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Thundery Flames 10. Trouble

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It was a brand new day, and new days brought new recyclables. Zairo and Oldman had already woken up, freshened up and had their simple breakfast of bread and scrambled eggs. Oldman really knew how to work with the little he got and make something delectable.

"Zairo you now know your way around the streets and roads right? Oldman asks to confirm before sending the child alone on a mission of no return.

" Yes Oldman, I know my way around." Zairo deadpanned, a little bit irritated at the question, as the man had asked him this same thing like a hundred times already that morning.

"Okay good. Now what streets are you going to"

*hurmphh* "jerkins street, Malabu, Grey and flavor Street." he recites the names of the streets that he had been reciting since last night.

"Now, as soon as you

e done with Flavor street, you head back home alright. Don go around anywhere else. Just head back home" Zairo almost rolled his eyes at the mans constant reminder of where he should go and what time he had to return. I mean he is small and short not dumb and stupid. Hed been staying here for almost five months now, how could be not know his way around?

He wanted to scream and say I know what Im supposed to do!!. "Oldman, you know we

e not the only once that collect recyclables right? If we keep on standing here, we might end up recycling ourselves as others would have taken all the good stuff." Zairo cautioned, and Oldman nods in response. The child was right.

"okay then, Ill go my own way, you go yours, so we can cover more grounds and make more money." they walk together to the gate, and on reaching outside, they parted ways, with Oldman going right, and the short man going left.

Zairo moved from street to street searching through garbage cans for bottles and plastics, or anything he thought could be recycled. As he kept on searching, in one of the bins he found a toy dragon "a dragon" he muttered as he clenched it in his palm. It made him think of the temple and the dragon turtle he had seen there. "I would have been learning how to use swords and how to throw flying kicks by now, not going through garbage bins" a tear trickled down his cheek as he thought to himself.

Suddenly the toy dragon was snatched from his hand, "awwwn little boy wants to play with the dragon" a voice mockingly says.. Zairo turns around to see who it was., the boy was just five inches taller than him, but he was much more chubbier. Maybe chubby is an understatement, he was fat. He was wearing an overall that clung to his Crotch so tightly that it almost seems he was wearing diapers. Beside him were two other boys. They were all of the same height but the rest two looked like they hadn eaten anything in days. They were very skinny.

"Give it back" he demanded as he tries to take it from the fat boy. "Give it back, its mine, I found it, so give it to me." he continues running around trying to catch it as they toss it amongst themselves. Jumping around like a frog trying to catch it anytime it is tossed.

"you want it? you want your toy?. The fat boy says as he pushes Zairo, causing him to fall and hit his head on the floor. He immediately picks himself back up, the little scratch that he obtained from hitting the floor, closing up almost as soon as it was inflicted. "give it to me its mine, please just give it back" he brittles, shimmer of tears twinkling in his bright blue eyes.

"so you still want it back" the fat boy asks irritated at the persistence of the little munchkin with a red and black hair, he pushes Zairo to the ground once again and this time with his short thick leg he begins to kick Zairo, causing him to scream out in pain. He kicks him again and again and again, you would wonder how such a young child could be so bad. When he was satisfied, he stopped "next time learn to share" he says and turns to walk away with the other boys following closely behind him victoriously as the two other people boys try to touch the dragon toy, but then they could suddenly feel a gust of blinding breathtaking wind, surging from behind them.

"I said give it back" they slowly turn around to see Zairo back on his feet, but this time he did not look like he did before, bright his blue eyes glowed even more, his hair had turned completely red and some how, he was surrounded by lightning. No he emits the lightning..

" its mine, I found it first, so give it back!!" his little voice, sounded mighty and echoed in the lonely alley. The fear that gripped them new no bounds, they were frozen on the spot, the dragon toy fell from the boys hand.. Tiny drops of water trailed down the legs of all three of them but the fat boy seemed to have a tank in his stomach because the water kept pouring out.. Oh it wasn water, it was pee..

They finally regained their senses and screamed at the top of their voices "MONSTER, MONSTER" they yelped, crying as they ran away, they didn even remember to take the toy they had been fighting for. They just ran as fast as their legs could move them screaming at he top of their voices "hes a monster, monster.. Monster!!"

At their retreat, the lightning emitting from his body had stopped, but his eyes still glowed, and his hair was still flaming red. He was scared, he could not comprehend what just happened. So he picks up the toy dragon, covers his head with a rag, and runs home pushing his cart of recyclables.

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