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Deep Underground

After a few minutes of driving, the group arrived at the entrance of a bank.

The bank was the largest bank in the city, and one of the few banks that had a dedicated underground vault.

Even though it was the end of the world, it was still standing firm..

The Treasury and the gold vault were all firmly locked.

Without the key, no one would have the tools to break in.

“Lets go!

“Weve been here once.

“It shouldnt be very dangerous,” Wu Jianguo said as he got out of the car.

The group lifted the anti-theft curtain and entered the bank.

The interior of the bank was dim, and it was very quiet.

Wang Ran gently stroked the little Golden Retrievers head soothingly.

Wang Ran did not dare to leave this little thing alone in the car.

In terms of safety, Wang Ran was the safest spot for it.

“Go through two doors, and youll find the small elevator that leads to the underground vault.

“We got the key and the keycard.”

Wu Jianguo patted his pocket.

Wang Ran nodded. He would not be able to force open a vault anytime soon.

Of course, when the city ran out of power, it would be even more difficult with the vault sealed shut.

Wu Jianguo swiped his card and led everyone through the two doors smoothly.

They did not encounter any zombies on the way.

“We didnt go this far the last time we came.

“But there are no zombies here. I cant help but find it strange,” Wu Jianguo said softly.

“There are definitely zombies here,” Wang Ran said with certainty.

He could feel the little Golden Retriever in his arms trembling in fear.

Animal instincts were never wrong.

As soon as the little Golden Retriever entered, it began to tremble, which meant that there was definitely a problem here.

However, this little fellow was also quite obedient. Although it was afraid, it did not call out once.

“Brother Wang Ran, youre definitely more experienced than me with this. Please take the lead.

“Everyone, stay alert.”

Wu Jianguo reminded them softly.

At that moment, one of the underlings accidentally kicked a flashlight.

In the quiet environment, it was particularly loud.

Everyone stopped in their tracks and observed their surroundings.

Nothing happened.

“If there were any zombies, they would have pounced on us.


Wu Jianguo frowned.

“Unless the zombies are down there.”

Wang Ran pointed at the floor.

There shouldnt be any danger on this floor.

Those zombies were probably banks staff who took the elevator and hid down below after the zombie outbreak.

Judging from the current situation, there should be no living people down there.

They would not be able to determine how many zombies were down there.

“Lets go, well have to head down.”

Wang Ran went over and pressed the elevator button.

For the sake of security, this was the only elevator that could lead to the banks vault.

The elevator slowly rose up to their level.

The tension in the hearts of Wu Jianguo and the others kept increasing as the elevator slowly went up.

Everyone pointed their weapons at the elevator door.

Ding! Ding!

The sound of the elevator arriving made Wu Jianguo and his people tremble.

Then, the elevator door slowly opened...

It was empty inside...

There was a long trail of blood on the floor of the elevator, but other than that, the elevator looked quite normal.

“This blood stain is so strange and telling...”

Wu Jianguo frowned.

“Someone was hiding in the elevator, trying to escape. Something dragged the unfortunate soul out before that could happen.

“There are no bloodstains on the ground of our floor.

“This means that everything happened downstairs.

“There are indeed zombies down there.

“Be careful, everyone.”

After saying that, Wang Ran took the lead and walked into the elevator.

The others hesitated for a moment before following suit.

The elevator door slowly closed, and it began to descend.

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Going down was much more nerve-wracking than waiting for the elevator to come up.

The space in the elevator was only so limited. If something happened, there would be no place to run.

In addition, the unknown was the most terrifying.

No one knew what would happen when the elevator door opened.

The fluorescent light in the elevator flickered, making a crackling sound.

A young man with long hair shivered in fear.

“Hahaha, Lin Hua, are you cultured people all so timid”

A brawny man laughed.

“I... I... Im just an ordinary person, isnt it normal to be afraid...”

Lin Hua was a primary school teacher, and he was indeed a little scrawny.

Wu Jianguo would not have brought him out if not for the fact that Hua Zi and the other three had gone to Wang Ran to end themselves, resulting in a shortage of manpower.

“If you really encounter danger later, dont wet yourself.”

The burly man joked.

The tense atmosphere in the elevator eased up because of the conversation between the two.


The elevator stopped.

Everyone grew wary again.

All the weapons were pointed outside in unison.

Ding! Ding!

With a crisp sound, the elevator door slowly opened.

It was dark ahead.

A gust of cold wind blew in their faces.

Everyone felt their hair stand on end.

The little Golden Retriever in Wang Rans arms trembled even more.

“Everyone, be careful. Danger is definitely close by.”

Wang Ran held his sword in one hand and the flashlight in the other. He walked in front.

The others followed closely behind under Wu Jianguos lead.

It was a long passage.

The light from the flashlight couldnt reach the end. It only provided enough visibility for a dozen meters before him.

On both sides of the passage...

There were all corpses.


“Why are these corpses all dismembered...

“This doesnt look like something zombies would do!”

The burly man muttered softly.

Normal zombies only ate living humans.

They never had to be needlessly cruel.

“Somethings wrong ...”

“Some of the corpses were dismembered when they were already zombies.

“This is definitely not done by ordinary zombies.

“Its possible...”

Wang Ran had a bad feeling in his mind.

A Mutated zombie!

Someone once concluded that the more confined the space was, the more likely it was for Mutated zombies to appear. This was just like the Chinese poison jar story.

Poison would kill poison within a small space and something potent and deadly would emerge.

At first, Wang Ran thought that the mutated zombies would only appear a month after the apocalypse.

Unexpectedly, it had only been a few days.

Perhaps these Mutated zombies had not shown up late, they had been there from the start but remained trapped elsewhere.


At the end of the corridor, there was a soft whimpering sound.

It was creepy.


“Im done!

“Im out of here!” Lin Hua shouted and rushed to the elevator.

“F*ck! Lin Hua, what are you doing!” Wu Jianguo hissed.

Shouting like that was disastrous!


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