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Fu Yuanchuan bent his finger and softly rubbed it against the little mermaid’s cheek.




Jun Qingyu thought he wanted to play with him, he was just about to reach out his hand to catch Fu Yuanchuan’s finger.


However, Fu Yuanchuan retracted his hand before he could move and picked up the fruit and vegetable juice.


Jun Qingyu: “!”


Jun Qingyu made a quick decision, he turned around to hug Fu Yuanchuan’s neck.


However, due to size, it wasn’t enough to do a complete embrace.

He was only able to spread his arms out to encircle half of his neck.


Yet, it would be enough to hide him.


Jun Qingyu buried his head into Fu Yuanchuan’s neck like burying one’s head into the sand, “Ee……ya~!”


The little mermaid wasn’t dry yet.


It was cold but a soft sensation snuggled up his neck.


Fu Yuanchuan paused.


Jun Qingyu did not raise his head, he reached his hands up to press against his chin and pushed it, “Eeeeeeee~”


Drink it yourself, don’t give it to me.


From his point of view, Fu Yuanchuan couldn’t see Jun Qingyu.


But when the virtual computer reflected light, it reflected the appearance of the little mermaid very clearly.


He watched as the little mermaid tried to bury himself into his neck to hide because he didn’t want to drink the fruit and vegetable juice.


Fu Yuanchuan was unable to resist smiling, there was no need to say anything, he could see the little mermaid’s resistance towards the fruit and vegetable juice.


He watched as the little mermaid squeezed downwards, he was about to squeeze himself through his collar.


Upon seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t stop him but followed Jun Qingyu’s strength to raise his head.


Generally speaking, the little mermaid needed to consume fruits and vegetables regularly to replenish the various substances required in his body.


But the little mermaid really didn’t like them.


Fu Yuanchuan thought that when he had time, he should find something that could substitute the fruit and vegetable juice.

Nutrition was an essential part of the little mermaid’s development.


Fu Yuanchuan finished the fruit and vegetable juice.

He raised the little mermaid’s tail and helped him adjust his position.


It was uncomfortable sitting like this.


Jun Qingyu blinked and felt that the smell of the fruit and vegetable juice in the air seemed to lighten a lot.


He quietly raised his head to take a glance and saw Fu Yuanchuan placing an empty cup on the desk.


The new juicer had been washed and added with juice extracting supplemental fluid.


Apart from the bad smell, it was exactly the same as the ones sold outside.


But the fact that the smell wasn’t good for Jun Qingyu, was fatal to him.


The fruit and vegetable juice was consumed and his alarm was lifted.


Jun Qingyu released his hand and did not hug him anymore but nuzzled to his right again.

He leaned on Fu Yuanchuan to look at the computer.


From time to time, he shook his tail in a very carefree manner.


Fu Yuanchuan worked hard and fast.

After the email was opened, it basically took no more than a minute for him to give a reply.


Jun Qingyu watched until the end and felt a little dizzy.


Since he was dizzy, he lowered his head to look at his hand.


The virtual keyboard was transparent and suspended in midair, there was a light coloured feedback with the light touch of a fingertip.


Fu Yuanchuan’s index finger was slender and fair but because he came down from the front line, there would inevitably be thin calluses on them.


But that didn’t stop Jun Qingyu from thinking that his hands looked very beautiful.


After watching Fu Yuanchuan work for a while, Jun Qingyu heard the clacking of the keyboard stopped.


Jun Qingyu raised his head, “Eeeeeeee” Are you done yet


Fu Yuanchuan opened the drawer, took out a box of cotton swabs and wiped the little mermaid’s tail after dipping a cotton swab in water.


His tail must be kept moist at all times.

Now, that’s a healthy mermaid.


After a long period of time of not being in the water, the sensation of his tail getting in contact with water was obvious.


Jun Qingyu couldn’t resist arching his tail.


While Fu Yuanchuan was at it, he wiped some water onto the tip of the mermaid’s tail, “There you go.”




Originally, it was a matter of only an email but when Fu Yuanchuan got to work, he conveniently dealt with the ones he hadn’t seen before.


And in the process of handling the documents, new ones were being sent in continuously.


By the time it was all done, it was already a few hours later.


Seeing Fu Yuanchuan turning off the computer, Jun Qingyu yawned.


He was getting tired from watching.


Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little mermaid who was rubbing his eyes and asked, “Do you want to go down to exercise for a while”


Jun Qingyu shook his head.

When he was so sleepy that he could not open his eyes, he certainly did not want to go down to exercise.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Are you sleepy Then you should go to sleep.

I’m going to take a shower.”


Jun Qingyu didn’t want to exercise nor did he want to go to sleep.


He was about to shake his head when he glanced at the fish tank on the coffee table, the juicer placed not far from it.


Fu Yuanchuan went to take a shower, so he had plenty of time to take the fruits and vegetables out of his space and extract juice from them.


Furthermore, the sound of the water could cover up the sound of the juicer.




“Eeeeeeee~!” Jun Qingyu nodded quickly to signal that he was going to bed.


Fu Yuanchuan raised his eyebrows and looked at the little mermaid, who wanted to go to bed but he became more energetic.


That’s not what going to sleep means.


Jun Qingyu tilted his head, looking at him suspiciously, “Eeeeeeee”


“It’s nothing.

Go to sleep.” Fu Yuanchuan put the little mermaid in the fish tank and put in the usual snacks that the little mermaid liked to eat.


After settling the little mermaid in, Fu Yuanchuan got up and took his bathrobe.

He said, “I’ll be inside.

Call me if you need me.”




When Jun Qingyu saw Fu Yuanchuan entering the bathroom, he didn’t act directly but waited for a while.

After there was the sound of water, he jumped out of the fish tank at once.


He was quite familiar with the act of jumping from the fish tank, he also used his arm braced against the table to use up the force this time he jumped out.


He didn’t fall straight down as he did before.


Jun Qingyu rolled around on the table and landed precisely in front of the juicer.


The height of this juicer was a little high for a mermaid.


Jun Qingyu dragged a box from the side to sit down, his tail hung in the air and couldn’t reach the tabletop.


But he was just at the right height to be able to put things into the opening meant for putting the vegetables.


He reached his hand into his space and groped about, picking out a few vegetables and fruits that were on the table.


Because there wasn’t a knife, Jun Qingyu didn’t take any that required to be cut — those types of pits.


It was simply breaking or picking off the leaves and throwing them into it for juicing.


There were no impurities in his space and these vegetables and fruits did not need to be washed.


Jun Qingyu dumped them right down into the juicer.


In addition to this, some interstellar fruits were added to neutralise the flavour.


Otherwise, Fu Yuanchuan would find something wrong if the taste was too different.


Then, he added water according to the fixed scale.


Jun Qingyu didn’t forget to take out the juice extracting supplemental fluid before he started the juicer.


If he didn’t take it out, it would automatically be added into the fruit and vegetable juice when it was juicing.


Next, he just had to wait for the juice to come out.


Although Jun Qingyu wasn’t too good at controlling the quantity used, he still knew the approximate ratio.


He put in a whole tomato and put in a whole or a few pieces for the other fruits and vegetables to complement the flavour.


The juicer ‘buzzed’ for a long time.


The fruit and vegetable juice also gradually filled a cup.


The overall colour was pinkish red.


It was still the colour of the tomatoes that were predominant.


It smelled fragrant and sweet, he didn’t know how much better it was than the smell of the ones extracted from the interstellar fruits and vegetables.


Jun Qingyu just smelled it, he didn’t drink it.


He held the cup on his lap, turned his head to look towards the bathroom and waited for Fu Yuanchuan.


He didn’t know when Fu Yuanchuan would come out.


In the beginning, this kind of fruit and vegetable juice would look quite good but after a long time, it would settle.


Although the flavour didn’t have too much of a change, looking at its appearance would really make someone lose their appetite.


Jun Qingyu shook his tail.

All of these vegetables and fruits had spiritual energy.

The fruit and vegetable juice which was juiced also had spiritual energy.


He couldn’t tell Fu Yuanchuan about the matter of the vegetables and fruits in his space.

However, he could let Fu Yuanchuan mistakenly believe that a mermaid would release spiritual energy when extracting the fruit and vegetable juice, causing the fruit and vegetable juice to contain spiritual energy.


This way he could feed the vegetables and fruits in his space to Fu Yuanchuan and there was also an appropriate reason.


The more Jun Qingyu thought, the happier he was.


Just then, the bathroom door opened.


Jun Qingyu raised his head at once and waved his hand at Fu Yuanchuan, “Eeeeeeee~!”


Fu Yuanchuan came out and saw his little mermaid sitting on the coffee table at first glance.


The little mermaid’s tail could not stop swaying, he was obviously very happy to see him.


It was like he was specially sitting there waiting for him.


Fu Yuanchuan’s heart felt warm.

He came over and squatted in front of the coffee table to ask him, “Why did you jump out”


Jun Qingyu lifted the fruit and vegetable juice in his embrace, “Eeeeeeee!”


“For me”


Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

It was tasty.


Once Fu Yuanchuan was used to the taste of the fruit and vegetable juice he made, he did not need to add interstellar vegetables and fruits; he only had to use the vegetables and fruits in his space.


It would taste even better that way.


Fu Yuanchuan knew that the little mermaid didn’t like drinking fruit and vegetable juice but he was interested in the juicer.


He should simply like juicing for fun.


Originally, Fu Yuanchuan intended to say it tasted good no matter how it tasted.


But when he smelled it carefully, the smell of this cup of fruit and vegetable juice seemed very different.


Jun Qingyu looked up, watching Fu Yuanchuan have a taste of the fruit and vegetable juice.

He clenched his hand and couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.


Fu Yuanchuan would definitely find something wrong, then come over to ask him.


Jun Qingyu went through it once in his mind, what hand gestures he would make and how he would gesture when Fu Yuanchuan asked in a moment.


In order to make Fu Yuanchuan understand what he meant under the circumstance that he couldn’t speak.


If his explanation didn’t make any sense, he would simply use a pen to write.


There were spies around Fu Yuanchuan.

He didn’t know if there was a sound recording but there would absolutely be no video recording, that thing would be exposed very easily.


Therefore, he wouldn’t get discovered by others if he didn’t speak and knew how to write.


As a result, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t say anything but he turned around and took a small cup that was a few sizes smaller.

He divided a portion of the fruit and vegetable juice into the small cup.


Fu Yuanchuan passed the little cup over to the little mermaid.

He said, “The taste is better than the fruit and vegetable juice from last time, try it”


Jun Qingyu was somewhat surprised by Fu Yuanchuan’s reaction.


He was too calm.


It makes me look like he was just being silly.


Seeing that the little mermaid didn’t take it, Fu Yuanchuan said, “There’s spiritual energy in it.

Although you might not be able to use and absorb it, it will be beneficial to your body.”


Jun Qingyu froze, he didn’t expect that Fu Yuanchuan would feel it himself without him having to say anything.


That’s right, Fu Yuanchuan’s sea of consciousness sustained injuries and was very sensitive to reiki.



He treated Fu Yuanchuan before, he directly released reiki into his body, so Fu Yuanchuan could not sense it.


However, Fu Yuanchuan could easily discover this kind that was released externally.


Jun Qingyu took the cup.

This cup was very interesting.


The size was just right for a mermaid to hold it in its hand.


It should be a cup specially prepared for him.


Jun Qingyu held the cup of fruit and vegetable juice, he didn’t drink it immediately but rather, he raised his hand, “Ee~ya.”


Fu Yuanchuan looked at his movements, he couldn’t understand the little mermaid’s speech but he could understand what he meant.


Fu Yuanchuan chuckled and clinked his glass of fruit and vegetable juice against Jun Qingyu’s cup.


There was a ‘clink’ sound.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Cheers.”


Jun Qingyu immediately smiled until his eyes curved, “Eeeeeeee!”


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