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Daming Emperor.

Wanmei Villa.

"Three-leaf sword-shaped grass!"

Simon Blowed Snow and looked at the list in the air and spit out a few words coldly.

He remembered the name Song Yuzhi.

Throughout Kyushu, there are countless congenital perfect warriors, and she can only be included in the list in the mid-term congenital period.

It would be foolish to despise her.

Maybe in the future, she will become a strong enemy on her sword road.

It seems that he has to work harder.

Otherwise, it may be surpassed by future generations.


Daming, Wudang Mountain, in front of Zhenwu Hall.

Zhang Sanfeng and his apprentices and grandchildren looked at another name on the Qianlong list and fell into meditation one by one.

"Is this Song Yuzhi from the Song family?" Zhang Sanfeng asked.

"Master, the third daughter of Song Xiao, is a few years younger than Qingshu." Song Yuanqiao sighed with emotion.

Zhang Sanfeng sighed, "When you are young, you have such cultivation. In the future, the master of martial arts can be expected."

"Master, have you heard of the ethereal sword formula?" Yin Liting suddenly asked curiously.

"I have never heard of it as a teacher, but Im afraid its not weaker than the Taiji swordsmanship of being a teacher."

When the disciples heard this, they were immediately shocked.

How can it be comparable to Taiji swordsmanship?

Isn that able to defeat the master of martial arts?

Suddenly, everyones attention to Song Yuzhi was increased to another level.

People who can be valued by Zhang Sanfeng cannot be overemphasized.


Daming Palace, back garden.

"Your Majesty, what is this ethereal swordsmanship? It looks great."

The queen snuggled in Zhu Houzhaos arms, looked at the golden list in the air, and flashed through doubts:

"Kyushus slightly powerful swordsmanship. Although my concubine has never seen all of them, I have also heard of it."

"But this ethereal sword secret has never been heard of."

When Zhu Houzhao heard the words, he smiled and was extremely complacent.

Because this sword secret is unique to him.

Even Song Yuhua only has nine of them.

"The ethereal sword is a swordsmanship that can enter the fairyland of the land, with a total of thirteen types."

"The first eight types are perfectly mastered, but the land fairyland is invincible."

"This sword trick is gorgeous and unparalleled, extremely powerful, exhausting manpower, invisible, disguised, invisible, ever-changing, elusive and elusive."

"This is also a swordsmanship that is easy to learn and difficult to master."

Zhu Houzhao couldn help sighing.

He also mastered it completely and successfully because of the assistance of the system.

Others are difficult.

I don know if Yuhua can practice the first nine styles of Piaomiaos sword formula to a perfection.

Instead of continuing to ask the following questions, the queen looked at Zhu Houzhao with an infatuated face.

She felt that she was very knowledgeable, but compared with His Majesty, she was very witched.

I stay in the palace every day, but I know all kinds of martial arts in the world.

The queen is really confused about what Her Majesty doesn know in the world!


The Great Sui Emperor.


Compared with Zhu Houzhaos indifferent attitude, Yang Guangs face is not very good-looking.

Song Yuzhi.

Songs daughter.

Why are there a few geniuses, but none of his princes are angry?

The only cherished princess was robbed by Li Shimin, a dog thief.

He also became the queen of the Tang Dynasty.

How can this make him, the emperor?

Li Shimin, a dog thief, is always thinking about the invasion of Sui.

I robbed my beloved daughter, and now I still want to rob my country.

I will not share the sky with you.

Thinking about Li Shimin, Yang Guangs hatred was very strong.

"Yuwen Aiqing, Da Sui, is now at war with the Tang Dynasty Company Company, and I have been deadlocked."

"This golden list is the great opportunity for my Sui."

"Immediately pron the decree that all the latent dragon on the list is willing to join our Sui Dynasty, the first twenty years, the duke of the fief, and the top ten policies on the pillar state."

"If you are willing to give the heavenly reward, I can promise him three things."

"By the way, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling, we can try to win over one or two."

"Even if its not for me, I don have to make a dead feud."

Yang Guang is sometimes ridiculous and happy.

But sometimes, it is extremely wise.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

When Yu culture and hearing the words, the light in his eyes flashed continuously.

Finally, it is better to return to dullness.


Not only the Sui Dynasty, the Qin Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, the Song Dynasty, and even the Ming Dynasty of Zhu Houzhao also began to make a will to win over the list.

As more and more people are on the list.

The more insightful people feel the extraordinary of the hidden dragon.

Even if they are just congenital warriors, they should not be underestimated.

If you win one or two and cultivate them, you may become a martial arts master in the future.

In that case, you will make a lot of money.


Daming Emperor.

Royal Palace Garden.

"Your Majesty, Zhu is entangling Yunluo again after ignoring the right and wrong under his command. Don you care?"

"I have specially prepared a set of skills for Yunluo. The right and wrong of the district are not an opponent at all."

Zhu Houzhao waved his hand indifferently.

"What my concubine is worried about is that Zhu ignored all this. He is now getting too far and more to reach out of his hand into the harem."

When Zhu ignored it, a trace of murder flashed on the queens face.

This iron and courageous marquis is ambitious and always wants to usurp the throne.

Anyone who is likely to endanger Your Majesty will be targeted.

"I knew very well when I was a prince."

"For a long time, all his movements have been under my eyelids, and he can climb my five fingers."

"Moreover, he is also the best person in my heart."

"If you kill him and want to find another scapegoat, you will waste a lot of effort."

Zhu Houzhao smiled at the corners of his mouth.

"Look, the list has been refreshed again."

The voice has just fallen.

Above the sky, the text of the list has changed again.

[Qianlong List · 26th place!]

[Di Yun]

[Identity: Mingmei Niansheng descendant]

[Dongle: Innate and Late Period]

[Famination: Gods Sutra, Blood Knife Sutra, Lying Corpse Swordsmanship]

[Reward: Local-level sub-quality elixir: understanding elixir, within an hour after taking it, it can improve ten times the understanding.

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