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Restrain Yourself!

Helplessly, Wang Ran could only cut his finger and put it in front of Su Xiaoyu.

“Not too much!

“Dont suck me dry!”

Wang Ran reminded her.

Su Xiaoyu nodded and began to suck on his fingers.

Her face was full of satisfaction!

Wang Ran retracted his hand when he estimated that around 20cc of his blood had been sucked.

“How long am I going to last like this

“Ill be anemic, or even die from blood loss!”

Wang Ran sighed and started eating his instant noodles.

After the meal, Wang Ran sat on the sofa and began to think about his next plan.

Su Xiaoyu, on the other hand, was very clingy to Wang Ran. She sat directly next to him and kept leaning toward Wang Ran.

“Uh, when you were a human, were you this... bold and unrestrained”

Wang Ran had been single for a long time, so he was not used to Su Xiaoyus actions.

“I dont know either...

“I just feel like I really want to get close to you...” Su Xiaoyu blinked her big eyes and said innocently.

“Could it be that after drinking my blood, you developed a reliance on me

“Or should I say... you just to get close to me and then find a chance to eat me”

Wang Ran did not dare to think further.

At the moment, he still had to prepare for the plan to move to the supermarket warehouse in a few days.

“Xiaoyu, do you have anything in your house thats suitable to be used as a weapon” Wang Ran asked.

Although his hammer was still capable, its reach was far too limited.

The pan had the same problem.

If he were to fight with zombies, he would easily be surrounded.

Although he knew he wouldnt be infected if he was bitten by zombies...

One could be bitten to death.

It was important to have an equally powerful weapon.

There were two intersections from here to the supermarket.

A fierce battle was inevitable along the way.

Furthermore, he had to bring a weak girl, like Su Xiaoyu with him.

If he didnt have a powerful weapon, it was easy for him to die halfway.


“Dont think I have any at home ...”

“Ah! I know that Grandpa Sun, who lives opposite us, seems to be a collector. He has some swords and other things in his house,” Su Xiaoyu said, patting her head.

“The opposite unit

“Alright, you can stay at home.

“Ill go take a look.”

Wang Ran looked at the sky outside the window. It was already starting to turn dark.

It was too dangerous to act at night, so it was better to settle it now.


“I want to follow you.”

Su Xiaoyu grabbed Wang Rans arm and refused to let go.

Wang Ran sighed.

Is he entangled with a female zombie

Fortunately, she was a female zombie with long legs and big breasts. Otherwise, he didnt even dare to think about it.

“Then follow behind me obediently.

“If theres any danger, run home immediately, understood”

Wang Ran instructed.

“Yes, Master!”

Su Xiaoyu nodded obediently.

The wordMaster made Wang Ran, who was still single, shiver.

It was really an irresistible title.

However, he had only known Su Xiaoyu for less than a day, and she was already calling him Master

Could it be due to his blood

Lets not think about this for now.

Wang Ran armed himself again and opened the door quietly with Su Xiaoyu.

The body of the middle-aged woman at the door was still lying on the ground.

“She lived just next door.

“She might have the key on her.”

Su Xiaoyu reminded him.

Wang Ran nodded. He searched the middle-aged womans body for a while and found the key.

With the key, there was no need to force the door open.

The level of danger had been greatly reduced.

Wang Ran carefully opened the door with the key.

It was quiet inside, without a single sound.

However, since the woman had turned into a zombie, it meant that there had to be something wrong with her family.

Wang Ran casually took an apple from the side table and threw it on the floor.

If there were zombies in the room, they would be attracted by the sound of the collision.

This was also the experience that Wang Ran had honed after surviving in the apocalypse for a year.

More than ten seconds passed, and there was no movement.

Wang Rans anxious heart slowly calmed down.

“Be careful and keep quiet.”

After Wang Ran reminded Su Xiaoyu, he slowly walked into the living room.

The structure of the house was symmetrical to Su Xiaoyus house, with two bedrooms and one living room.

The bedroom and study doors were closed.

Su Xiaoyu was about to open the door when Wang Ran immediately stopped her.

It was especially easy for danger to appear behind such a closed door.

Wang Ran held his breath and slowly pressed the doorknob.


The aged doorknob let out an ear-piercing sound.


The roars of zombies sounded from inside the room.

“There are indeed zombies inside.”

Wang Ran pushed the door open with the pan in front of him.

A white-haired male zombie was tied tightly to a chair.

Upon seeing Wang Ran, the white-haired zombie struggled with all his might. His bloodstained mouth opened and closed.

“She must have tied him up...

“But got bitten in the process.”

Wang Ran did not feel any sympathy or sadness.

After living in the post-apocalyptic world for a year, he had encountered all kinds of situations.

“Lets go and find this old mans collection.”

Wang Ran had not forgotten the purpose of this trip.

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Opposite the bedroom was the study, which should be the old mans collection room.

After carefully opening the door, Wang Rans eyes lit up.

The room was filled with swords!

“This bronze sword...

“If its the real deal, then its quite valuable.

“Its a pity that itll be useless in a fight.

“This sword hasnt been sharpened... No.”

“This one... Its too ugly...”

After looking around, Wang Rans gaze fell on a Tang-era sword.

This sword looked a little like a samurai sword.

It shouldnt be an antique, but a modern imitation.

Wang Ran held the Tang sword in his hand.

“Its sharp and heavy to the touch. Perfect!”

Wang Ran was very satisfied with this Tang sword.

If it was well maintained, it could kill at least a few hundred zombies.

Wang ran remembered that before he transmigrated, he had picked up a katana from a cosplaying zombie.

However, after killing a few zombies, the blade was damaged.

In terms of durability, this sword should hold up better.

At that moment, the sound of a collision suddenly came from the bedroom opposite.

“Not good! The zombie broke free!”

Wang Ran quickly reacted.

“Xiaoyu, hide behind me!” Wang Ran shouted.

Xiaoyu was at the door of the study.

The zombie was only two steps away from her!


A shocking scene happened.

When the white-haired zombie came to Su Xiaoyu, it did not attack her.

Instead, it tried to squeeze into the study!


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