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The fight was over for real this time, or at least that was what Mei thought, walking away from Kevins burning corpse. However, the barrier around them still hadn deactivated.


She was cut short as a tendril of darkness stabbed through her chest.

I have to burn this and heal myself before it kills me…Mei thought.

She grabbed the spiked end of the tendril sticking out of her chest and turned it to ashes, leaving a gaping hole on the right side of her chest.

"Fire Arts: Healing Flame!"

She struggled with the incantation, but immediately she was consumed by a fire that healed her wounds. Mei turned around and saw a charred figure walking towards her. Before her eyes, its skin seemed to reconstruct itself out of the black matter it had utilized, and in mere seconds, the figure was recognizable again.

"You just won die will you, just like a cockroach."

Mei grumbled.


The same distorted voice that talked to Kevin was now projecting out of his body. Mei shivered.

"His voice… the way he reconstructed his body, and his aura, he can be human…"

The boy had a noticeable dark aura surrounding him, even more powerful than Meis. Suddenly, Kevin stopped walking and stretched his hand out, a concentrated sphere of dark energy in it.


The sphere rose into the sky before shooting rays of darkness towards the earth. The blue barrier surrounding them and the burnt field underneath them was gone, instead the two were in an entirely different setting. Kevin sat on a throne of dark skulls and bones, on either side of him were two similar but empty thrones, behind him hung tapestries depicting a legendary fight between a hero and a dragon. Before him was a flight of stairs, at the bottom was a seemingly endless room illuminated by torches. Where the light didn reach, there was an endless darkness. Kevin snapped his fingers, and the darkness dissipated, showing a clear view of the Earth. However, it looked entirely different, instead of the solid blue sphere with patches of green and brown, the scorched surface was entirely reddish-brown and showing no signs of life


e… on the moon?" Mei thought in awe and fear.

She had never seen a Battlefield of this power before. Just being able to make one was nothing incredible, since most above average people could, but unless you could deploy a high-level Battlefield, it wouldn be worth it. This is because it takes a high amount of energy, raw power and concentration in order to form a Battlefield, and what was needed scaled up the higher the level of the Battlefield, but at higher levels, the pros outweigh the cons. The telltale sign that a Battlefield is of high level is the stark change in environment, since only Battlefields ranked three and above utilized this change. The boost in stats and the manipulation of the artificial environment made fighting an opponent in a high-level Battlefield extremely dangerous. Kevin had just made a rank one Battlefield, the highest of the ten ranks.


Kevin stood up and spread his arms, an evil smile on his face.

"How are you able to make such a high-level Battlefield?" Mei asked, keeping her composure.


His words were cut off as he was sent flying backwards into his throne, shattering it into pieces. The recoil of her own attack sent Mei flying backwards, but with a blast of fire she was sent flying towards Kevin, still lying on the floor. Kevin flicked his finger, and a wave of darkness swept Mei into the wall behind him. Immediately after slamming into it, she was pinned onto the wall by the Dark Matter.


"Shut up!"

In a fit of anger her restraints were burnt away in a red fire as she slid off the wall.

I didn want to do this, but I can hold back anymore! Especially when Im losing to a nobody like him!


Kevin said, yawning.

Mei sneered, "If you want it that bad, then…"

In an instant, her entire body was enveloped in a flame, except instead of it being red, it burned blue. The flame burned much hotter compared to her previous red flame. Kevin looked amused.

"Battlefield: Volcanic Ritual!"

The glowing red orb levitated into the air before shooting out beams similar to Kevins Battlefield creation. Around them, a circle of active volcanoes formed, towering above them. It was a rank two Battlefield, if Mei could construct one out of her blue fire, it would easily be rank one. However, she still hadn gained complete mastery over it.

"Fire Arts: Rain!"

Endless blue flames shot down from the sky, but they were simply brushed off by Kevin. Mei called off the attack, seeing it had no effect on her opponent.

"This is bad… I don think a single one of my attacks will harm him." Mei thought.

Mei tried to think of a strategy, some way to defeat Kevin, but at the moment he seemed to

have no weakness. Volcanic ash began to rise from the mouths of the volcanoes, and soon after, lava poured down its side. However, this was no ordinary lava, it didn cool or harden at all as it flowed down, and it showed no signs of stopping soon.

Mei commanded large blobs of lava shooting out, locked onto Kevins position. Lava Wielding, a subcategory of Fire Wielding, was a useful skill Mei could use, but since she was unable to make lava herself, she had to resort to a Battlefield.

She was waiting for the lava to flood the throne room situated in the middle of the circle of volcanoes. If she could buy enough time, she would have enough lava to launch a devastating attack. She leaped in for another melee attack, where her fists and legs connected with Kevins body, the flesh melted away, only to be reconstructed. The boy was unmoving, simply staring as if he was taunting her to do better.

With a yell, she drove her fist through his chest, Kevins beating heart in her fist.

"Its over! I have his heart!" Mei thought triumphantly.


e dead now!"

In an explosion of blood, Mei crushed the boys heart in her fist. She pulled her bloody hand out of Kevins chest. However, the gaping hole was already being reconstructed with the Dark Matter.

Mei stumbled backwards, shocked.

"No human should be able to survive having their heart crushed. What exactly is he?"

Kevin leaped into the air, wings formed on his back and he took off. He zigzagged across the sky, dodging and attacking the blobs of lava flying towards him.

The lava had reached the base of the throne room, and was finally beginning to flood it.

"This is it, if I want to use this incantation I have to do it now!" She thought, visualizing her chance at victory.

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