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An Eventful Day

The next morning, Wang Ran woke up from his sleep, feeling refreshed.

Ever since they had the warehouse to themselves, Wang Ran had stopped sleeping in a tent.

They had a full bed to themselves, courtesy of the furniture section. Wang Ran had moved it to the front of the big screen.

This way, it would be more convenient to monitor the situation at any time.

“Master, its time for breakfast!”

The well-behaved Lin Momo served the steak and fried egg.

The steak had already been cut into many thin strips and sprinkled with seasonings.

Lin Momos cooking skills were excellent.

“Master, let me feed you!”

Lin Momo leaned toward Wang Ran, picked up a piece of steak with a fork, and delivered it to Wang Rans mouth.

“Thats good!”

Wang Ran immediately praised her after eating a piece.

“Thank you for the compliment, Master!

“Do I get a reward” Lin Momo asked, blushing.

“I know youre up to no good, but I cat prove it just yet...” he said.

Wang Ran rubbed Lin Momos little head.

Lin Momo continued to feed Wang Ran.

“Hey, wheres Xiaoyu

“Where did you go so early in the morning” Wang Ran asked curiously.

He had not seen Su Xiaoyu when he woke up today.

“Sister Xiaoyu saw a large number of zombies surrounding the warehouse from the screen.

“She went out to clean up the zombies this morning,” Lin Momo explained.


“Both of you have done so well.

“I have a feeling that you guys are up to something.”Wang Ran rubbed his waist.

Ever since he had been mututally his strength with them for the past two days, his waist seemed to have become a lot stronger.

It did not feel as sore as it did two days ago.

It wasnt impossible to give them some additional rewards occasionally...

Very quickly, Lin Momo finished feeding Wang Ran breakfast.

“Master, Im going to wash the dishes.”

Lin Momo got up and was about to leave, but Wang Ran pulled her back.


“Master, what are you doing”

Lin Momo was confused.

But soon, she understood.

Master was going to reward her!

The plate was thrown away, and the quilt rolled up.

It was another energetic morning.

Not long after, Su Xiaoyu, who had headed out to kill zombies, returned to the warehouse.


“You guys actually...”

Su Xiaoyu stood in front of the bed with her hands on her hips, looking unhappy.

I worked so hard to clean up the zombies, but you two are hiding here...

He was disregarding his own quota!

This is too much!

“Sister Xiaoyu!

“Master just complimented you and said he would reward you!”

Lin Momo covered herself with a pillow and jumped out of bed.

“Reward me...

“Of course, Ill be rewarded.”

Su Xiaoyu was secretly happy to hear Lin Momos words, but she still put on a sullen face.

Girls, even if they had turned into zombies, still needed to be coaxed.

“Alright, Xiaoyu, youve done well.

“Hurry up and come in while its hot.”

Wang Ran waved at Su Xiaoyu.

Su Xiaoyu had no reason to wait around...

This was going to be an eventful day!

After the battle, Wang Ran leaned against the cushion and enjoyed the lunch that Lin Momo fed him.

Exercise after eating, eat after exercising...

Wang Rans life was like that of a breeding pig.

Not long after, Wu Jianguo and the others appeared on the surveillance screen.

It was time for business.


Outside the warehouse.

Wu Jianguo got out of the car with his men.

“Thats Huas car...

“I didnt see him this morning. He really came here...

“Those damned guys!”Wu Jianguo couldnt help but curse.

“Boss, do you think they succeeded”

One of his underlings asked.


“Why dont you think about it How could someone occupying this place be weak

“Forget about Hua Zi. Even if all of us worked together, we might not be able to take down this warehouse!

“The world has already collapsed, but there are still some rules that must be followed.

“Hua Zi broke the rules. I dont even know if we can continue to trade with them.” Wu Jianguo sighed.

The group of people proceeded cautiously with the diesel and gasoline barrels they had collected.

“Boss, why are there so many zombie bodies on the ground

“There werent this many when I came yesterday!

“They look fresh, they just died not long ago!” one of the underlings muttered.

“There are at least 200 zombie bodies.

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“If it were us, we might not even be able to kill them in a day!

“Now, do you know their strength

“In the future, dont go running off with ideas of your own,” Wu Jianguo warned.

The underlings all nodded.

They were not like Hua Zi, so they were still upright and obeyed Wu Jianguo.

“Boss, you see...

“Isnt this Gang Zis corpse!”

One of the underlings pointed at the upper half of the body on the ground and said.


“Its such a clean cut, like a butchers work.

“He was cut in half by a single stroke.

“I remember that young man walking around with a sword at his waist.

“Such strength...”

Wu Jianguo analyzed the situation and was shocked.

Beheading a person cleanly was already a feat.

Bisecting someone from the waist with a single stroke...

How strong was he

The underlings at the side also sighed when they heard this.

Such a terrifying guy. They should never cross him.

As they spoke, the door to the warehouse opened.

A young man in a sleeping robe walked out slowly with a sword on his shoulder.

It was Wang Ran!

“Brother, I must apologize.

“I just only learned that a few of my unreliable subordinates came to your place last night to cause trouble.

“I am to blame for this. Please accept my apologies.

“As compensation...

“Well give you half of our oil today for free.

“I hope you will look past this.”

Wu Jianguo hammered his chest with one hand to express his apology.

“Since youve said so.

“Alright, well do as you say.”

Wang Ran smiled and nodded.

He finally knew why Wu Jianguo became the strongest Awakened and a significant leader in City N.

He had a good moral standing, an excellent character, and he had the strength to back his principles up.

Such a person would naturally attract a large number of followers.

Very quickly, the two sides reached a deal.

“Thats right, brother!

“You said you needed gold last time.

“Although I dont know why you need gold for in this environment...

“However, I did find a good place.

“Its a big bank with an underground vault.

“One of the ladies in our camp happened to be the vault manager of this bank. She has the key to that place.

“If youre interested, we can go together.

“You can decide on the split,” Wu Jianguo said in a clear voice.


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