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A Feedback Loop To Perpetual Strength

“Xiao Yu, try biting me.”

Wang Ran walked up to Su Xiaoyu and extended his hand.

Su Xiaoyu was now a mutant zombie, far stronger than ordinary zombies.

Wang Ran wanted to try and see if being bitten by her would have any effect.


“Master, are you giving me an extra meal”

Su Xiaoyus eyes lit up.

“Just a little. Dont overdo it.” Wang Ran reminded her.

Su Xiaoyu bit Wang rans finger.

Su Xiaoyu indulged in his flavor.

Wang Ran could feel a surge of energy flowing through his finger and into his body.

“Its working!”

Wang Rans eyes lit up.

After Su Xiaoyu became stronger, her bites gave him more strength than usual.

This meant that...

He would feed Su Xiaoyu and Lin Momo to make them stronger.

Then, he would let them bite him and make him stronger.

What a beautiful synergy!

This is awesome!

If this cycle continued for a period of time, the entire apocalypse would be free!

Even mutant zombies would not scare him!

“Master, I want some too.”

When she saw Su Xiaoyu drinking in bliss, Lin Momo also came over.

When he saw her eager eyes, Wang Ran caved in, so he extended a finger to her.

Lin Momo also took a bite and began to suck the blood.

This time, Wang Ran could only feel a subtle flow of power entering his body.

It seemed that he had somewhat guessed it right.

The stronger the zombie was, the more apparent the empowerment was.

By now, he would gain very little from the bites of regular zombies.

Moreover, it was much more worthwhile having his two zombie girls taking in his blood.

After the two of them sucked his blood for a while, they seemed to be in much better spirits!

Wang Rans heart skipped a beat. He had a bad feeling about this.

“Damn, I screwed myself over!”

Wang Rans face twitched.

It had not been easy dealing with these two just now. Wouldnt feeding them give them enough energy for another round

He had really dug a deep hole for himself...


Wang Ran once again felt his back aching.

Although his strength had increased, his two followers had also become stronger.

It was brutal.

Moreover, even though Wang Rans physique and strength had improved, a man could only produce so much at a time.

It was a good thing that there was plenty of protein-sources in this warehouse.

There were also many things that could nourish the body, such as abalones and sea cucumbers.

Lin Momos cooking skills allowed these ingredients to be put to good use.

After drinking a pot of nourishing soup, Wang Ran finally felt somewhat rejuvenated.

No, I cant keep doing this.

He had to get to work!

“Xiaoyu, get to work.

“Everyone, were going to set maximum quotas on this.” Wang Ran ordered them.

Su Xiaoyu nodded.

She also knew the principle of striking a balance between work and fun.

“After youre done, you and Momo will check the food and supplies in the warehouse.

“As for food, well categorize them according to their shelf life,” Wang Ran continued.

In the apocalypse, the management of resources was very important.

Many people did not die at the hands of zombies, but starved to death.

Even though the resources in the warehouse were abundant, they could not grow complacent about it.

Some food with a short shelf life had to be eaten first.

Otherwise, they would go to waste.

“Yes, master!”

The two girls nodded.

Wang Ran did not let them off until they finally acceded to his firm requests that they changed into more regular clothing.

They finally looked a little more normal.

The two girls quickly went off to do their own things.

Wang Ran continued to study how to strengthen the security measures of this warehouse.


“We still need to do something about the surveillance cameras.”

Wang Ran observed the situation for a moment. There were 24 internal and 8 external surveillance cameras in the warehouse.

There was hardly any use for the internal cameras in the current situation.

After some rearranging, Wang Ran moved all 24 internal surveillance cameras to the outside.

The surroundings of the entire warehouse, including the generator, were under full surveillance.

The surveillance cameras in the supermarket were quite advanced. They all had night vision and motion capture functions.

This way, Wang Ran could sleep in peace at night.

After dealing with the surveillance cameras, Wang ran returned to the warehouse.

The surveillance probes were originally connected to the monitors in the control room.

Wang Ran would definitely not stay in the monitoring room all day.

Fortunately, there were many large-screen color TVs in the household area.

Wang Ran immediately found eight 80-inch televisions and stacked them together to form a huge screen.

Four surveillance images were connected to each screen.

A huge screen monitoring system was built just like that.

“Master, what a huge screen!”

Lin Momo, who was stocktaking, happened to pass by and was shocked by the huge screen.

The situation outside the warehouse could be seen clearly.

“Master, why dont you set up another big screen

“We can use it to watch porn or something!” Lin Momo suggested.

The days in the warehouse would be quite boring if they only ate and ate every day.

Wang Ran nodded.

This was a good idea.

If he had something else to do for the girls to pass the time, he would have more time to rest.

Assembling a large screen was similar to assembling a surveillance camera.

In order to experience the movie, Wang ran used nine large televisions and assembled them together in a 3×3 layout.

Through a converter, as long as he connected the video source, he could watch films on the big screen.

He had to admit that the quality of the pictures on Sonys television was really good.

Soon, Su Xiaoyu and Lin Momo, who were working, were attracted by the scene.

“Master, lets play a video and see how it is!” Su Xiaoyu proposed.

Wang Ran nodded and took out his iPad.

A tentacle-themed animation appeared on the screen...

The two girls were stunned.

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Wang Ran found it very awkward.

He had not seemed to have transferred any proper videos into the iPad...


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