out there for a while until we know exactly whats going on." Lucifer responded. He began to get up groaning in pain and I noticed that my pain had come back. Not near as bad as earlier but it was there. "They all know their own ways there so Bonnie, you don have to worry about never seeing them again." Lucifer said sweetly trying to comfort me. "Do you think they all lived?" I questioned him. "We will have to see. Help me out here Leo." he said teasingly. Motioning his one arm over to Leo as he needed help walking. Leo rolled his eyes and stepped over to Lucifer pulling him up to his side and began walking deeper into the cave. I was trying to place my thoughts when Lucifer teasingly asked Leo, "So how was it mate? I see you got your mark.". Leos cheeks became red and he looked down at the ground while keeping in cadence with Lucifer. Sensing his embarrassment, Lucifer continued. "Shes a tiddy one, I?" where Leo still didn reply. I giggled seeing the interaction. Lucifer being helped to walk by one of the angels who cast him out and giving him a rather hard time about having sex with a woman they have to share. God must like irony if he had planned all of this. This continued the whole way until we came to the end of the cave where a rainbow sheen sat against a wall. We all walked through ready to be far away from danger.

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