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The terms have been updated again.

Since the author likes to use lots of different terms for energies interchangeably, heres the glossary for it:

Only for mermaids

靈力 = spiritual energy = 靈氣 = universal life energy (aka reiki)

Only for humans

精神力 = mental energy

識海 = sea of consciousness

For living things

氣息 = vital energy (life force of living things)

So technically speaking, any vital energy related to the Zergs will be harmful to humans and little mermaids despise it.

Marshal is a higher rank than general.

The author is using the older system that isnt in use anymore — the 1955-1965 ranking system.


Jun Qingyu stretched.

He clung to the edge of his pocket and stood up.

At this moment, Fu Yuanchuan even thought that he was seeing things.

He personally saw the little mermaid laying in the shell bed, so how could he be here

Fu Yuanchuan knitted his brows.

No wonder the little fish, who wanted to follow him regardless of what he said, had suddenly changed his approach in the end.

As it turned out, youve been thinking about it for a long time, havent you

“Little fish”

Jun Qingyu hid in his pocket, acting like he couldnt hear him.

Without a doubt, he knew that he wouldnt be able to hide for long like this and would definitely be found by Fu Yuanchuan.

However, he had already been brought out.

You cant just turn the car back when you have already driven halfway there.

Now that he had arrived at his destination, Fu Yuanchuan would not send him back.

“Isnt it stuffy inside”

Jun Qingyu turned over.

Its not stuffy, the quality of your clothes are good and the breathability is also good.

“Come out.”

“Eeeeeeee~” Go about your business.

Ill stay here, I promise to be well-behaved and not do anything.

“If you dont come out, then Ill send you back.”

“Ya!” Jun Qingyu quickly sat up and poked his head out of his pocket.

Youre not really going to send me back, are you

Fu Yuanchuan wanted to send the little mermaid home.

After all, it was too dangerous here.

Apart from external threats, he could lose his consciousness if he got affected and his mental energy would break out.

When that moment came, no one was clear on what he would do.

Even he couldnt guarantee what he would do.

Seeing the little mermaids expression, Fu Yuanchuan paused, he……

After a long time, Fu Yuanchuan sighed and rubbed his fingers against the little mermaids cheek.

He urged, “Stay with me and dont go anywhere.”

“Eeeeeeee!” Jun Qingyu raised his hand and patted Fu Yuanchuans palm.

Rest assured!

In order not to delay Fu Yuanchuans work, Jun Qingyu withdrew into his pocket again.

Shi Kaixin ran over and said, “Marshal! Everything has been prepared.

He didnt play any dirty tricks and has been monitored very closely by us.”

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan said, “Lets go and have a look.”

“All right.” Shi Kaixin led the way in front of them.

Initially, Jun Qingyu hadnt realised whohe was but only knew that it was a pronoun.

However, he realised later on that they were most probably referring to the imperial leader.

Jun Qingyu had been with Fu Yuanchuan all this time, accompanying him to work.

And he didnt see any information pertaining to any casualties at Libis Avenue.

You cant expect those Zergs to be good.

There were no casualties but the matter was able to continuously appear on Fu Yuanchuans desk.

There was definitely a problem here.

Then linking it with the attitude of the imperial leaders and Fu Yuanchuan to this matter.

It was evident that it was a situation set up by the imperial leader for Fu Yuanchuan.

For Fu Yuanchuan to let Shi Kaixin watch over those people, he had probably made preparations to some extent.

Now, the two sides were balancing and probing each other out.

As Jun Qingyu thought of this, a hand reached into the pocket and he subconsciously hugged it.

He raised his head, following the light coming in from the opening.

He could see a small portion of Fu Yuanchuans lower jaw.

Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuans hand and rubbed against it.

Although he could see nothing in the pocket, he could see the ceiling above when he raised his head.

He should have entered some room or store on the first floor.

Libis Avenue was a commercial street, so there were many stores selling things on the first floor.

It was just……that he felt that the vital energy here didnt seem to be right.

Jun Qingyu adjusted his position and sat on Fu Yuanchuans hand.

He gradually released spiritual energy to feel the vital energy in their surroundings.

He couldnt tell what it was but it gave him a very restless feeling and it would arouse ones emotions.

It was very similar to the kind of fluctuation that came from Shi Kaixin and the others before when their mental powers were strange.

Jun Qingyu glanced at Fu Yuanchuan and saw that he had no reaction.

If it were in the past, a slight fluctuation could cause Fu Yuanchuan to lose his mind.

Fu Yuanchuan should have taken some precautions before he came here.

Jun Qingyu thought about it, then he took advantage of this period of time to first suppress the vital energy in their surroundings.

His current spiritual energy was sufficient to wipe out all of the restless vital energy without being discovered by anyone.

But in the wake of wiping out the vital energy, they got closer and closer to the place where the vital energy was being emitted.

What is……that

It appeared to be the existence of an egg possessing violent vital energy.

Was this the root cause

Jun Qingyu knitted his brows and gradually closed his eyes.

He focused on releasing spiritual energy to wrap thategg up.

At this moment, Fu Yuanchuan was looking at the general in front of him with cold eyes.

As the trusted aide of the imperial leader, Qiu Kelin naturally knew that he wasnt well-liked.

However, what must be said and what must be done could not be left behind.

Qiu Kelin said, “Marshal Fu, this egg was left behind by the Zerg and has been here for some time.”

“There were signs of the egg hatching when it was found earlier, moving it around recklessly could cause an adult insect to be born earlier.”

“This is a commercial street, so blasting this egg will cause harm to the surroundings.

The impact is too great.”

“So we can only use mental energy to kill it.

We called Marshal Fu all the way over here, hoping that the marshal can help with this.”

“After all……” Qiu Kelin paused and a smile appeared on his face.

“Marshal Fu is the only one in the empire that has the strength to kill the egg.”

“Ive troubled Marshal Fu.”

This statement was full of provocation and mockery.

Shi Kaixin, who was standing behind Fu Yuanchuan, looked gloomy.

But Fu Yuanchuans expression remained the same, he only considered it as a dog barking.

Only one

Did they think he didnt know about those nondescript things that the imperial leader had secretly nurtured

Each of them had their own way of thinking, Fu Yuanchuan didnt bother arguing with him and said indifferently, “Get out of the way.”

Qiu Kelin nodded his head.

He didnt hesitate to retreat by a step and raised his hand as he said, “Please.”

Shi Kaixin and his group of subordinates had one hand behind their backs, tightening their grips on the item in their hands in succession.

Qiu Kelin turned around at this time and made eye contact with his companions beside him for a moment as if they were communicating.

They quickly parted soon after and looked at Fu Yuanchuan, who was in front of the egg, without batting an eyelid.

The mood at the site was very gloomy.

It was so stifling that even the sound of breathing seemed to have been silenced.

Fu Yuanchuan gradually closed his eyes and his mental energy entered the egg.

Knowing what would be in it, Fu Yuanchuan was just waiting to take advantage of the situation that was coming his way.

He was thinking of killing off the vital energy inside the egg when it awakened.

As a result, the moment his spiritual energy turned into a sharp blade to pierce through the egg, it was wrapped in warm universal life energy.

Even Fu Yuanchuan paused for a moment when his mental energy met with the spiritual energy head-on.

The familiar spiritual energy entangled together with his mental energy.

It was like a soft little mermaid hugging him affectionately and incessantly rubbing against him.

Ultimately, it spread out in his sea of consciousness and a soft kiss landed.

Seeing that Fu Yuanchuan hadnt moved for a long time, Qiu Kelin thought he was entangled by the vital energy inside.

But after staring for a while, he found that the corner of Fu Yuanchuans mouth……was slightly raised

Qiu Kelin: “!”

What was going on here

Not only was Qiu Kelin stunned, Shi Kaixin, who had been paying attention to Fu Yuanchuan, was also stunned.

Why hadnt the signal been given yet

This wasnt the same as what they had agreed on……

After a while, Fu Yuanchuan opened his eyes with an indifferent expression like he wasnt affected at all.

Qiu Kelin was inwardly surprised but it wasnt shown on his face.

He chuckled lightly and he said, “It seems to be alright.”

Fu Yuanchuan ignored him, “Shi Kaixin.”


“Bring the egg back.”


Qiu Kelin was taken aback, “Marshal Fu……”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “The vital energy in the egg is unusual, Ill take it back for inspection.”

Qiu Kelin thought and said, “Is that so Then its fine to bring it back.”

Bring it back……It was even easier to get in contact with vital energy and with more contact, the faster he would die.

Qiu Kelin smiled lightly and said, “Since the egg has been killed, then I wont bother Marshal Fu.

Ill leave first.”

After saying that, Qiu Kelin left directly with the people around him without waiting for Fu Yuanchuan to speak.

Shi Kaixin asked, “Marshal, whats the situation This thing……”

Shi Kaixin was curious to death.

Wasnt there a problem with that thing Why did the marshal want to bring it back

Fu Yuanchuan didnt reply but reached his hand into his pocket.

The little mermaid didnt move but was cutely curled up inside, it looked like he was sleeping.

When he noticed someone nudging him, Jun Qingyu opened his eyes in a daze.

What are you doing……

Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuans finger and nudged it coquettishly, “Eeeeeeee~”

His voice was extremely soft, appearing to talk in his sleep.

Jun Qingyu was really too sleepy.

He originally thought that the source of vital energy could be solved easily.

But it was only when his spiritual power was attached to it that he found that it wasnt as simple as he had imagined.

It took a lot of effort to painstakingly handle it methodically.

Jun Qingyu sneezed.

The good news was that it was settled and cleaned up very well.

It was just that the consumption of his spiritual energy was a bit too much.

Shi Kaixin froze when he heard that voice, “Little mermaid”


Shi Kaixin was stunned but suddenly realised something, “Could it be……”

It cant be.

Could it be!

He knew that the spiritual energy of mermaids could purify this sort of matter1 but relatively speaking, mermaids also loathed this matter.

The kind that it wouldnt touch if it was able to not touch it.

He hadnt seen the marshal say what he wanted the little mermaid to do, so how could he have solved it without a word

It was unbelievable too.

Fu Yuanchuan didnt explain and only said, “Lets go back first.”

“Yes.” Shi Kaixin promptly ran out to drive the car.

Although they had checked that there were no monitoring and listening devices here before, it was better to go back to discuss such an important matter.

The egg that had been purified was not forgotten.

Fu Yuanchuan was afraid that the egg would have remnants of the little mermaids mental energy, so he took it back first to find a chance to destroy it.

On their journey back, the little mermaid slept the whole time.

Fu Yuanchuan thought that he was very tired as the consumption of his spiritual energy might have been too much, so he didnt wake him up.

Jun Qingyu turned over in his pocket, he felt that it was time to return the spring in his space for a soak.

This would make his recovery faster.

It was only that this place wasnt the right place to do so.

Fu Yuanchuans pocket was such an obvious place and if he disappeared, Fu Yuanchuan would certainly notice it.

Jun Qingyu sighed.

It would be great if he could confess to Fu Yuanchuan about his space.

But Fu Yuanchuan was under the impression that he was a normal little mermaid.

And a normal little mermaid didnt have a space.

Jun Qingyu struggled for a while, he wondered if there was any chance to talk about it later on.

On their way back, Jun Qingyu was in a state of being half-asleep.

He felt the suspension car coming to a halt.

Jun Qingyu stretched and then sat up.

He clung to the edge of his pocket and stood up.


He had just spread his arms out for a hug when he suddenly noticed something was wrong out of the corner of his eye.

He quickly withdrew his hand.

He looked at his pale golden fishtail that was curled up.

Jun Qingyu suddenly froze, “……”

Those things that flash by a moment ago were……legs

The author has something to say: 

Its almost time, its almost time.

Get ready to get bigger~

The imperial leader isnt stupid.

He has a trump card and that trump card will be revealed in Chapter 31.

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Jun Qingyu being Fu Yuanchuans fish in shining scales o(^▽^)o and protecting him from anything that could cause him to have a mental outbreak.

Its time for his legs to appear~!

Footnotes物質 (wù zhí) = matter

The author refers to the vital energy from the Zergs as matter.


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