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Alexa was in great pain and her stomach was cramped, she was upset at a patient bed that was not comparable in width to her bed in her luxurious home. She sat up and was prone to relieve pain in her abdominal area, her self tormented. Maybe it was because of the effects of the uterine removal operation that she had to feel side effects that certainly made her uncomfortable.

Greyson walked up to his wife, he was very anxious for his wife who screamed violently for enduring her pain. He hugged his wife and kissed her forehead sobbing because he was so sad for his beloved wife.

The bell on Alexas bed was pressed to ask for help from the medical personnel standing guard there, and sure enough it wasn long before the doctor and his assistant the young doctor came and checked Alexas condition, which was shaking violently from the cramps in her stomach.

"Sorry mr, we have to talk." The doctor and Greyson walked out in the direction of the door and left the young doctor to keep an eye on Alexas development.

A syringe filled with sedative fluid was injected into the forearm area to alleviate the pain Alexa was experiencing.

"Master, the pain that mrs. Alexa experienced was due to the side effects of the uterine removal operation. It will take several months and four weeks for a complete recuperation process, but if you please mrs. Alexa will still be hospitalized to be more effective." The doctor explained in as much detail as possible, so that Greyson knew Alexas true condition.

The wrinkles on Greysons forehead were quite clearly drawn on the handsome face, he was very worried about his wife whom he cared about very much. How could he have the heart to watch his wife constantly lying weak in the hospital? He was very upset about it, on the one hand, the office work was very much. He has to concentrate more recently, not to mention the concept that he has to prepare for the progress of his company which will be launched in several Countries of the Netherlands and Japan.

Its really confusing for him, will it still take care of his wife to make amends to her? or choose to keep working to establish his company.

He continued to pace back and forth in the corridor close to his wifes ICU room. His hand was placed on her lips and rubbed it in a huff at the thought of everything.

Even if he entrusted it entirely to the secretary for one month what would be the fate of his company that was about to launch. Even though it was just waiting for the finger count in the near future, suddenly his cellphone rang, which stopped his hard-thinking boredom from earlier.

"Hello brother, Im going home to Spain today. I happened to get a leave of absence from my company!." Greyson smiled at the time when his young brother was calling him, his brilliant idea came up and he was going to use his young brother to arrange everything. It just so happened that his young brother worked in the same field as the company that belonged to him. It seems that he will be suitable to arrange and lead temporarily in that J.K. Gold company.

"I want you to replace my position while in the company, my wife is being treated. Do you have free time for one month, please don refuse my request only this time I asked you for help. Come on, understand." Greyson pleaded with his younger sibling to change his position temporarily. He even gave his young sibling a friend, even though his young siblings original plan was only to take a day off. He even previously refused because his purpose was not to work, he was on leave because he needed a day off. the phone broke up, it was clearly illustrated on Greysons face that his young sibling was willing to help him. He smiled with joy, he was finally able to accompany his wife, who was very much loved by him.

Greyson walked into his wifes room in care, Alexa looked quite fine after the injection of sedatives on her, she fell asleep deeply because the cramps in her stomach had begun to subside.

"Oh my honey Alexa , I promise to make you happy until you don lack anything in your life" Greyson kiss his wifes forehead affectionately. Alexas pale face was stared at with a moody feeling, grabbed by his wifes cheek and rubbed it with affection.

Club Dolly is getting more and more crowded with visitors and some of the visitors are striped nose men who are queuing up waiting to make love to Sunnis.

"Come on, please want to choose which woman?." Cashier Dolly made a list of photos of women to rent tonight. At CLub Dolly, women are likened to the menu ordered by customers to vary and of course the rates depend on the whore service there and the price is already listed in the

"I want Sude!." One of the striped-nose men pointed to a Sunni photo whose name was deliberately obscured to protect privacy. Thats why he is only known by the stage name Sude or an abbreviation of Suck death, because he is quite reliable about suck missiles.

There are a lot of striped nose men waiting in line to enjoy Sunni services, even because it is so crowded. She had to play with three men at once. Tonight would make her quite exhausted, because surely in every cavity her body would swallow a few missile heads that were enough to overwhelm her self.

In fact, she didn have a break for tonight, because the visitors were quite crowded.

"Ah... ahhh.hmmmphhh," Her mouth was filled with missiles that made it difficult for her self to breathe dang let out her fantastic sigh.

Ohhh.. shhh..... ohhh

ahhh.... ughh..... hhmehh.. hmmehhh

ah-ah-ah-ah….ahhh.. hhouhh...

ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ashhhh

Such was her sigh tonight, she was endlessly sighing that she was completely exhausted tonight, her energy was greatly drained from serving a hundred visitors today. Had it not been for the bonus to exceed her fare, she would not want to let out her sighs because she is very expensive and very expensive with three men at once.

Because she worked so hard tonight his pimp gave Sude time off, how pleased she was. Finally she was able to enjoy the air he desperately wanted to breathe.

The next day she walked to the beach through the beautiful outdoors, she looked beautiful in the white dress she wore. All the male eyes glanced at her because they saw the beautiful and seductive Sunni charm. Although she wears a fairly loose dress, the curves of her body are clearly visible due to the blowing of the coastal wind. So that the men around him watched the beautiful show.

Sunni didn care about the gazes of the mischievous men who were fascinated by her, she still ran around the beautiful beach. She enjoyed her freedom so much today, in fact she laughed terribly releasing all the fatigue of the boredom of sleeping on her back and straddling waiting for the striped noses who wanted to make love to her. She has even memorized the various forms of missiles every man and it is not surprising that she feels bored seeing the missiles that surround her every day.

Then she sat her ass on the white sand and looked at the scene she had never seen. A young couple hugged each other with a feeling of love and laughed happily.

Her feelings of happiness suddenly disappeared, instantly she wanted to find her true love. She also wants to be spoiled and loved like that. Even if it is in the hot bed, she will probably have a desire because she feels that there is love in her life

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