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The golden list appears in the world, and my queen is actually Wuyu Chapter 1

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The golden list appears in the world, and my queen is actually Wuyu. Author: Pansheng 001

Su Yi crossed into the world of Kyushu and became the emperor of the Ming Dynasty Zhu Houzhao, awakening the lying down system.

This is a big world that integrates countless imperial dynasties. Martial arts practice reaches its peak, and you can split mountains and break the sea.

For 20 years, I have lied flat every day.

There are many tools under his command to help him guard the country, and there are perfect queens and concubines in the harem.

In martial arts, there are also beautiful confidants who make friends with each other.

He thought he could lie down like this until the world was invincible.

But I don want this day.

Kyushu Gold List appeared in the world, and the world was shaken.

[Second place in Kyushu Qianlong List: Wu Yu (Queen of the Ming Dynasty Li Mei Niang), realm: Martial Arts Master is perfect.]

Zhu Houzhao was shocked: "What? Queen, are you actually Wu?

Wu Wu: "Your Majesty, listen to my concubines explanation..."

[No. 1 in the Kyushu Qianlong List: Su Yi (Zhu Houzhao, Emperor of the Ming Dynasty), Realm: Land Immortals!]

Wu Wu:..

Chapter 001 Zhu Houzhao, Land Fairy

Kyushu World.

Daming Emperor.

Royal Palace, Royal Garden.

Zhu Houzhao continued his painting while tasting the osmanthus cake handed over by the queen to his mouth.

There is a pleasant look on my face.

[Ding, congratulations to the host for lying flat for a day and getting a random reward: Dragon God Gong.]

The tip of the pen trembled slightly.

When you outline the lines again, there is an indescribable mystery.

Wu Yi, who was accompanying him, felt it in an instant.

The beautiful face showed a trace of shock.

This painting...

Its like a real world.

Your Majestys cultivation has improved again.

But painting a picture can also improve cultivation?

It is estimated that the whole Kyushu has unmatched talent.

For a long time, a perfect painting came into sight.

Zhu Houzhao smiled and didn care much.

My mind moved.

A virtual panel that only he can see appears in front of him.

[Lieping system!]

[Host: Zhu Houzhao (Su Yi)]

[Age: 22]

[Picture: Land Wonderland!]

[Kungfu: Qinglian Fairy Sutra (with Qinglian Sword Book, the Gods Gods Art, Bingjia Martial Arts Sutra, Xuanzi Gods Magic Kung Fu as the core, it is self-created by integrating a series of skills such as the God of War, the secret of immortality, Xuanwu Zhengong, Jiuyang Zhenjing, Jiuyin Zhenjing, Taixuan Sutra, etc.)]

[Martial Arts: Piaomiao Sword Tips, Fuxi God Tianxiang, Eighteen Palms of Dragons, Returning to the Sect of Ten Thousand Swords, Seven Spin Fingers of Broken Armor Peak, One Pneumatic Mountains and Rivers, Sanqing Fengshen Sword, Stringless Crossbow Eighteen Types, etc.]

[Items: Xuanyuan Sword, Stringless Crossbow, Blood Bodhi, Da Huan Dan, Fuxiqin...]

Looking at the attribute panel, Zhu Houzhao sighed in his heart.

Originally from Earth, he accidentally crossed into Kyushu.

It also became Zhu Houzhao of the Ming Dynasty.

He was appointed crown prince at the age of two and emperor at the age of 15. Over the years, his life has long been integrated here.

Kyushu World is a very special world of high martial arts.

Many martial arts worlds I heard in my previous life have been integrated into it.

Its not just the Ming Dynasty.

Qin, Han, Sui, Tang and Song.

Yuan and Qing two foreign emperors.

There are also Liao, Jin, Dali, Xixia, Turkic, Xiongnu and other countries dormant in the dark.

Outside Kyushu, small countries in the Western Regions and Yingzhou Goguryeo.

There are also big schools, families and door valves in all countries.

The power is intricate.

Kyushus vast territory is beyond everyones imagination.

Historically, countless heroes and emperors have tried to unify Kyushu, but today, they are still divided for most of the time.

The war between imperial dynasties and kingdoms has never stopped.

More than all countries.

Even in the world, there are heroes separating, killing everywhere.

I don know how many people will die every day.

Countless people are looking forward to a real hero who can unify Kyushu and bring people a peaceful and safe life.

Kyushu World.

The status of warriors is also beyond imagination.

In particular, it is not impossible for powerful warriors to turn upside down, one against one against one thousand, one against ten thousand.

Once the land fairy is reached.

You can even break the space.

It can fully become a strategic weapon of a country.

It is the last guarantee of the court.

In such a terrible world, fortunately, Zhu Houzhao has a system. Otherwise, as an emperor alone, he may not be comfortable.

The lying flat system can get random rewards as long as you stay flat every day.

Skills, martial arts, divine soldiers, elixirs, and even talents, etc., everything is everything.

Relying on this, he began to practice from birth.

For more than 20 years, I have received countless rewards.

Even not long after ascending the throne, it became a land fairyland.

And integrate all skills into one, and create your own green lotus fairy scriptures.

Relying on strong strength, we always "micro-server private visit" and visit the land of Kyushu.

While looking for "tool people", they arranged one by one by one.

Waiting for the future to meet the needs of the times.

Opening his eyes, Zhu Houzhao saw her beautiful, noble and elegant queen looking at her with an infatuated face.

"Your Majesty, is the person in this painting really a concubine? Its so beautiful!"

Seeing Zhu Houzhao open his eyes, the majesty and dignity on Wu Yus face dissipated in an instant, showing a sweet smile.

Looking at him with an admirable face.

"Haha, compared with my queen, its still a little worse." Zhu Houzhao smiled happily.

A year after Zhu Houzhao ascended the throne, he was 16 years old.

The Empress Dowager selected the best three-person income in the harem among the 5,000 beautiful women.

And the queen is one of them.

At first, he didn pay attention to it, but after a period of understanding, he found more and more advantages in the queen.

Not only is he beautiful, but also talented.

Learn everything quickly.

After a lot of calculation, I plan to focus on training.

Who knows that after getting along for a few years, Zhu Houzhao became more and more satisfied.

I think this queen is very happy.

When Zhu Houzhao usually lay flat and ignored the government, the queen helped him pay silent attention to the Ming Dynasty Hall, so as not to get a fault.

After a few years of getting along with each other, we have long been in love with each other and tacitly.

Zhu Houzhao stroked Wu Yus beautiful face and smiled softly.

Your queen is so understanding!

He can be satisfied with the rest of his current days.

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