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The taste of the fruit and vegetable juice was good even though interstellar fruits and vegetables were added.

The sweet and sour taste of tomatoes were more distinct.

The other vegetables and fruits had no taste.

But with the addition of the other vegetables and fruits, the taste of the tomato juice was not too heavy.

It was fresh and refreshing to drink.

When Fu Yuanchuan saw that the little mermaid had finished, he asked, “Would you like some more”

The little mermaid’s cup was small and couldn’t hold much.

Jun Qingyu shook his head, it was mainly for Fu Yuanchuan to eat, “Eeeeeeee~”

Jun Qingyu put the little cup aside, sat obediently and raised his head to look at Fu Yuanchuan.

Fu Yuanchuan finished the fruit and vegetable juice and he said, “It tastes really good.”

The corner of Jun Qingyu’s mouth slightly raised, “Ya~” I’m glad you like it.

Fu Yuanchuan touched the little mermaid’s head.

He held him in his hands and checked the condition of his fishtail.

Although he didn’t exercise today, his fishtail seemed to be fine.

Then there’s no need to make the little mermaid go down to exercise today.

Furthermore, the little guy didn’t seem willing to move.

Plus it was getting dark, so it was very important to get plenty of sleep.

Fu Yuanchuan put the little mermaid back into the fish tank and said, “It’s getting late.

Get some rest.”

Jun Qingyu lay on the edge of the fish tank and pointed to the nightstand.

This place was too far from Fu Yuanchuan’s bed.

Fu Yuanchuan understood what the little mermaid meant without him even having to call out.

To wake up from his sleep and see the little mermaid lying next to him when he opened his eyes, this sort of feeling was warm.

Fu Yuanchuan answered, “Okay.”

Then he carried the fish tank to the nightstand.

Jun Qingyu was satisfied and waved his hand, “Eeeeeeee~” With a cry, he lay down in the shell bed.

Fu Yuanchuan helped him adjust the water temperature to make it more suitable for sleeping.

After he adjusted it, Fu Yuanchuan held paper documents as he reclined against the headboard, dealing with the unresolved issues.

Jun Qingyu was actually not sleepy.

He wanted Fu Yuanchuan to go to bed early.

There would be better absorption when he went to bed after drinking the fruit and vegetable juice containing reiki.

It was quiet outside.

Fu Yuanchuan should be asleep.

Jun Qingyu thought about it and secretly entered his space.

Apart from the vegetables and plants that have already been planted, there were still some fields that were empty with nothing planted.

He thought about what he wanted to plant and strived to make use of all the space.

In addition to this, there was a spring.

It appeared to be flowing water but Jun Qingyu didn’t know where the spring water was coming from.

It looked like this spring was there when his space was opened.

Spring water was also the source of reiki in his space.

It seemed to be in the nature of a mermaid to like water.

Jun Qingyu, who did not think much of the spring water, now felt particularly fond of it.

He drew the spring water into the small bath next to it, which he had dug a long time ago.

A mermaid didn’t have to be afraid of choking on the water when soaking in it.

Jun Qingyu became a little sleepy while he soaked in the water and simply took a nap against the side of the bath.

As a result, he fell asleep by accident.

He was in a daze when he heard Fu Yuanchuan’s voice.

“Little fish Little fish……”

Jun Qingyu had not fully awakened yet but he subconsciously returned to the shell bed.

He lifted his fishtail gently, opened the lid of his shell bed and responded in a low voice, “Eeeeeeee.”

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little mermaid, who was curled up and sleeping soundly inside.

He said softly, “It’s time to get up.”

It was already noon and the little mermaid still had no intention of coming out.

Fu Yuanchuan was afraid something had happened so he came to call him but it seemed like nothing had happened.

The little mermaid was just dawdling in his bed.

To be on the safe side, Fu Yuanchuan still reached out his hand and used his fingertip to touch the forehead of the little mermaid.

But in the next moment, the little mermaid, who was half-asleep, hugged his finger.

“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu closed his eyes.

He hugged his finger and gently rubbed against it.

He curled up and pressed Fu Yuanchuan’s finger under his body, keeping him from meddling and disturbing his sleep.

Under the water, the cry of the little mermaid wasn’t very clear.

There was a little bubble by the side of his mouth as he snored.

He seemed to be acting coquettishly with his little act of a secret poke.

Fu Yuanchuan looked at such a little mermaid, his heart melted beyond belief.

As for whether to wake him up……Fu Yuanchuan felt that if he woke the little mermaid like this, the little mermaid might cry.

After he thought about it, he allowed the little mermaid to continue sleeping.

He pulled back his hand gently and carefully closed the cover of the shell bed.

After preparing the food and placing it onto the platform, he got up and went to work.


When Jun Qingyu woke up, it was already in the afternoon.

He sat on the shell bed and looked at the wall clock.

He also didn’t know why he was able to unexpectedly sleep until the afternoon when he slept so early last night.

He was so hungry from sleeping.

Jun Qingyu swam up and picked up a dried fish amongst his snacks to eat.

He pushed the cut vegetables and fruits aside, planning to add them in when he extracted the juice for Fu Yuanchuan.

The bedroom was quiet.

Where did Fu Yuanchuan go

Jun Qingyu thought that if he finished the dried fish and Fu Yuanchuan still had not returned, he would jump out of the fish tank to find him.

But before he finished half of the dried fish, Fu Yuanchuan came back.

Jun Qingyu tilted his head, “Eeeeeeee”

Where have you been

“The toys I’ve bought for you have arrived.” Fu Yuanchuan opened the package as he walked over.

“Look, do you like it” Fu Yuanchuan took the toys out of the package.

It was a few pale golden balls and a bit like the mini version of a basketball, the lines on it weren’t very clear.

It was quite pretty.

Fu Yuanchuan put the ball into the fish tank and said, “You don’t like to exercise.

These balls are usually placed in the fish tank.

When you want to move, you can play with this.”

It could also be considered as exercise.

The intensity was simply not enough but it was better than nothing.

The ball would not sink to the bottom and would only float on the surface of the water.

Fu Yuanchuan only put one in, he bought so much because of the destructive power of the little mermaid.

The rest were regarded as spares and it also saved him from buying all the time.

After Jun Qingyu finished his dried fish, Fu Yuanchuan took off the gauze on his hand.

Just when Fu Yuanchuan wanted to continue to apply the medicine and wrap it up again, Jun Qingyu withdrew his hand.

“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu raised his hand with his palm facing up for Fu Yuanchuan to take a look at.

It was already healed.

The recuperative power of a mermaid was several times that of humans.

Not to mention, he only had a few small cuts on his hand but now not even a trace of them could be seen.

Fu Yuanchuan saw that the wounds on his hands had healed so he didn’t wrap it with gauze anymore, “Go off and play.”

Jun Qingyu watched Fu Yuanchuan sit down at his desk.

He wanted to go over but he would feel bored again after looking at those documents.

After struggling for a while, he still decided to watch Fu Yuanchuan from the fish tank.

Jun Qingyu reached out and hugged the little basketball.

Instead of playing with the ball, he leveraged it by laying on it.

The little basketball was inflated and its buoyancy was great.

He only needed to shake his tail occasionally while he lay on the little basketball and he would be able to swim.

Drifting like this saved quite the effort.

Sometimes, the little basketball floated about on its own and went to one side without him having to move.

Jun Qingyu held the little basketball and swam back to his position moments ago once again and continued to look at Fu Yuanchuan.

Fu Yuanchuan found an interval of time from his work to look at the little mermaid.

He discovered that the little basketball that should have been used to exercise, had been used as a bolster by the little mermaid.

It was entirely pale gold in colour and his tail practically blended in with the little basketball.

From what he had seen, the little mermaid seemed to be having a good time.

He was just all alone in the fish tank, hugging a little basketball and drifting around.

He didn’t know whether he missed his own kind.

Fu Yuanchuan thought about it and asked, “Would you like to go and have a look at the mermaid entertainment centre”

“Eeeeeeee” Jun Qingyu looked up.

The mermaid entertainment centre What is that place

Fu Yuanchuan said, “There are a lot of mermaids there.”

It was also the place where most of the domestic mermaids made friends.

Fu Yuanchuan knew about it but had never been there before.

Previously, it was because he didn’t have a mermaid and after he had a mermaid, he didn’t think of bringing him there.

Jun Qingyu spat out a bubble, he had no desire of making friends with more mermaids.

In his opinion, the personalities of some mermaids were very strange.

Furthermore, the personalities of some mermaids would also lean towards the personality of people after getting along with people for a long time.

Those in the mermaid breeding base were fine.

The entertainment centre should be a place for mermaids, who have been bought, to have fun.

Jun Qingyu didn’t really want to get acquainted with mermaids that had been in contact with people for a long time.

Jun Qingyu floated around as he hugged the basketball, “Eeeeeeee~”

I don’t want to go.

Fu Yuanchuan saw the little mermaid in a listless state of mind so didn’t say anything about the entertainment centre but he asked, “Is it boring to stay at home alone”

Jun Qingyu shook his head.

If he was bored, he could go into his space to farm or use the juicer to extract fruit juice.

I can play by myself the whole day without getting bored.

But……why did you suddenly ask about this

Jun Qingyu thought about it.

There was nothing major going on at this time in the original novel but from what Fu Yuanchuan had said, it seemed like he was leaving for somewhere far away.

“Eeeeeeee” Jun Qingyu was a little worried.

Fu Yuanchuan came over, moved a chair and sat in front of the fish tank, “If you don’t want to go out, let me play with you.”

Jun Qingyu pointed to the pile of documents on the desk, “Ee~”

Have you finished your work

Fu Yuanchuan said, “It’s not urgent.”

The news of his mental power getting agitated and him harming people should have reached the ears of the imperial leader.

Some things that weren’t urgent were simply held back.

He could also test the attitude of the other party in the passing.

There was no rush for the time being.

Hearing Fu Yuanchuan say that it wasn’t urgent, Jun Qingyu did not dwell on his official business anymore.

Fu Yuanchuan must have his own reasons for doing things.

Jun Qingyu raised the little basketball up, “Eeeeeeee~”

“Come on.”

Jun Qingyu directly threw the little basketball out.

Fu Yuanchuan was sitting opposite him and the little basketball made a perfect parabola and landed exactly in Fu Yuanchuan’s hand.



Then Fu Yuanchuan lifted it gently and threw it back.

The place it landed in the fish tank was not so accurate, Jun Qingyu needed to look at the direction the little basketball was thrown back and swim over.

He got slightly out of the water and hugged the little basketball.

Jun Qingyu had a lot of fun just by simply throwing the ball around and catching it.

It wasn’t the game that was interesting, it was who was playing this childish game with you.

Fu Yuanchuan saw that the little mermaid was having a good time and his mood was influenced by the little mermaid’s smile.

Before he knew it, they played for a long time.

Jun Qingyu hugged the little basketball.

He saw that it was getting a bit late, Fu Yuanchuan had not drunk his fruit and vegetable juice for today.

I can’t play anymore.

Looking at Fu Yuanchuan, who had no intention of getting up, Jun Qingyu thought for a while and pointed in the direction of the bathroom.


You should take a shower.

Fu Yuanchuan glanced in the direction the little mermaid’s finger had pointed to, “The bathroom”

Jun Qingyu nodded.

Go take a shower.

I will juice the fruit and vegetable juice for you.

He looked at the little mermaid and then looked at the bathroom.

Fu Yuanchuan hesitantly took out his light brain and searched for something on the Internet.

Jun Qingyu looked up to take a glance and he saw the words in the search bar: [Do mermaids need a bath]

The response with the most views was: [Yes.

And adding some spring onions and ginger can relieve fatigue.]

Jun Qingyu: “”

There was something wrong with this answer.


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