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In breakfast table;

Everyone is gathered here to have their breakfast together. Suddenly Yi-Joon spoke out_

Yi-Joon: have you prepared for your math test today, Sunwoo?

The makhne chocked his water and spilled it on his Seokjin hyung!

Seokjin: YAAA! WHAT THE-

Sunwoo: S-sorry hyung! I chocked. he tried to smile nervously and Seokjin sighed.

Seokjin: Its ok. But are you fine?

Sunwoo nodded slightly.

Seokjin: Ok then. He wiped the water with paper napkin.

Yi-Joon squinted his eyes in suspicion, Sunwoo? You prepared or not?

Sunwoo smiled nervously, I-I did, h-hyung!

Chan-yeol: You better!

Sunwoo nodded weakly and started eating his meal again.

They finished their breakfast peacefully after that and almost everyone ignored the uneasiness of youngest one. They thought to talk about it later and went for their respective works. The cars left the mansion; Yong-Sun with Seokjin, Sunwoo with Yi-Joon and Dae-Hyun and Chan-yeol and Minjun in last car.

Dae-hyun parked the car in the Schools parking area. Yi-Joon unbuckled his seat belt and turned to the back seat.

Yi-Joon: Sunwoo, I want good marks in the test, got it?

Sunwoo gulped, Y-yes, hyung!

Dae-hyun: And no complaints, ok?

Sunwoo mumbled, Ill try…

Yi-Joon: You said something?

Sunwoo: N-no! Just s-said, shall I go, now?

They nodded and Sunwoo quickly left the car and went inside of the School building.




Its the second period of school and the math test is going on here in Sunwoos class.

Sunwoo is biting his pen nervously and trying to remember the answers of these sums. He wrote down only two answers among ten! Sunwoo looked around him, all of his friends were so far away from him that he couldn ask help from them….

Sunwoo grabbed his hair frustratingly, UGH!! Kim Sunwoo-ah…you are so dead today!!

He again took the question paper and checked if he could answer any of it! And just then, the bell rang!

-Okay, Kim Sunwoo! Get ready for the funeral! Sunwoo mumbled when the teacher took away his answer sheet. He sighed and started putting his stuff in his backpack.

~Hey buddy! Whats up? Sunwoo looked back and found his friends, Beomgyu and Baek-hyun. He sighed and shook his head.

Beomgyu took a step forward, Bunny! You ok?

Sunwoo took his backpack and started walking towards the door without giving an answer. Baek-hyun and Beomgyu looked at each other confusingly and then ran towards him.

Baek-hyun: Hey wait! Whats wrong, kook-ie? Did your brothers scold you again? he said while walking beside Sunwoo.

Sunwoo sighed, Not till now, but soon they will! And that won be just scolding…that will be my funeral.

Beomgyu: Huh! But why?

Sunwoo and his brothers entered the cafeteria and sat at a corner table.

Sunwoo: I don know how to start. He said while looking at the counter of canteen and sighed deeply once again.

Beomgyu and Baek-hyun looked at each other with utter confusion. Then Baek-hyun spoke up.

Baek-hyun: Will you speak up something? You are making me nervous now!

Sunwoo looked at Baek-hyun, hyung! First let me eat something…Im too hungry! he said with a cute pout on his face that made Baek-hyun chuckle a little.

He ruffled his hair and went towards the counter to order something. Sunwoo put down his head on the table and hid his face in his arms. Beomgyu patted his back and stayed silent.

After around ten minutes, Baek-hyun came back with a food tray and put it down on the table.

Baek-hyun: Ok, head up bunny! Food is here!

Sunwoo looked up and sat straight. Beomgyu gave him his favorite chicken burger and banana milk. He mumbled a small hanks and started eating. Beomgyu and Baek-hyun looked at him with fond eyes, they let him eat peacefully.

Baek-hyun is one year older than Sunwoo and Beomgyu is just his age. They have been his only friends since childhood. Baek-hyun and Beomgyu have an elder brother who works as CEO in their family business. Their parents live in the USA for work purposes. And their brother Choi Byung-ho literally raised them.

Byung-ho is Yi-Joon and Dae-hyuns friend and they are like their extended family. They treat each other like their own brothers.

After Sunwoo finished his burger and sipped on his milk, finally they started talking again.

Beomgyu: Well! Can you tell us the problem now?

Sunwoo: hmm…I guess. He looked down at his milk bottle.

Baek-hyun: Then tell us!

Sunwoo: I…I think Im going to fail in the exam! he said with a sigh.

Beomgyu: WHAT! WHY?

Sunwoo: YAAA! Don shout! You are gonna blast my ears…Well, I couldn answer seven questions!

Baek-hyun: And why so? he asked in a deep tone. Sunwoo looked at him with his puppy eyes.

Sunwoo: Don get angry hyung, please! I couldn remember the answers…

Beomgyu: Didn you study for the test?

Sunwoo: I did! Actually, when I got the question papers, I saw that I only know the questions, but I don know the answers. He said with a pout and both of them sighed tiredly!

Baek-hyun: Seriously Sunwoo-ah? You know it very well that if Hyungs know about this-

Sunwoo: I know! I know! Thats what Im scared of! Im so dead today. He whined like a baby and this time Beomgyu hugged him and patted his hair.

Baek-hyun: But how come you did that bad in exam? Only three answers? Really?! he said frustratingly and Sunwoo bit his lower lips.

Sunwoo: I…I might be engaged with games a little much. He tried to smile cheekily looking at Baek-hyun knowing very well that it won work and actually Baek-hyun gave a death glare to him.

Baek-hyun: YOU-

Sunwoo quickly grabbed his both ears and looked at him with his puppy eyes, Sorry…please?

Baek-hyun just sighed and looked away. Beomgyu patted his back soothingly.

Beomgyu: Its ok bunny! Don panic, ok? They will not freak out….hopefully. he mumbled the last part unsurely. Of course they will freak out! Study comes first for their big brothers always!

Sunwoo: hmm… he hummed sadly, what else he can do anyway now?




After three more classes, it was the last class of the day.

Sunwoo and Beomgyu sat together in the class as usual and silently listened to the boring history lecture. Just then the math professor walked in to the class. Sunwoos heart started beating crazily! Beomgyu sensed it and hold his one hand to give him some comfort…

Math professor turned to the history lecturer, Sorry Mr. Wang for interrupting. But, may I have 10 minutes?

The history lecturer nodded, Yes, sure!

Professor then turned to the students, I have checked all of your tests answer sheets. You did a good job. Hope you all keep it up! Please collect your number sheet from my office after this lecture.

Students: Ok sir!

Professor then looked around and found Sunwoo.

Professor: Kim Sunwoo!

Sunwoo stood up with a shaking heart, Yes sir?

Professor: You will collect it from the principals office, ok?

Sunwoo felt a shiver going down through his spine.

"Of course, what else do you expect, Sunwoo?" He mumbled hearing the professors word.

Professor: Sunwoo? You got it?

Sunwoo looked up, Y-Yeah sir!

Professor: hmm…ok, then. Ill take my leave! Mr. Wang, please continue. and he left.

Sunwoo sat back in his seat tiredly. Beomgyu saw his condition and he slowly side hugged him and squeezed his shoulder affectionately.

Beomgyu: Hey, buddy! It will be ok! he whispered.

Sunwoo just nodded and looked down, waiting for the end of the class.

After the classes;

Sunwoo stopped in front of the principals office. Took a deep breath and then knocked slowly with a shaky heart.

~Come in! Yi-Joons deep voice came from inside.

Sunwoo opened the door and went in. his whole body is shaking because of thinking of the upcoming storm. His mind is telling him to run away from here, but he can do that.

There are only two people in his cabin right now. One is the math professor Mr. Lee and the one and only Kim Yi-Joon…his fourth elder brother!

He stood in front of his desk with head hanging low. He doesn have enough courage to look at his face. But he can sense Yi-Joons anger without looking at him!

Yi-Joon: So, Mr. Lee....Can you show him his mark sheet, please?

Mr. Lee: Yes sir.

Then he took a paper and gave it Sunwoo. Sunwoo looked at the paper and as expected... "FAIL". He gulped hardly.

Yi-Joon: Kim Sunwoo…Any explanation?

Sunwoo: N-no. Im s-sorry, sir! This won h-happen again. His eyes are still glued in the ground. Sweats are dripping from his forehead.

Yi-Joon sighed frustratingly and then looked at Mr. Lee.

Yi-Joon: Mr. Lee, don worry. Ill make sure that he won repeat it again. You may go now!

Mr. Lee stood up to leave, Ok sir! And Sunwoo, please give some concentrate on studies. Your exam is knocking at the door, right?

Sunwoo nodded, I-Im s-sorry, sir! Ill study h-hard.

Mr. Lee nodded and left the room. Now, there is only a Lion and his prey! Uh! No, I mean Yi-Joon and Sunwoo.




[Sunwoo: AUTHOR!!! How could you laugh when Im in a danger! Don you have any heart?

Author: Ok! Ok! Im sorry! Stop whining, bunny! And focus....

Sunwoo: Hmph!]



Yi-Joon stood up from his chair and walked towards him. Sunwoo felt like he is going to be unconscious any moment! Yi-Joon stood just in front of him. Sunwoo didn dare to look up; he kept looking at his shoes.

Yi-Joon: Look Up, Sunwoo.

Sunwoo: ....

Yi-Joon: I said, LOOK UP!

Sunwoo flinched and looked up immediately. But, the next moment he felt a burning sensation in his left cheek! He slowly moved his face towards Yi-Joon who is fuming in anger right now!

"Did he...just slapped me?!"

Just then someone knocked the door and opened slightly. Yi-Joon looked back to see who is it.

Dae-hyun entered, Hey Yi-Joon-ah! Lets go- Wait! Whats happening here? he stopped in the middle of his walk in shock, Sunwoo?

Sunwoo stayed silent while looking down. His cheek is burning and tears started flowing down. He didn reply Dae-hyun.

Dae-hyun then looked at Yi-Joon, What happened, Yi-Joon? Why are you so angry?

Yi-Joon looked back to his younger, Lets talk in home, hyung! he said while greeting his teeth in anger.

And the next moment, he grabbed Sunwoos wrist harshly and pulled him towards the parking lot! Like a lion taking his dinner to his dinner table...



[Sunwoo: Author!!!! WHY? Why? Why you are so cruel?

Author: Ok! Ok! Relax! I was just joking, bunny!

Sunwoo: I hate you!

Author: I love you, too!

Sunwoo: UGH!!]


Dae-hyun stood there speechlessly for a moment. Then also followed them..

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