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The golden list appears in the world, and my queen is actually Wuyu Chapter 2

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Just then, the purple air rose and the thunder crossed the void.

Originally, the clear sky turned dark in an instant.

Thunder burst into the world.

Countless people looked at the sky in horror.

Then, the golden light suddenly appeared.

It attracted the attention of everyone in Kyushu.

Anywhere, even in the most secret dark room underground.

You can see this brilliant golden light.

It seems to automatically appear in everyones mind.

"Your Majesty, is this?"

Wu Yu frowned and subconsciously stopped in front of Zhu Houzhao.

The smell of terror broke out of her.

"Its okay!"

"Lets take a look first."

Zhu Houzhao looked calm.

He didn notice the crisis and should not be dangerous.

Just a moment.

In the bright golden light.

A golden scroll emerges out of thin air.

[Heavenly Road is coming, Kyushu Gold List, now!]

At the moment of the Kyushu gold list, relevant concepts have been reflected in the minds of all sentient beings.

Daqin, Xianyang Palace.

"Did you have a hidden dragon list, 25 years old!"

"Can I reward the things of immortality?"

A glimmer of light flashed in Ying Zhengs eyes in a black dragon robe, and then whispered.

He has understood the concept of the list.

I am looking forward to the rewards for those on the list.

Tang Changan, Taiji Hall.

"I don know if there is anything to improve the strength of the Tang Dynasty?"

A strong desire flashed in Li Shimings eyes.

He has just experienced the Xuanwu Gate Incident, and he urgently needs to improve his national strength to improve his image.

The emperors of other countries, such as the Han Dynasty, the Sui Dynasty and the Song Dynasty, have different reactions.

Of course, all sentient beings in Kyushu also look different.

Chapter 002 Be sure to find you out

In the sky, the golden scroll slowly opened.

Lines of large words appeared.

[Kyushu · Qianlong List]

[From now on, the Kyushu World Hidden Dragon List will open.]

[All martial arts under the age of 25 can be included in the list with strength, fate, luck and talent!]

[This list is only ranked in 30 places, the last ten are innate martial artists, 10 are masters, and the top ten are masters and superior warriors.]

[Everyone on the list can get the heavenly reward.]

[The list is updated once a year.]


"The hidden dragon list? Im just twenty-five years old this year. In the early days of congenital period, I will definitely be on the list. Hahaha, Tiandao reward, Im coming!"

"Go, there are only ten places for congenital warriors."

"Master? The 25-year-old master actually has ten places?

"I don know who can be on the list!"


Just then.

The golden list shines brightly.

The list began to refresh new text.

[Qinlong List · 30th place!]

[Guo Jing!]

[Identity: Jiangnan Seven Weird Disciples, Hong Qi Disciples]

[Dongle: Innate and Late Period]

[Kung Fu: Quan Zhenxin Method, Jiuyin Zhenjing, 18 palms of the dragon]

[Reward: Low-level lower elixir: wash the marrow elixir, wash tendons and cut the marrow, improve qualification talent.]

"Guo Jing?"

Zhu Houzhao looked at the name on the list, and his eyes flashed with surprise, and then he became clear.

This is a comprehensive martial arts world. The fate of the protagonist of the martial arts novels in the previous life has been completely disrupted.

Judging from his martial arts skills, it is obvious that he has just worshipped Hong Qigong as his teacher for a long time.

He hasn become a giant yet.

Its just that he has gone with Huang Rong now?

Suddenly, Zhu Houzhaos strange figure came to his mind.

There was a smile at the corners of the mouth.

I don know what happened to the little girl.


Daqin Palace.

"Seven monsters in the south of the Yangtze River? Hong Qigong?"

"Aiqing, do you know who they are?"

Ying Zheng looked at the list in the air with scorching eyes.

The thirtieth will be rewarded with the local-level elixir.

What if its the top few?

Will there be immortality medicine?

Unfortunately, this list can only be included in the list under the age of 25!

"Your Majesty, the seven monsters in the south of the Yangtze River and Hong Qigong are both martial arts in the Southern Song Dynasty."

"The seven monsters in the south of the Yangtze River are not worth mentioning, not even first-class."

"And Hong Qigong was one of the five best northern beggars in the Southern Song Dynasty, and the early days of the master."

In the hall, Gai Nie meditated for a moment and replied directly.

The tone is quite dissatisfactory.

"Zhao Gao, pass on. Anyone who enters our Qin Dynasty will be awarded the title of Marquis, the top 20, Marquis of Ten, and the Top Ten, King!"

Ying Zhengs eyes moved.

Those who enter the list of submersible dragons, even the last ten congenital warriors, are also people with high potential and luck.

Not to mention the top 20.

Master of Martial Arts, Master.

Thats the real proud person.

Its worth attracting.

"Your Majesty is wise!"


Southern Song Dynasty.

The palace, on the beam of the royal dining room.

Hong Qi just took a few plates of boutique delicacies and supted.

"Jinger, a stupid boy, is he on the list of latent dragons?"

When I saw the list in the sky, there was a smile on my face.

"I also rewarded the marrow washing elixir."

"The elm head should be enlightened!"


Jiaxing, Yuelai Inn.

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