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Crossbow-wielding Girl

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. How disgusting.” Wang Ran sighed as he parked the car.

To be honest, living in such an environment was indeed quite enviable.

His small apartment was like a doghouse compared to this place.

Wang Ran stepped forward and knocked on the door. Then, he pressed the doorbell.

It was probably because the house was too big that it took a while for someone to open the door.

“Youre here to deliver food, right”

The door opened a crack, and a crisp female voice asked.

“Im not running a charity here, Im here for a trade.

“Prepare your gold,” Wang Ran said indifferently.

“Let me see if theres really food first!”

The girl was very cautious.

Wang Ran sighed. He walked to the car, took out a bag of red bean bun and a bag of tomatoes, and shook them at the door.

The door slowly opened.

A girl in a checkered short skirt, who looked to be about sixteen or seventeen years old, was holding a crossbow in her hand. She was carefully sizing Wang Ran up.

“Where are the adults in your family

“Youre home alone”

Wang Ran was stunned.

It was already the end of the world, and it would be difficult for a little girl to survive.

Although the current security measures in this community were still good, who knew how long they would last

“Of course, I have adults in my house!

“The adults are all in their rooms!” the little girl replied.

Wang Ran smiled.

Only a ghost would believe that!

If there were adults in the house, would they let a little girl open the door

It was good to be on guard, but she was too inexperienced.

If she met someone with bad intentions, she wouldnt be able to deal with them.

“Youre... the one asking for 30 pounds, right

“I still have 74 pounds left here. If you give me the gold, Ill throw in a bonus.”

Wang Ran casually picked up a tomato and spoke as he munched on it.

The girl was silent for a while and then nodded.

“Ill go get the gold. You wait at the door.”

The girl closed the door after she finished speaking.

Wang ran smiled. He was a little impressed by this little girl.

This was very similar to his previous self.

No matter what the situation was, they had to be on guard against the people around them.

This was also the reason why Wang Ran, who was previously an outcast, could survive for a year.

Not long after, the door opened again.

The girl came out with a small box.

“5,000 grams of gold.

“You can check it.”

The girl stopped when she was ten meters away from Wang Ran and threw the box in front of him.

At this distance, if an ordinary person had any bad thoughts, they would definitely not be as fast as the crossbow.

Wang Ran was already used to the girls cautiousness. He quickly tested the gold bar, and found it to be the genuine artcile.

“Heres 54 pounds.

“Ill leave two eggplants for the security guard at the entrance, and you can have the rest,” Wang Ran said as he began to unload the goods.

The 54 pounds of food were neatly placed on the ground.

At that moment, the girl heaved a sigh of relief.

“By the way, can you get a mouse

“Gaming, something solid like Razor, RoG, as long as it does the trick.

“Ill give you a gold bar in exchange!” the girl said.

Each of her gold bars was 500 grams.

“A gold bar in exchange for a mouse!”

Wang Ran was stunned.

There was actually such a need

Are you an internet addict!

“If you can, get me a graphics card. 2080ti will do.

“Ill give you two gold bars.”

The girl added.

“I can get you a mouse. Generic. We can forget about the graphics card.

“Im not going to Computer City just for two gold bars.

“This is my WeChat. If you need anything, you can send it to me.

“If I do happen to come across what you need, Ill let you know.”

Wang Ran wrote a note to the girl.

The girl nodded.

He didnt expect there to be such a convenient delivery service in the apocalypse.

Other than the fact that it was a little harder to match up against opponents in LoL, life was no different from before.

Wang Ran kept the gold bar and returned to the car.

Todays take-out mission was completed, and he had a general understanding of the current situation in the city after traveling here.

Now, all he had to do was to explore East Lake island, and he would be able to go home.

Wang Ran drove the MPV back to the entrance of the community.

The two security guards from before came out to greet him from a distance.

This was the relationship built by cucumbers and bananas.

“Done already”

The old security guard asked with a smile.

“Thats right, it was only two households, so it did not take long.

“By the way, theres still much more from where that came.

“Can you help me ask the residents here if theyre interested

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“Ill give you some more the next time I come,” Wang Ran said.

If he wanted to quickly get rid of the food that was about to expire, this neighborhood was a good choice.

After settling the security guards, they would naturally help to publicize it.

“Oh dear, how can I accept that...

“Alright! Well help you ask around.

“Youve already shown up and delivered to two houses, so the residents here should be more likely to believe and accept you,” the old security guard said with a smile.

“Here, take these.”

Wang Ran took out some eggplants and handed them to the two security guards.

He had to establish a good relationship with them.

“Oh, thats right!

“When I went to deliver something at no. 18, I felt something off.

“Something told me...

“Theres a zombie inside.

“Of course, I hope Im just overthinking it.”

“However, for safetys sake, youd better go and take a look.”

Wang Ran reminded them.

Although the life and death of the people here had nothing to do with him, they would have to postpone their deaths until he finished dealing with the food that was about to expire.

“Good! Thank you, sir!

“Well go and check it out.”

The two security guards saluted Wang Ran.

The railings and roadblocks at the entrance were removed, and Wang Ran drove away from the neighborhood.

At the entrance of the community, there were a few fresh zombie bodies.

It seemed like the guards had taken care of them when he went in to deliver the goods.

The security measures here were indeed good. As long as it wasnt a sea of zombies or Mutated zombies, it would be hold firm for a long time more.

It was almost evening when he left the neighborhood.

The scenery on the road by the sea was very good, and the setting sun reflected red on the sea.

Wang Ran drove to East Lake Island, which was not far away.

After crossing the long bridge, Wang Ran arrived at East Lake Island.

This was an island that spanned over nearly 200 acres, and on the island was a newly built resort.

In addition to the dozens of individual villas, there was also a large main building on the island.

The main building had a restaurant, a gym, a rooftop pool, a cinema, a wine cellar, and so on.

It could be said that the basic living and entertainment facilities were all complete here.

There was even a freshwater purification system that could directly extract seawater and distill it into freshwater.

The only regret was that he did not find a generator or anything of the sort.

It was probably because the hotel had just been built and had not yet started operating, so it was not equipped.

He didnt know if the few units at the side of the warehouse would be enough for them to use.

Wang Ran walked around the island and sighed again.

The location of this place was too good!

Cliffs surrounded the island, and the bridge was the only way to reach the island.

It was indeed a good place that was easy to defend and hard to attack.

After the food on hand was dealt with, he could set up a base here.

Oh no, it could even be done at the same time!

The next time he delivered goods, he could drive a large truck over. Some things that did not need to be refrigerated, such as canned food, could be moved over first.

When the time comes, Ill arrange for one of my zombies to watch over it.


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