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The gate to Avalon Chapter 6: The Zepar family

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In a brightly lit and well-furnished room similar to that of a victorian era decor on earth, the lone visage of a small emaciated boy could be seen restlessly turning in a luxurious bed ruffling up the thick golden sheets and knocking off a few of the silver laced feather stuffed pillows onto the carpeted ground below.

"Urgh, my head hurts," The boy groggily moaned, opening his eyes to the picturesque room he had unknowingly made into his temporary residence. "Huh, where am I?!" The boy that could now easily be identified as Arthur exclaimed, jumping from his lofty resting position to a bolt upright sitting posture.

System, what happened? Where am I?! Arthur quickly demanded, his eyes darting around the exquisite room, taking in every inch of space before shifting his gaze over to his previously battered arms, only to see that they were now perfectly healed.

Did I… get healed? Did my plan work? Arthur grumbled.

{The host is currently located in the Zepars private estate}

The system answered in its usual mechanical tone of voice, not bothering to answer Arthurs initial question as to how he could get to where he was now, but that really didn matter to the boy who was currently resisting the urge to bounce up and down on the delicate mattress like the child that he now was.

It worked, my plan worked!! Arthur jovially beamed. Yes, as mentioned before, this was all part of Arthurs hastily made plan to integrate himself into the Zepar family and prevent the young mistresses fall into the hands of the other transmigrators, all the while hed increase his strength using their recourses. Hey, system, what percent is Charlotte currently at? Arthur dumbly questioned, wanting to better know his current relationship with the girl before hed make any further moves.

{Im sorry, but I cannot show you the status of the girl without being in her presence}

The system quickly responded, momentarily stunning Arthur with the number of limitations it seemed to have. Really…. Well, I suppose theirs no use complaining about that. Ill just wait until someone comes to check on me…. Though I think I can assume that shell be around 60% on the scale after all, what type of kid would fall in love so easily with their saviour, Arthur pompously commented, utterly unaware of the shock that would soon befall him.

Though Arthur wouldn have to wait for long to receive this shock as before he could even continue his monologue, he was rudely interrupted by the creaking of the large dark oak door that had entrapped him in this royal tomb.

"Arthur, are you awake?" The childishly high voice of Charlotte resonated from the other side of the door before the girl made her otherworldly figure known to the boy as without waiting for a response Charlotte pulled open the heavy door with a strength unbefitting a girl of her age and barged her way in on the stunned figure of Arthur.

Was she always this pretty? Come to think of it. This is probably the first time I actually managed to get a good look at her…. Arthur dumbly commented upon seeing the glowing figure of the older girl. With long golden hair that glittered in the light of the presumed morning and emerald eyes that seemed to radiate with the glow of life, Charlotte rushed over to Arthurs bedside, where she promptly placed herself by his side.

"Are you ok, Arthur? You

e not uncomfortable or anything, are you? I heard that healing with a potion could leave you feeling rather itchy," Charlotte squealed, pushing her beautiful face unbefitting of a child her age close to Arthurs.

Why is she so close…. Arthur inwardly remarked, "Oh… No, Im fine…but where am I?" Arthur responded, deciding to ask the obvious question anyone would ask in his position. After all, it would be suspicious if he already knew where he was.


e at my house… Some guards came and took you here after your fight to get you healed," Charlotte hurriedly responded, her eyes jumping with joy at the mere fact that she was able to converse with her hero. "You were so cool when you beat those ugly pigs up, like wham!"

So the guards did come, thank **… I would have been screwed otherwise, Arthur sighed. The guards were the only reason he felt confident in his attempt to save the jovial Charlotte, as even if he did get his ass beat, all he would have to do would be distract the men for a couple of minutes before they would arrive and detain them.

System, can you open up her thingy now,

{Name: Charlotte Zepar


Sex: Female

Race: Human

Rank: Mana gathering stage 1

Titles: Prodigy,

Bloodline: ???? (Unawakened)

Charm: 9/10 Near the pinnacle of human beauty

Love: 110% (Madly in Love with you)

Description: How??}

"Huh", Arthur dumbly blurted upon reading through Charlottes status. Hey system, whats going on? Are you broken? How is her love so high?! More importantly, how did she even manage to break through the 100% threshold!!

{The system has no idea how she managed to reach such a state, though I can assure you that I am not broken, merely confused,}

"Arthur, are you ok?" Charlotte questioned, knocking some sense into the hollow Arthur, who promptly sent a piercing glare at the girl. She looks fine…. Like she doesn have hearts for eyes like in the game or anything… Are you sure you

e not broken? Arthur fervently commented, ignoring the rising blush that was slowly dying Charlottes snow-white cheeks.

"Arthur, Arthur, Arthur, Arthur," Charlotte muttered, her eyes momentarily becoming cloudy from the sudden closeness with the boy who soon recoiled away from her. She seems fine…. But if what you

e saying is true, shell probably end up assaulting me or something like that, Arthur breathed, his eyes returning to the dark oak door where three more figures could be seen.

One was a tall, handsome middle-aged man with short well kept golden blonde hair similar to that of Charlotte and pitch-black eyes that sent a shiver down Arthurs spine. His posture was rigid and regal, emitting an aura of strength and intimidation befitting a royal. This man was, of course, Charlottes father, William Zepar, the current head of the Zepar family that he had been married into.

Arthur hurriedly surveyed the next person who stood in distant opposition to her presumed husband. Sporting long brown hair that cascaded down her back like a waterfall and the same emerald eyes as her daughter, she would be considered by many to be the definition of mature beauty with a perfectly sculpted face and a permanent smirk that seemed to be ready to unleash a flurry of teases at any given moment. She was a fan favourite in the original game, with many players enchanted by her mature aura. However, this popularity was short-lived as much to the dismay of the player base, she was never a capture target, Arthur sighed upon giving his evaluation and moving his eyes over to the final new arrival who stood between the two adults who towered over her like giants. Her name was, of course, Vienna Zepar, mother of the infamous man-killer Charlotte Zepar and the battle maiden Iris.

The girl appeared to be barely older than her sister, with long brown hair and the Zepar familys trademark emerald green. She bore no resemblance to her father aside from her current expression that seemed to mirror the middle-aged mans frown. However, Arthur would soon be broken out of his observations by the now-familiar transparent blue screens of the system.

Name: Vienna Zepar


Sex: Female

Race: Human

Rank: Advanced Mage Stage 2 (Average life expectancy 750 years)

Titles: Martyr, Prodigy, Beauty of the battlefield, The teasing Marquis, … (View More)

Bloodline: ???? (Unawakened, Requirements not fulfilled )

Charm: 10/10 The pinnacle of human beauty (Are you charmed yet?)

Love: 30% (Positive impression)

Description: Is this the boy my daughters taken to so quickly?

Difficulty: A (She was forced into her marriage by her parents, play your cards right, and shes yours)

Name: Iris Zepar


Sex: Female

Race: Human

Rank: Mana gathering stage 6

Titles: Prodigy, Zepar Heiress,

Bloodline: ???? (Unawakened)

Charm: 9/10 Near the pinnacle of human beauty

Love: -30% (Dislike/Jealousy)

Description: Mad that a nobody peasant like you could possibly be stronger than her

Difficulty: B (Once you break her pride, itll be smooth sailing)

Name: William Zepar

Age: 120

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Rank: Adept Knight Stage 5 (Average life expectancy 650 years)

Titles: Pedo, Leader of the largest army in the Abraham empire, Repressor, Unknowing Tyrant,.... (View more)

Bloodline: Golem king

Charm: 9/10 Near the pinnacle of human beauty

Trust: -60% (Already Hates you)

Description: I need to tie this child down to my army…

Hey, system, why are you able to scan both Vienna and William if they

e not heroines…. And to add more to that, why does Vienna have a love meter and all that stuff, Arthur blandly questioned, his eyes fixed on the newly arrived family, not portraying a hint of the shock he had felt just seconds prior.

{There are two answers to this question host, the first one being that the system will automatically scan any and all characters that the host deems essential to the main story of the "Game"}

Ok, thats cool, I guess, but thats only one answer. Whats the second one? Arthur pressed on all the while; the family slowly moved around to his bedside like a group of ravenous predators circling their trapped prey.

{The second answer relates to the mission the host has been given by the gods that sent you here. Your mission is to take all the girls away from the protagonist and the transmigrators and keep them all for yourself; thus, the host will have to make previously unobtainable girls in the game fall for you as a countermeasure.}

The system answered, leaving Arthur momentarily dumbstruck, Fuck I didn account for that at all. Im an idiot; of course, thered be some caveat like that,

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