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After attempting to follow the middle-aged woman to obtain information about her current body, Meng Changjin could only chat with Xiao Si out of boredom.


Then, there was no more.

Xiao Si ignored her.


This was good; even the last thing to relieve boredom was gone.


Meng Changjin would like to practice or do something else, but she could not control her body, so she could only wait in boredom.


During these days of waiting, it was almost always the middle-aged woman who came to feed her medicine.


Every time she finished feeding the medicine, her eyes were moist, followed by wiping away the tears and taking the bowl away.


She didn’t say a word from the beginning to the end, but her movements were remarkably gentle.

That habit of not talking made Meng Changjin stay in this body for three days and still didn’t know what this physical body was called.


Just when Meng Changjin thought when the end of this day would come, Xiao Si, who hadn’t been paying attention to her for the past few days, appeared.


“The mission is here.

Do you want to rest for two more days or start the mission now” Xiao Si asked Meng Changjin.


“Nonsense, of course, I want to start the mission.” What had she got to do with resting She was almost like being in jail in the human body, right


And resting for two days, no.

She didn’t need to rest.

Please let her start the mission immediately.


“Okay.” Xiao Si nodded to show that he understood.

The long golden-red fishtail swung, and the client’s long-cherished wish for this mission appeared before Meng Changjin’s eyes.


It was still the same luxurious golden font.

Meng Changjin looked up, and the first thing that caught her eyes were eight big characters that blinded people’s eyes.


Keep on studying and get better each day!


Meng Changjin paused for a moment before continuing to read the rest of the client’s long-cherished wish.


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