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Your sweetheart is hidden in your pocket.

The corner of Fu Yuanchuans mouth rose slightly, the reflection in the depths of his eyes was full of the little mermaid rolling about and acting coquettishly on his palm.

“Be good.”


The caretaker looked at the fish hook, which was regarded as a swing to the little mermaid; then looked at the little mermaid, who played with Fu Yuanchuan.

So he wasnt fooled by it.

It was……

It was really strange.

It was normal for interstellar people to coax a mermaid but this mermaid coaxed people and made them happy instead.

He had never seen this before.

The caretakers gaze was excessively fervent, Fu Yuanchuan raised his head and glanced at him.

He silently clasped his hands together, hiding the little mermaid inside.

Jun Qingyu tucked his tail and it just so happened that he was safely and completely covered by his hands.

The caretaker coughed lightly and hastily said, “I told you before that little mermaids are smart, didnt I Hahaha……”

The caretaker took out a piece of equipment to record it down, entering the 50 percent discount.

“The discounted amount will be deducted directly at the time of payment.”


Jun Qingyu couldnt help but smile, they were saving money!

Perceiving a trembling sensation on his palm, Fu Yuanchuan glanced at the little mermaid hiding inside.

The little mermaid was smiling happily.

Fu Yuanchuan thought that the 50 percent discount was definitely worth it.

It wasnt about money.

If it made the little mermaid happy, the 50 percent discount was definitely worth it.

When Fu Yuanchuan got home, he asked people to move everything underground.

He would open the boxes with the little mermaid.

Jun Qingyu lay on Fu Yuanchuans leg.

Fu Yuanchuan picked up a box sealed by adhesive tape and handed it to Jun Qingyu.

Jun Qingyu reached out with his hands and cut it open with his fingernail.

It was a thin layer, so it was opened after a moment.

Then Fu Yuanchuan took out the contents inside and put them aside.

He didnt think anything of it at the time the items were chosen.

Now that they were put all together and the boxes had to be opened one by one, he felt like they had bought a lot of things.

Fu Yuanchuan let the little mermaid help with opening a few, afraid that he would get tired.

It seemed more like he was playing with the little mermaid when they were opening these boxes.

Afterwards, the boxes were opened with a utility knife.

Seeing this, Jun Qingyu turned over and lay on Fu Yuanchuans lap, “Eeeeeeee~”

“Hmm” Fu Yuanchuan put the box down, curled his fingertip around his fishtail and said, “Are you bored”

Jun Qingyu shook his head, “Eeeeeeee!”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “If youre bored, we can go down and play.”

Jun Qingyu didnt go.

He preferred to stay by Fu Yuanchuans side compared to soaking in the water all the time.

Seeing that the little mermaid wasnt moving, Fu Yuanchuan said, “Then call me if you want to go.”


There were still a lot of boxes that had not been opened.

The items would be taken out and placed on the shelves after the boxes had been opened.

The routine cleaning here was done by a robot but the items placed on the shelves were personally cleaned by Fu Yuanchuan.

It wouldnt go through the hands of others.

After everything was opened, Jun Qingyu found that there was a small bag hidden under all those boxes.

This bag seemed to have a lack of existence compared to those boxes.

Jun Qingyu pulled Fu Yuanchuans cuff with one hand and pointed to the bag underneath the box with the other, “Eeeeeeee~”

It was crushed under the box.

When the robot came to clean up later, it would probably drag the bag away with it.

It would consider it as garbage and dispose of it.

Fu Yuanchuan had a good memory, so he remembered everything he had bought very well.

In the process of opening those boxes, he also took into account whether there was anything left out.

Everything he bought was there, so he didnt take notice of anything else.

Looking in the direction the little mermaid pointed to, Fu Yuanchuan took the bag over.

“A complimentary gift”

“Eeeeeeee” Jun Qingyu sat up and looked down at the bag.

He opened the bag.

There was a silver-white chain inside.

Jun Qingyu: “”

What is this

Fu Yuanchuan didnt seem to have seen it before either.

He took the chain apart.

Rather than looking like a chain, it looked more like a bracelet connected by rings.

According to its size, it should be for a little mermaid to wear.

“Do you want to try it on” Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little mermaids headpiece and said, “It should be a set.”

Jun Qingyu didnt say whether he would wear it or not but reached out and took that bracelet.

It seemed to be similar to the headpiece with a pendant hanging on his forehead, except that it was lacking a pendant.

It was very pretty too.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Ill put it on for you.”

The bracelet also had a clasp at the back.

He couldnt wear it with one hand.

“Eeeeeeee~!” Jun Qingyu didnt pass the bracelet to Fu Yuanchuan.

Instead, he grabbed Fu Yuanchuans hand.

It was said to be grabbed but Fu Yuanchuan noticed the little mermaids movement and didnt move again.

Otherwise, with the strength of a little mermaid, his hand still could not be grabbed.

Jun Qingyu looked at Fu Yuanchuans hand.

This chain was like a bracelet to him.

But it wasnt impossible for it to be a bracelet if it was placed on Fu Yuanchuans hand.

It could be wrapped around his finger twice at most.

Jun Qingyu thought about it and wrapped the bracelet around Fu Yuanchuans ring finger.


My bracelet is wrapped around your ring finger, so youre my man.

Fu Yuanchuan didnt move the entire time, letting the little mermaid play around.

There were no ornaments on the silver-white chain, it was a bit monotonous with the way it was wrapped around his hand.

But because the size wasnt suitable, it was slightly loose.

However, Fu Yuanchuan said, “It looks good.”

“Ya!” Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuans finger happily.

Everything was sorted out and put into place.

After he was done, Fu Yuanchuan took the little mermaid back to get some rest.

After a day of going back and forth today, there was no need to exercise anymore.

Moreover, the little mermaid might not feel very well right now if there were aches from growing.

Fu Yuanchuan gave the little mermaid some nutritional powder.

He wanted him to rest early.

Jun Qingyu didnt really want to drink nutritional powder at all.

It was fine if he ate the fruits and vegetables and drank spring water in his space.

But Fu Yuanchuan had prepared it for him.

Jun Qingyu thought of it as drinking milk powder.

The taste was also similar to milk powder.

There was a hint of sweetness, the concentration was just right and it was also very good to drink.

Fu Yuanchuan went to work after he prepared the nutritional powder for him.

He should be continuing the comparison that he had not completed before.

Jun Qingyu didnt bother him either.

After he extracted the fruit and vegetable juice, he propped himself up on the edge of the fish tank and went in.

The fish tank was just right next to the juicer, the kind that he could reach just by reaching his hand out.

“Eeeeeeee~!” Jun Qingyu called out to Fu Yuanchuan, then pointed to the juicer.

The fruit and vegetable juice in there hasnt been poured out yet, remember to drink it before going to bed.

Fu Yuanchuan raised his head, “Ok, good night.”

With a swish of his fishtail, Jun Qingyu opened the shell and lay in it.

And then he went into his space.

As soon as he entered, he was in the spring.

He needed to soak more in the spring water.

This way, he could grow faster.

It was so that he could grow up as soon as possible, transform his tail into two legs and stand by Fu Yuanchuans side.

With this in mind, Jun Qingyu turned around and sank into the spring water, finding a comfortable spot near the bottom to curl up.

For several days in a row, Jun Qingyu rested in the spring water.

He wasnt clear whether his size had changed but his spiritual energy was abundant every day.

It wouldnt tire him out even if he released his spiritual power into Fu Yuanchuan to treat his illness.

Jun Qingyu nestled on Fu Yuanchuans hand and put down his hand that released his spiritual power, “Eeeeeeee~”

He felt that it wouldnt be long before he could completely cure Fu Yuanchuans illness!

Fu Yuanchuan glanced at the little mermaid when he took a break from his work, “Youve worked hard.”

Jun Qingyu tilted his head.

When Fu Yuanchuan said this, it was obvious that he knew what he had done.

Thats right.

Although Fu Yuanchuan couldnt feel the spiritual energy he was releasing into his body, he could feel that his body was getting better to some extent.

Jun Qingyu raised the tip of his tail, wrapped it around Fu Yuanchuans wrist and rubbed against it.

It wasnt hard!

Fu Yuanchuan rubbed the little mermaids tail and said, “I have to go out later.”


Does that mean that he wasnt taking him along

Something should have happened.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Wait at home for me to come back.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head, “Eeeeeeee!”

The corner of Fu Yuanchuans mouth was slightly pursed as he looked at the cute little mermaid on his palm.

It seemed like he had something he wanted to say.

“If I dont come back……”

Before he finished his words, his light brain received a video call request, interrupting him.

Fu Yuanchuan didnt go on.

He put the video call through first.

Shi Kaixins face appeared on the virtual screen, “Marshal, we have already arrived at Libis Avenue.

There are some people sent by the old man gathered over here.

I dont know what theyre talking about.”

“The surroundings have also been checked.”

“Theres no problem with the preliminary detection and there are no fluctuations that would cause mental outbreaks.”

“Its very safe.”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “I got it, continue watching them, Ill be there in a while.”

Shi Kaixin: “Yes!”

Jun Qingyu was confused from listening to them.

This……what people sent by the old man

Why did they have to check the environment for the presence of substances that could affect mental energy

Why did it sound so dangerous just from listening to it

Jun Qingyu couldnt help but be a little worried, “Eeeeeeee”

“Its going to be fine.” Fu Yuanchuan touched the little mermaids head and said, “I have prepared for it.”

Jun Qingyu suddenly clutched Fu Yuanchuans finger.

As expected, it was nevertheless dangerous.

Since they needed to check the substances that affect mental energy, then the danger this time was related to mental energy.

Jun Qingyu quickly sat up, “Eeeeeeee~!”

Take me with you!

He could also use the spring water in his space if he encountered any danger.

It was much safer than Fu Yuanchuan going there on his own.

Looking at the little mermaids eager face, Fu Yuanchuan said, “Be good.

Its very dangerous, wait at home for me.”

“Eeeeeeee!” Jun Qingyu disagreed.

You should just take me with you because its dangerous!

Fu Yuanchuan touched the little mermaids head and said, “Ill get you some good food when I come back.”

Jun Qingyu blinked his eyes, acting coquettishly as he rubbed against him.

A pair of pale golden eyes looked at him pitifully, “Eeeeeeee……”

Fu Yuanchuan couldnt resist such a little mermaid but he couldnt bring him along no matter what.

He coaxed, “Be good.”

Fu Yuanchuan knew how dangerous the trip this time would be, so he naturally could not risk taking the little mermaid with him.

The target of the other party was him.

The little mermaid would only be safe if he stayed at home.

This room was the safest.

When Jun Qingyu saw that he just wouldnt take him along, he simply hugged Fu Yuanchuans hand and didnt let go, “Eeeeeeeee~”

In any case, youre not allowed to leave without me.

Fu Yuanchuan was helpless, he could only coax the little mermaid first, then talk about the matter of going out again.

He hung around.

In spite of everything, Fu Yuanchuan wouldnt budge on his decision of not taking him out.

Jun Qingyu was anxious but could do nothing about it.

He inadvertently glimpsed at a dark coloured jacket hanging next to the fish tank.

He froze at first but sat up soon after.

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu pointed to the fish tank, then looked at Fu Yuanchuan.

“The fish tank”

Jun Qingyu nodded.

Although Fu Yuanchuan wondered why the little mermaid had suddenly stopped pestering him on wanting to go out, he faced the little mermaid, who wanted to return to the fish tank. 

Nevertheless, he placed the little mermaid back into the fish tank.

When Jun Qingyu returned to the fish tank, he hugged Fu Yuanchuans hand and rubbed against it in worry, “Eeeeeeee~”

Upon seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan said, “Dont worry, I know what Im doing.”

“Ya~” Jun Qingyu waved at him, turned around and lay on the shell bed.

It looked like he was going to sleep.

Fu Yuanchuan didnt disturb him anymore and got up to go to the bathroom.

Hearing the bathroom door close, he opened the shell quietly.

Jun Qingyu swam up, sat on the platform that came with the fish tank and wiped the water off his body with a paper towel.

The paper towel was very absorbent and didnt break easily.

After he was done, the paper towel was thrown into the rubbish bin, his traces had been disposed of.

Looking at the coat on the table, Jun Qingyu slowly narrowed his eyes.

When Fu Yuanchuan came out, the shell bed was still closed.

Fu Yuanchuan thought that the little mermaid might be asleep, so he didnt wake him up.

He picked up his coat on the table and walked straight out.

The suspension car was already waiting outside.

As Fu Yuanchuan took out his light brain, he put his coat aside and flipped through the detection reports sent by Shi Kaixin.

There was no traffic jam along the way, so it was smooth and it didnt take long to arrive.

There were few people on Libis Avenue, it hadnt been as prosperous as it used to be ever since the Zerg incident.

Fu Yuanchuan got out of his car and put on his coat.

After he put it on, he felt the left side of it inexplicably sink down a little.

Fu Yuanchuan gradually knitted his brows as he looked at his pocket, which was slightly protruding out.

He reached his hand in and his fingertips felt a cold sensation.

He pulled back the edge of his pocket and looked down.

The little mermaid was curled up in his pocket.

Jun Qingyu, who was discovered, had a guilty conscience.

He raised his head and smiled at Fu Yuanchuan.

And then, he lifted Fu Yuanchuans hand up and pushed it out of his pocket.

Seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan took his hand out in response to his force.

Then he saw a hand sticking out from his pocket.

Jun Qingyu buried his head into the sand1 and smoothed out the wrinkles on the edge of his pocket.

Then he quietly withdrew his hand back in.

Fu Yuanchuan: “……”

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Jun Qingyu: You do not see me.

|ω・)Ill just go back into the depths of your pocket.

Footnotes‘Bury with ones head into the sand, a phrase that isnt common but Ill use it often cause of the authors idioms in Chinese.

It means to ignore an unpleasant situation and hope that it will disappear, which was what Jun Qingyu was trying to do.


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