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Songjiashan City, living room.

"Wen Long has seen Miss Yuhua!"

A thin young man first saw the girl in front of him. She couldn help trembling and his face was stunned.

A emerald green gauze shirt, slim, black hair draped on the vest.

Exquisite face and elegant temperament give people an intellectual beauty.

At first sight, it is unforgettable.

"Second Master Song, my gangster seems to have a sincere affection for Yuhua. Its the first time Ive seen him so happy since I was a child!"

Behind Xie Wenlong, Xie Hui smiled hypocritically and sighed at Song Zhi:

"Wen Long and Yuhua are really talented and beautiful women. They are made by nature!"

Song Zhi smiled awkwardly and was silent.

Song Shidao and Song Yuzhi curled their lips disdainfully.

True feelings?

I guess its a big heart of color, right?

How can they not know what Xie Wenlong is?

Xie Wenlong is also comparable to the eldest sister?

However, the eldest sisters personality is becoming more and more insible.

"Ive met Mr. Xie!"

In the face of the excited Xie Wenlong, Song Yuhua seemed extremely indifferent and responded.

"Miss Yuhua, I, I..."

Looking at Xie Wenlongs humiliating look, Xie Hui quickly interrupted his words and looked at Song Yuhua:

"Yuhuas niece, Wenlong came to the Song family this time to ask for a niece as his wife. In the future, you will be my young lady of Duzunbao."

"From then on, the Song family and Duzunbao will always be good as Qin and Jin Dynasties, and advance and retreat together."

"No need!"

I don want Song Yuhua to think about it or shake his head directly.

"Yuhua has long had a heart of belongings, and he can tolerate others anymore."

"If there is nothing urgent in the future, youd better not come to me."

After saying that coldly, Song Yuhua turned around and was ready to return to his courtyard.

Hearing this, Xie Wenlong seemed to have lost his soul.

The first time he saw Song Yuhua, he fell in love with him deeply.

He, who was originally dissatisfied with the marriage, is now unhappy.

In this way, the perfect woman will become his wife.

But before he could recover, a bolt broke down.

Hit him directly.

"Yuhuas niece, this joke can be played."

"Are you humiliating my father and son, humiliating Duzun Castle?"

Xie Huis face suddenly cooled down.

Then he stared at Song Yuhua badly and showed murderous anger.


Song Yuhua listened, but he just sighed.

This sigh seemed to explode in the ears of several people.

Xie Huis pupils shrank sharply.

The face is pale.

This is...

Doesn Song Yuhua, the eldest lady of the Song family, not know martial arts?

Just then.

The list of diving dragons in the air has been refreshed again.

[Qinlong List · Twenty-seventh place!]

[Song Yuzhi!]

[Identity: Miss Three of the Sui and Song Dynasty]

[Din: Congenital Middle]

[Kung Fu: Songs Heart Method, Piaomiao Sword Tips Three Types]

[Reward: Under-quality spirits at the prefecture level: three-leaf sword-shaped grass, which can improve the speed of sword understanding.]


"Its Yuzhi, Yuzhi is on the list!"

Many people in Songjiashan City are boiling.

One by one looked shocked.

Even Song Zhi and Xie Hui are a little incredible.

He has never heard of how talented Song Yuzhi is!

Although it is only a congenital realm, only ten people in the whole Kyushu world are on the list, and it is conceivable to know how difficult it is.

"Sister, Im on the diving list!"

"The three swordsmanship you taught me can put me on the diving list!"

Song Yuzhi also felt incredible.

"Come on, Yuzhi, whats the wonderful use of the sword-shaped grass rewarded by Tiandao?"

Song Zhi said hurriedly.

I don pay attention to Xie Hui and his son either.


Song Yuzhi quickly swallowed the three-leaf sword-shaped grass in his hand.

Calm down and feel the effect.

After a while, Song Yuzhi said excitedly:

"Second uncle, after I ate sword-shaped grass, my understanding of swordsmanship is getting deeper and deeper."

"Originally, it was just an introduction to the three-trick swordsmanship, but now its already small."

"Give me a little longer, and I will definitely succeed."

"Moreover, my sword spirit has also improved."

"I have a feeling that with just one sword, I can easily kill people with congenital perfection."

"Okay, okay, okay!" Hearing this, Song Zhi immediately said three good words excitedly.

Just then.

A figure flashed in an instant.

Its Songs lack.

He looked at Song Yuhua in surprise.

Yu Zhi naturally heard what Yuzhi had just said.

It seems that I didn pay much attention to this eldest daughter before.

Now, even he can see through this daughter.

"Yu Zhi, attack me with your strongest sword. Remember to use all your strength!"

"Ah? Father, this..." Song Yuzhi was shocked.

"You can attack it yourself!"

Songs face is indifferent.

"Okay!" He nodded with the key points. Song Yuzhi directly pulled out the sword in his hand, and the surging internal force poured in.

An invisible sword spirit went straight to Song Que.

This sword is very magical.

Even Xie Hui and Song Zhi next to him were shocked.

Unexpectedly, a master like them felt threatened.

Power should not be underestimated.

Ordinary congenital warriors, under this sword, there is absolutely no life.

The sword spirit instantly penetrated Song Ques body.

Even if Song was missing, his body couldn help trembling.

Then he stepped back a few steps.



Song Que no longer looked indifferent.

His martial arts master was repulsed by a sword!

Yu Zhicai is not only innate and middle!

"Hahaha, okay, okay!"

Song Que laughed in front of his children for the first time.

Sud all of a sudden, Yuzhi was flattered.

With the three-style sword formula alone, Yuzhi has changed like this.

What about Yuhua?

How deep it is.

Xie Wenlong is also worthy of marrying his daughter?

Song lacks disdain.


Daming Emperor.

Royal Palace, Royal Garden.

Zhu Houzhao was also a little stunned when he saw the refreshed list.

Song Yuzhi?

Ethereal sword secret?

How did she happen?

Did Yuhua teach her?

A weak figure appeared in his mind, and Zhu Houzhao couldn help showing a soft smile.

This is a pitiful and comfortable woman.

A few years later, she must have the strength to control her own destiny!

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