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Its a strawberry-flavoured little mermaid today.

Jun Qingyu was somewhat hesitant as he reached out and touched his tail.

It was no doubt the texture of a fishtail.

But a moment ago……

He was positive that his eyes didnt deceive him.

A little mermaid could manifest their legs but it was generally after they had grown up.

There was no mention in the original story of whether juvenile mermaids could manifest their legs.

Jun Qingyu looked pensive as he thought.

Was it possible that it had something to do with spiritual energy

He had released all of his spiritual energy before, so he felt very tired and sleepy.

After sleeping the whole journey, the deficiency of his spiritual power was slowly being replenished.

It might be because it had bottomed out, so the recovery of his spiritual energy was unexpectedly more abundant than before.

What was exactly going on Jun Qingyu had doubts in his mind.

But it would always have a connection with his spiritual energy.

It was a good way to increase his spiritual energy.

“Little fish”

Hearing Fu Yuanchuans voice, Jun Qingyu promptly got out of his pocket, revealing his head, “Eeeeeeee!”

Fu Yuanchuan took the little mermaid out and asked, “What just happened to you”

Jun Qingyu lay on Fu Yuanchuans palm.

He subconsciously curled up his tail and tilted his head, “Eeeeeeee~”

The little mermaid poked his head out moments ago but before he was able to reach his hand out, he hid inside again.

He even thought something had happened.

“As long as youre alright.”


Fu Yuanchuan walked into the living room but saw a few servants standing at the door and the housekeeper looked very sad.

Jun Qingyu had never seen so many people at their home before.

Usually one or two busied themselves separately.

What were they doing together this time

The housekeeper said, “Marshal, someone triggered the mechanism in the bedroom upstairs, I am unable to turn it off.”

Jun Qingyu tilted his head.

Mechanism What mechanism

Speaking of upstairs, Jun Qingyu glanced up.

The bedroom door could be seen from this angle.


Only a silver-white iron sheet could be seen when he raised his head to take a look.

Jun Qingyu: “”

The housekeeper said, “The person who came has been caught and has been fed with something in the confinement cell.”

Fu Yuanchuans face darkened, “I know.”

Jun Qingyu looked at the housekeeper and then looked at Fu Yuanchuan.

Why did these words sound so strange

Did someone come to the house, trigger the mechanism and get captured

Fu Yuanchuan held Jun Qingyu as they went upstairs.

As they got closer, Jun Qingyu could see theiron sheet more clearly.

It was not quite right to call it a sheet because it was very thick, it was more or less thicker than 10 centimetres.

Jun Qingyu wanted to try touching it but Fu Yuanchuan kept him so far away that it was out of reach.

Fu Yuanchuan stood there for a while and a line was distinguished from the middle of the iron sheet.

The iron sheet automatically retracted to the left and right, then returned into the wall, fitting seamlessly.

It was only then that Jun Qingyu realised that this was a door.

And behind this door was another door.

They were delayed at the door for a long time before they entered.

Jun Qingyu didnt see what code Fu Yuanchuan had entered but it shouldnt be a combination lock.

The door would open when he stood still.

It might be through information acquisition or mental energy.

Each persons mental energy was different and was unique like ones fingerprint.

It was just that mental energy was relatively more difficult to collect than fingerprints.

The room was quiet and there was nothing unusual too.

Everything was neatly placed where it belonged.

The lights were switched on.

The window also had a layer of barricade.

Fu Yuanchuan put the little mermaid into the fish tank and lifted the protection on the room.

Looking at these things, Jun Qingyu kind of understood.

No wonder Fu Yuanchuan wanted to put him in the bedroom before; it was because it was absolutely safe here.

In the event that mental energy was used to unlock it.

Then even Fu Yuanchuan, who was unconscious from a mental outbreak, could not open the door from outside.

The layers of protection were very tight.

However, it could actually be used.

This was something Jun Qingyu could not figure out……Why was the imperial leader doing by targeting him

Jun Qingyu paused, he gradually knitted his brows.

It was a little strange to target a mermaid.

But if targeting a mermaid was part of his plan, then perhaps it made sense.

The token that triggered the war didnt happen and Fu Yuanchuans reputation among the masses was very high, so the imperial leader did not dare to do anything to him on the surface.

He could only secretly play some dirty little tricks, such as exacerbating his illness and making Fu Yuanchuandie of illness as soon as possible.

With the whole nation mourning over his death, it was only logical to take over everything from Fu Yuanchuan, including the corps.

However, Fu Yuanchuans death from an illness no longer became reasonable if there was a mermaid, so that was why they were extending their hands out to him

If that was the case……

The egg at Libis Avenue was meant to exacerbate Fu Yuanchuans condition.

That person had sent someone to deal with Fu Yuanchuans mermaid, so that his illness could not be cured.

The matter this time was obviously too targeted.

Jun Qingyu could feel that the imperial leader was anxious.

He assumed so as the matter had been planned for such a long duration.

The outcome was soon to be in sight when a mermaid popped up out of nowhere, disrupting their plan.

The token had not been found and Fu Yuanchuan had almost recovered from his illness.

He ought to be anxious too.

Jun Qingyu thought.

There was no point in being anxious, you wont be able to remain in your position much longer.

Fu Yuanchuan examined the room and then switched the scanning on again.

Jun Qingyu leaned on the edge of the fish tank and watched as Fu Yuanchuan busied himself.

After a while, Fu Yuanchuan came over holding a packet of dried fish and gave it to him.

He said, “Little fish, Im going downstairs.


Jun Qingyu knew what Fu Yuanchuan was going to do.

There was still someone in the confinement cell.

He had to deal with it and ask about some things.

If he were to follow him, Fu Yuanchuan probably didnt want him to see some things, so he would have dealt with that person leniently.

Although he didnt mind it, Fu Yuanchuan would definitely take him into consideration.

Jun Qingyu simply didnt go.

“Eeeeeeee~!” Jun Qingyu bit his dried fish and waved at him.

You should go about your business.

Fu Yuanchuan was slightly startled when he saw this.

The little mermaid didnt hug his hand and act coquettishly — demanding to go with him.

He was somewhat not used to it.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “If something happens, you can take the things in the shell out, Ill be back soon.”

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu blinked his eyes.

Fu Yuanchuan had made more preparations than he had expected.

It was clear that it was more dangerous for Fu Yuanchuan to go to Libis Avenue than staying here.

Ultimately, he made the protection of the place he stayed impenetrable.

Jun Qingyu watched as Fu Yuanchuan went out.

The room became quiet again.

Jun Qingyu shook his tail and thought about how he could find the chance to tell Fu Yuanchuan that he could speak.

He didnt dare to say it before.

He was afraid that he would get eavesdropped here but he didnt have that concern now.

It was difficult to talk about his legs and his space for the time being but it should……be easier to accept that he could speak.

However, it was worth thinking about what was the best way to start speaking.

Jun Qingyu was engrossed in thinking about this issue and suddenly heard the sound of the door opening.

When he looked up, it was Fu Yuanchuan, who had returned.

“Eeeeeeee” Why did you come back so soon

Fu Yuanchuan walked in with a bath bomb in his hand.

Jun Qingyu glanced at the thing that was in his hand.

Had he gone underground

“Im afraid youll be bored.” Fu Yuanchuan asked him, “Which of these two bath bombs do you want to use”

Jun Qingyu casually pointed to the red one, “Ya.”


A lot of bubbles were produced when the bath bomb was placed into the fish tank, the water even turned pale red.

Jun Qingyu smelled a faint scent of strawberries.

“Have fun.” With that said, Fu Yuanchuan left the bedroom again.

There was a new item to attract the little mermaids attention; he wouldnt be so bored.

It just so happened that he came back from outside, he could play while getting disinfected.

Jun Qingyu soaked in the strawberry-flavoured fish tank and he would poke the bubbles for fun when he got bored.

The bubbles were very strange, he could never pop them all and a continuous stream of bubbles would be produced.

The bath ball should have been filled with essential oil.

He didnt know what the composition was but it was very comfortable to soak in.

The fragrance wouldnt be too pungent either.

If he hadnt slept for a long time on the way back — he probably could not sleep at night — Jun Qingyu would have wanted to go back into the shell to rest.

With nothing else to do, he poked bubbles while waiting for Fu Yuanchuan to return.

He shouldnt be back so soon.

When dealing with such matters, he certainly had to wear the person down to get the answers he wanted.

It was already dark outside when Fu Yuanchuan came back.

When he heard the sound of the door opening, Jun Qingyu hurriedly swam up and propped himself up on the edge of the bathtub, waiting for him to come in.


Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little mermaid, who was smiling at him in the fish tank.

His dark and agitated heart became somewhat clear.

He sorted out his emotions and walked over.

Fu Yuanchuan used the pad of his finger to rub against the little mermaids cheek and asked, “Are you hungry”

The smell of the bath bomb in the house had nearly dispersed as it had completely integrated into the water.

Only the water in the fish tank was still light red.

Jun Qingyu shook his head, he looked up to see that Fu Yuanchuans hair was still wet and his clothes had been changed.

He had specially taken a sniff moments ago to check if there was the smell of blood.

It seemed like he should have cleaned up before he had returned.

Fu Yuanchuan sat nearby and reached his hand into the fish tank, “Come here.”

Jun Qingyu didnt hesitate to swim over and sat on his hand.

Fu Yuanchuan gave him a massage and cleaned his tail in the passing.

As a matter of fact, he was already clean after soaking for such a long time but he would always feel more at ease if he washed.

Jun Qingyu was well-behaved and didnt struggle.

He leaned on Fu Yuanchuans arm and stared at him.

Seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Whats wrong”

Jun Qingyu shook his head, “Eeeeeeee.”

It was nothing.

He just felt that Fu Yuanchuan wasnt in such a good mood.

Youre not blaming yourself, are you

Someone came to his home to deal with him, even though Fu Yuanchuan had set up everything very well.

Someone came and didnt even make it to the second layer of protection surrounding the room.

Even if he was not by Fu Yuanchuans side, he was still safe at home.

However, with his understanding of Fu Yuanchuan, Fu Yuanchuan would definitely still blame himself.

He blamed himself for getting him implicated in this.

Perhaps in Fu Yuanchuans view, he would not have encountered these dangers if he had stayed at the mermaid breeding base.

From what he inquired from that person in the confinement cell, it should have something to do with him.

Jun Qingyu understood the way he thought but did not approve of it.

Jun Qingyu looked at Fu Yuanchuan and felt that he should say something.

But before he could speak, he was taken out of the water by Fu Yuanchuan.

After he had cleaned the little mermaid, Fu Yuanchuan got up and went to the bathroom with the little mermaid in his hand.

The water in the fish tank would be replaced shortly.

He would wash the little mermaid before he placed him back into the fish tank.

He mixed the water according to the ratio.

Fu Yuanchuan used his cupped hands to sprinkle a pool of water onto the little mermaid.

While he was washing him, Jun Qingyu suddenly reached out and grabbed Fu Yuanchuans wrist.

Fu Yuanchuan stopped.

He looked down and met the little mermaids eyes that had curved up from smiling, “Eeeeeeee~!”

“Whats wrong”

The little mermaid raised his hands and said, “Ee~ya~”

Fu Yuanchuan didnt know the reason why but he only knew that it usually meant he wanted a hug.

He raised his hand and the little mermaid sat on his palm.


The little mermaid leaned forward.

His spiritual energy, with the faint scent of strawberries, actually condensed and dispersed.

Specks of stars streak across his eyes.

At this moment, the little mermaid moved closer and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Fu Yuanchuan froze, “Little fish……”

His fishtail wrapped around half of Fu Yuanchuans wrist and gently rubbed against it coquettishly.

Jun Qingyu tilted his head and smiled, “Eeeeeeee~!”

Dont be upset.

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Awh~! The way little fishy comforted Fu Yuanchuan.

(//∇//) A kiss to the cheek! Too adorable!


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