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Young Lady

The manager saw Wang Ran remaining silent and thought that he had tacitly agreed to the rules here. He nodded in satisfaction.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Tang Dahai, and Im the purchasing manager of this supermarket.

“The one next to me is Liu Qiang, the security guard of the supermarket warehouse. He used to be the city boxing champion. I advise you not to do anything rash, or he might kill you with one punch.

“These two women are both employees of our supermarket. One is called Li Meili, and the other is Lin Momo.”

When Tang Dahai introduced Lin Momo, his eyes momentarily glinted, betraying his evil thoughts.

Lin Momo was a college student who had just come to the supermarket for her internship.

Although she was small and had a child-like face, but...

In some indescribable places, she was even bigger than Su Xiaoyus perfect figure.

Such a contrast was particularly easy to arouse peoples evil thoughts.

Tang Dahai has had his eyes on Lin Momo for some time.

Previously, he did not dare to do it because he was married.

The apocalypse had broken out, his wife and children were dead, and he was the highest-ranking leader of this warehouse.

This made Tang Dahais thoughts run wild.

However, because the apocalypse had only broken out two days ago, Tang Dahai had not lost his grasp on basic morals so quickly, so he had not made a move yet.

However, Wang Ran and Su Xiaoyus arrival gave Tang Dahai some ideas.

To the survivors outside, food and a safe place to live were the most important.

If they were to use their bodies in exchange for it...

Im sure some people will agree.

Tang Dahai planned to start with Su Xiaoyu and use his power and resources to enjoy himself.

Once he started, it would only be a matter of time before he took down Lin Momo.

As for Wang Ran...

If he was obedient, it would be good to have another Coolie.

If they dared to resist...

Liu Qiang could always kill him!

“Momo, take these two to a place to rest.”

“Give them a days worth of food and water. Dont give them too much.” Tang Dahai ordered her.

After settling them down, he would discuss with the security guard, Liu Qiang, on how to firmly control this place.

“Yes, manager.”

Lin Momo nodded and walked to Wang Ran and Su Xiaoyu.

“Sister, let me help you with your luggage.”

Lin Momo took the initiative to pick up Su Xiaoyus luggage.

“Oh... Its so heavy!”

Lin Momos face turned red with exertion, but she couldnt carry it. She could only try to drag it.

Soon, Lin Momo led Wang Ran and Su Xiaoyu to a corner of the warehouse.

The entire warehouse was filled with rows of shelves, which could be clearly divided into living quarters.

The place where Wang Ran and Su Xiaoyu were placed was a home appliance warehouse that was surrounded by washing machines, televisions, and other things.

The vital food area in the warehouse was naturally occupied by Tang Dahai and the others.

It was obvious that Tang Dahai was still very wary of Wang Ran.

“Big Brother, Big Sister, Ill go get your tents later.

“Do you want one or two”

The cute Lin Momo pushed up her glasses and asked.

“One!” Su Xiaoyu immediately said.

She had to sleep with Wang Ran!

Otherwise, what if Im hungry at night!

“Alright, Ill get it ready immediately.”

Lin Momo understood immediately. She nodded and quickly set off.

“Master, this place is pretty good. There are so many resources.

“Do you want to kill those who are in the way” Su Xiaoyu asked when she saw that no one was around.

“Well definitely kill them, but theres no hurry.

“We killed so many zombies and ran around so much. Let us rest first.

“Besides, I still need to find out where the key to the cold storage is.”

Wang Ran sat on the ground.

Although he was an Awakened one, he would not be that effective in a fight.

In addition, he had exercised for a few hours last night.

It was almost necessary to take a break now.

“That manager man looked at me with perverted eyes just now.

“Dont stop me later, Im going to dig out his eyes!” Su Xiaoyu said, pouting.

She had become a zombie, but was still temperamental.

“No problem, Ill leave it to you later.” Wang Ran smiled.

In this apocalyptic world, Wang Ran would not show any mercy to any stranger.

Only he and the people around him mattered.

Not long later, Lin Momo ran over with a bunch of things.

“Big brother Wang Ran, big sister Xiaoyu, this is your tent.

“As for the food ...”

Lin Momo handed it over sheepishly.

Tang Dahai had given Wang Ran and Su Xiaoyu two bottles of mineral water and two packs of biscuits for the day.

Although it was reasonable for an apocalypse-period ration, in this warehouse...

It was almost sadistic.

“Sister Xiaoyu, if youre not used to it...

“Theres a sandwich I saved here. You can have it first.”

Lin Momo took out her sandwich and gave it to Su Xiaoyu.

“Its fine. I dont really like to eat.”

Su Xiaoyu waved her hand. Her impression of the girl improved.

“Okay, then Ill go back first!

“Sister Li and I live in the cosmetics area, just a few dozen meters away from you.

“If theres anything you need, you can come find me.

“Ill leave you two to it!”

Lin Momo waved to the two of them and left, skipping and skipping.

“Master, this little girl is a good person.

“Can we spare her later” Su Xiaoyu turned around and asked.

She could truly feel that Lin Momo was kind.

“Sure, you may even find yourself a new friend, we need those in times like this.”

Wang Ran nodded.

If it was just him and Su Xiaoyu, the only way to relieve their boredom was...

It would strain his body too much.

It was nice to have someone to share Su Xiaoyus free time.

“Master, why dont you take her in as well!

“Look at her, Im sure shell feel good to the touch!”

Su Xiaoyu raised an eyebrow.


Wang Ran spat out a mouthful of water.

“Another one

“Do you want me to die of exhaustion”

Wang Ran rubbed his slightly sore waist.

One Su Xiaoyu was already a little too much for him, and another one...

He wouldnt be able to walk...

“Master, this tents soundproofing isnt very good.

“What are we going to do tonight...

“We cant let anyone hear us.

“Why dont we get rid of those people earlier”

Su Xiaoyu had already started planning for her evening exercise.


“Can you put something else in your head

“Will you die if we abstain from it”

Wang Ran flicked Su Xiaoyus head.

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Su Xiaoyu stuck out her tongue, looking very innocent.

She had no choice. She had become a zombie, and certain carnal desires had been amped up.

She really needed those to survive.


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