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Thundery Flames 13. Friends

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"What??? What do mean alphabets, I thought that we were going to start the training today, and you will teach me how to throw punches, how to throw kicks, how to.., how to..,"

" How to read and write" Old man says "but I don want to read or write, I don need that, I just want to know how to fight." He says pouting. "At least learn how to write your own name first" Old man says trying to convince the boy.

"NO... I knew it, I knew you didn know how to fight, you were just lying to me, I don want to learn how to read and Im not going to do it, I will go pick up recyclables instead!!!" He stands to walk out of the room, but before he could reach the door, Old man moved so swiftly that Zairo did not see him, all he felt was the quick wind that passed him, and yet, some how, Oldman was standing right in front of him.

"Wowww, how did you do that, show me how you moved so fast" he says now all motivated. "I was going to, but since you don want to learn how to write first, there is nothing I can do__ I guess I will not get the chance to teach you the moves I know. I will go back to bed now, and when the sun is fully out we will go collect recyclables." Old man says, faking a sad voice. Zairos eyes widened, as if realizing he was wrong, and he runs back to the table and sits himself down.

"what do we start with?" He asks with a big smile on his face.

With that, Oldman became his teacher. He taught him how to read, and write not only his name but write anything he needed to, since they could not afford a proper school, they settled on homeschooling.

Only three days in the week were book-free. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but training happened anytime, anywhere, anyhow. They could be eating and Old man would throw a sneak attack at him and he would defend himself. He was getting really good. And amidst all the training and learning, they still went around picking up recyclables, so they wouldn starve to death.



{10 years later}

As the years went by, Zairo grew stronger and better, he had learned how to control himself and not hurt people with his powers, he still did not like books he said they gave him headache.

"Zairo! Zairo!!" The fat boy came running into the house. "Stop calling me like you named me." Zairo always told him. "I brought the bottles, Im starving do you have anything in the house for me to eat?"... "Jato you are always hungry. Check the kitchen I left something for you. I knew you were going to say that you were hungry." Not needing any further instructions, the fat kid runs into the kitchen with utmost speed and starts to devour the food...

"JATOOOO!!! thats not yours, that one belongs to Old man" Zairo cried out as he walked in to see the boy devouring the wrong food. But it was too late because poor hungry Jato had already eaten more than half of the food.

"What are we going to tell Oldman now huh? You are always putting me in trouble." Zairo panicked, ever since they first met, the boy named Jato only brought headache for Zairo. "I shouldn have helped you that day__ at least I wouldn have a friend like you and you would be a professional bully and cause trouble for others, not me."

Thats right, our dear Jato was the fat kid that bullied Zairo when he was still five years old. Seven years ago, Zairo was busy picking up recyclables, when he looked across the street, and saw the fat boy who had bullied him three years back struggling, screaming for help. It was like he was sinking into the earth. Zairo who recognized the fat boy as the one who bullied him looked at him and felt that whatever was happening to him, he definitely deserved it. So he decided to walk away.

But then he suddenly remembered the teachings of Old man, that ``when you see a human in trouble, try to help them, for there is honor in doing good.

He had tried ignoring those words but they kept on coming to his head like they were on repeat. Nonchalantly, he moved across the street and realized that he was actually being pulled into the ground by someone. It was like a portal to another place.

The fat kid was barely holding on. Then, he still hadn mastered how to harness his powers or control it, so he had to figure out a way to get the fat boy out of there, and he had to do it fast.

He always moved around with a rope, so he takes the rope, and ties it firmly to a nearby pole, and throws it at the fat boy who had been screaming all along.

"hold on to the rope, Ill try to pull you up." Zairo told him, and the boy held onto the rope and Zairo pulled as much as he could, using all his strength, but the kid was just too fat and the person or thing pulling him down was too strong. The boy was almost fully inside the portal, but you could still see his hand holding onto the rope tightly.

Zairo holds onto the rope once again, this time trying his possible best to focus all his energy towards the rope, he closed his eyes tight, pressed his feet firmly to the ground, and held onto the rope as tight as his hands could. Little lightning sparks starts emitting from his body, his hair turning fully red as he screamed and pulled the rope with all his might, the portal was almost closing, he pulls harder, and soon he could see the head of the fat boy gradually sticking out of the portal, and then his neck and soon the rest of his body followed.

The force of the pull made both boys fall, landing butt flat on the hard ground, as the portal closed, leaving the person down there screaming in anger...

The fat boy who was still crying was very thankful that he was safe. Zairo was breathing very hard, but then he realized that he was still radiating lightning.

He sits up, folds his legs together, places his hands on his knees and shuts his eyes close in a meditation pose. Even though he had not mastered how to control his power fully, he had learned how to calm himself down. He did that by quietly meditating for some minutes, but the fat boy would not be quiet. He kept on crying and crying and amidst the tears were words of thanks, and praises and questions...

"Would you please be quiet for just some minutes, I need to calm down." Zairo tells the boy in an irritated manner. And he finally quiets down.

In a minute, the lightning had stopped and his hair had gone back to being black with the red just in front. He stands up, picks up his bag of recyclables and starts walking away.

"What is your name.., where are you from.., oh__ thank you for saving my life once again.., I really thought I was a goner.., where do you stay?" The questions were never ending, they just kept on coming out, and they were annoying Zairo who couldn understand why the boy was still following him...

"a big thank you for saving me..."

"I didn save you, I just did what Old man told me to do. He said ``always help a person in need. So I wasn saving you, I was just following instructions thats all. Left for me I would have left you there alone for what you did to me before, or don you remember beating me up and calling me a monster, and why are you still following me?" Zairo asks, he was really mad at the boy.

But instead of being afraid the boy was actually fascinated and really sorry. "sorry about that time, and that was long ago, and am sorry for calling you a monster, but I actually think monsters are cool. You

e were really cool. Will you be my friend now?" The boy asks innocently.

But Zairo could not understand what the boy was saying. "why would I want to be your friend, I rather want to beat you up too but Old man says not to fight a defenseless person. And you already have friends, are they not enough?" He was really getting frustrated.

" I think I like Old man already.., and my friends moved to another place so I don have friends anymore" You could hear the sadness in his voice as he talked about not having friends anymore, and it made Zairo feel a little sorry for him.

"Where do you live?" Zairo asks him... "l live down down_ down the other street with my grandma" the boy says "what about your parents"..."they both died in a car accident a long time ago.

Zairo now felt really sorry for him.

"My house is on Fowl street, and I live with Old man, its not very far from here, do you want to come over?" He asks the boy faking a nonchalant attitude. "yes yes yes, thank you, thank you. So you will be my friend now?" The boy asks happily. But all he gets is a "lets go" as a reply. But he was happy enough with that.

"OH, Im Jato."... "Im Zairo."

"don talk too much, I don like it." Zairo says. "Okay I won ,"

"Don tell anybody about my powers" ... "my mouth is sealed from now on."

"Don come to my house everyday" ... "I can promise you that but I will try..." As they both pushed Zairos truck together, they continued to discuss the dos and don s of their new formed friendship.

And just like that, they began a friendship that would get them both through hard times together in the future.

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